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  1. Many thanks to topofthetotem for this beauty!
  2. Big thanks to everyone who made this contest happen. Now we can debate toughest book and easiest book? For me the Jumbo was tough while the Amazing 800 was by far the easiest
  3. Took me a while to dig through some stuff, but I will offer this 4-comic set for prize redemption: something old, something new, something collected, and something blue. U.S. shipping only. In full disclosure, the Princess is missing a page (what ever that grades out to; I'm not exactly a grading contest champion) and the Nick Fury trade has a stain on the edge of a couple pages (doesn't affect the readability).
  4. I’ll take Thor 279, Justice League 34, Conan 274, Daredevil 380, Marvel Tales 285, and Power Pack 62
  5. Bird is a class act. Great customer service. He will make you happy with your purchase, no regrets
  6. Great guy to deal with. Good eye for hidden gems, secure shipping, and a friendly disposition. Lots of fun.