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  1. PGM AS 300

    8.5 IMHO
  2. Amazing Spider-Man 129

    I'm going with a 6.5..
  3. Please grade my IH 181

    8.0 As it stands. Maybe 9.0 with a press. Nice book!
  4. Wow that's faded.. 3.5 to 4.0..
  5. PGM- Marvel Spotlight 5

    3.0 to 3.5 here too..
  6. I wouldn't send it in personally. Keep it as a raw readers copy and keep searching for the elusive 9.8..
  7. I'm also at 9.6 to 9.8. But leaning toward 9.8. I've sent in books that I thought were absolutely flawless but received a 9.6. The devils in the details but I'd roll the dice and submit it.
  8. 3.5 to 4.0. due to the staining on the book and the rough corners and edges. Nice book though!
  9. Strange tales # 113 PGM

    7.0. Nice looking book with some minor issues.
  10. I'm a bit more optimistic. I give it a 7.5. Nice copy.
  11. PGM X-Men 101 two copies

    Copy A 6.0 due to spine issues Copy B 7.0 due to minor spine issues and dirt on the back cover Still nice books!
  12. PGM ToS 39

    Amazing book. I'd grade it at a 6.5.
  13. PGM X-Men 94

    Great book. One of my favorites. I'd speculate a 6.5.
  14. Place a colored piece of paper under your scans so the edges and corners are more visible. It makes it much easier to speculate as to what the potential grade may be. Nice book! I have one as well but it's a 9.0. I believe it was the first book I ever had graded. Good luck!