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  1. Some of the Delbo covers were excellent!
  2. One of the earliest CGC slabs from the few months before they started to note page quality on the labels The stitched together android "photoscan" makes the right side of the book appear to have waves or wrinkles when it does not - I have to get a better pic as its a much sharper looking book than the pic shows.
  3. I recall when the Original Art for that cover hit eBay in 2002/2003 it went then for what at the time was a high price of $3500. I recall that as I had just picked up (and still own) a 1975 WW Cover for $600 on eBay and thought that was high sum to pay. My guess is today #229 Cover would be in the 20-25K range.
  4. Thanks for the kind word folks - here is the back:
  5. Not in term of values but for nostalgia mine is one I found for $2 as child below a dealers table at a small local show in the mid 1980's and kept careful care of it. Sent to CGC 30+ years later for grading. Highest (and only 9.6 or higher) graded in entire series.
  6. One of my top 3 favorite childhood MAD issues. Listened to that record over and over when I was a kid, as I got older picked up extra copies whenever I'd see one fairy priced with the vinyl still intact. 17 years back I was going to pass on the 9.6 and wait for a 9.8, luckily I did not as there are still no 9.8's. To think at the time I thought $70 was absurd amount to pay even if it was a Gaines File copy. In what is a rarity, current me wants to thank past me for being smart enough to pull the trigger on this gem (which nowadays is sharp enough that it might get a grade boost)
  7. It'll get worse before it gets better but in a year will be laughing about it when the Mylar is free flowing.
  8. Ol' Albert is doing quite well folks you need not be worried.
  9. As he was otherwise not in this story, an E.Z. Reader Photobomb in panel 3 Above is one of mine as I've some Spidey pages but none of them compare to the stuff on CAF. This one is from the classic #39, but figures my luck in not from either the Ms. Marvel or Thanos stories As I recall I picked it up as it sort of looked like Yankee Stadium in the middle row panels.
  10. "Top To Bottom, Left To Right, That Reading Stuff Is Out Of Site"