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  1. PGM The Killing Joke

    As far a the overhang's impact on the grade it's hard for me to say exactly. I'm just basing it on personal experience and there are board members who could provide a more seasoned guess. If I had to venture a guess I'd say a point. That combined with the other issues makes my guess a 7.5 IMHO.
  2. AF 15: Need some help

    Even at 1.5 that book would sell for several thousand dollars based on what I've seen in the past. I'd have it graded as other members have suggested then you'll have a better idea of the value of the book.
  3. New Mutants 98

    Ditto. Spine roll and a spine tick that appears to break color bring it down to an 8.0 - 8.5 IMHO..
  4. PGM New Mutants #87

    I'm unable to see the flaws like SteppinRazor said. Based on the number of flaws you listed though it may be a copy best left raw. I'm not a professional so I can't say with any authority whether pressing would improve the appearance and grade enough to recoup the investment you'd be making by having the book pressed and graded. Perhaps someone a little more seasoned in grading and pressing will chime in and give a better answer. From the pictures though it has great color. I just got my NM 87 back from CGC and got a 9.6. Mine also has a red cover as opposed to the orange you see on some covers. Both colors are first editions. From what I gather the orange looking books have just been exposed to more light and have faded from the rich red color represented on your book. Gold is the color of the second printing.
  5. PGM ASM 361 and options

    The corner will drag the grade down to probably a 9.6 so you'll need to have it pressed more than likely to get back a 9.8. I was at Megacon in Orlando and Stan was signing books. My wife and I waited two hours without the line moving an inch before deciding that we just weren't going to wait any longer. My advice would be for you to do whatever it is you want to do. Getting Stan's signature on a Spider-Man book no less will be a cool experience and you'll have a book and experience you won't forget.
  6. PGM The Killing Joke

    As it sits I'd grade it a 7.5. A press and some cleaning could bring that up another point maybe. The corners aren't terrible. I do see what looks like a bit of overhang and the fingerprints you can probably clean yourself. I use a soft rag and breathe on the fingerprint then wipe it off. I have this book in a 9.8 and I have to say I think it's one of the coolest looking covers in comics.
  7. PGM New Mutants 87

    Grader notes for my New Mutants were "spine stress lines"
  8. PGM ASM 300

    For sure. I also collect the Marvel Star Wars 001 variant covers. There were nearly 100 I believe and some of them are quite rare and are worth a lot of money especially in 9.8. Anything lower and there value goes kaput. I also collect the Star Wars Action Figure Comic book Variant covers by John Tyler Christopher. It's going to be a couple of years before he's in my neck of the woods again so I'll wait until then and get the top ten action figure variants signed by JTC and witnessed by a cgc rep and send them off for grading. But going forward I'm still going to buy books that are already graded rather than go through the waiting game followed by deep disappointment.
  9. PGM ASM 300

    By the way I'm copying the grader notes for your benefit from my 8.5 ASM 300. After all the problems I'm pleasantly surprised I got the grade I did. crease right top of front covercrease spine breaks colorcrease top of front covermultiple crease left bottom of back cover breaks colorvery small crease left top of back cover breaks color
  10. PGM ASM 300

    Wow I have never seen that issue. You've peaked my curiosity. Thanks for the heads up and the information. I'll check it out for sure!
  11. PGM ASM 300

    As far as the other black costume issue, I believe you're thinking of Secret Wars 8. I have a beautiful raw copy of that issue. Spidey is on the cover in the Symbiote black suit. My other favorite covers are 41,50, 51, 121, 129, 300 of course. I also liked the all black issue that was introduced after 9/11 as a tribute. That was issue 36 from the second series. mycomicshop has a 9.9 cgc copy priced and $600 I believe. 9.9's and 10's are like unicorns. Sometimes I'll go to eBay and just plug into the search engine "9.9 cgc" and see what comics pop up that are graded 9.9. It'll show you which books made the grade. There are a bunch of "All Star Batman" issues with super high grades. I'm not sure why but you'll see a lot of the caped crusader.
  12. PGM New Mutants 87

    Very True. I did get the new Batman Lenticular issue 21 signed by the author Tom King at Megacon and graded by cgc and the two copies he signed and graded came back as 9.8 sig series. I paid less than $10 per copy plus grading and shipping. Now I see these books selling for close to $200 on eBay. That's about as low as I'd go. I did pick up several copies of Batman 24 where Batman proposes to catwoman. It's another I'll probably send in for grading due to it being a key issue. Otherwise I'm going to be looking for higher value books.
  13. PGM ASM 300

    IH 181 is a hot book. I'd love to own one. I also collect coins so I have to split my budget between my two hobbies. Hey at least they're hobbies that are worth money after you buy them and that tend to increase in price. Look at ASM 300 in the last 30 days as an example of a comic that blew up. I'd like a nice signed copy of ASM 252. I've always loved that cover. My all time favorite I think though is ASM 41 which intro's the Rhino. There is a nice 7.5 on mycomicshop for $403 at the moment that I may pick up if it's available after I get my daughter moved off to FSU.
  14. PGM Wolverine #1

    I have this same problem with the exact same issue. Wolverine 1988. Mine has spine roll and finger prints. It was suggested to me that I breathe on the copy and rub it with a soft towel. It helped when I tried it. Of course a press wouldn't hurt if so inclined.
  15. PGM New Mutants 87

    It would improve their average price per grade. I'll tell you I work in sales and we live and breathe by the average total ticket per customer and any add on's, additional services just pad that average ticket more and more making the company and the sales staff more money. The products and services offered by CGC & CCS really work wonders with the books they work on. Pressing can make a 4.5 look like a 7.0 and pre-screening is a great service if you've had it with getting back 9.6's and 9.4's. My concern is just that using these CCS services is becoming the new normal. I'll also mention I am not sending in silver age books here. I think the oldest book I have sent in was a copy of X-Men 142 but most of my books are copper and modern books. That's my area of focus with my collection and that may evolve over time but my point is that these books I am sending in for the most part are fairly recent books, unread, bagged and boarded. I handle them with gloves, I always use two boards instead of one to add extra rigidity while in the bag. Yet I am still averaging maybe 20% of my books coming back as 9.8's. As I have said often lately I may just go back to buying pre-graded 9.8's of the books I want rather than rolling the dice with CGC. It won't quite be like Christmas morning but at least I'll get what I ordered without worrying for weeks what the gods will bestow on my books. More than likely, because I still have several hundred modern books that are as of yet ungraded I'll still probably need to do a bit of both. Next go around I'll try my luck with some of the CCS services probably the Quickpress, and get back to you with a full report as to what percentage of my books received 9.8's.