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  1. I'll take Falling in Love 56, Secret Hearts 142, Young Love 46, Young Romance 184, and Young Romance 189 (A) at 15% off
  2. I don’t know if it has always been this way, but the general public cant really check out books from the LOC. That is a privilege reserved for Members, staff, employees, and select others. And, they will hound you if you are late and take your credentials if a book is excessively late
  3. I can’t speak for the stamp, but I do remember a colleague from LOC years ago (when I worked in Congress) mentioning that issues would occasionally go “missing” before someone called attention to their prospective value. It’s also quite possible the LOC sold off their duplicates, but just speculating there.
  4. Love this cover. Presents well despite the grade
  5. Don’t have many Bakers but thankful to have this one in spite of the restoration
  6. Dark Horse reprinted Frankenstein in hard back in 2008. Still hard to find, but a must have for Wrightson fans House of Mystery 204 is cover to cover Wrightson if I remember correctly. Can probably get a mid-grade for about $10.