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  1. Just a bit! I tend to think that the Allen Anderson attribution is most likely correct.
  2. It definitely isn't Baker; it could be Kamen. If I had seen that cover without knowing anything about its history, I think my first guess would have been Chuck Cuidera (but I think he was at Timely when that book was produced).
  3. My copy of this book has no cover artist listed: This copy lists Schomburg as the cover artist: This recently-slabbed copy lists Allen Anderson as the cover artist:
  4. Liquid cement going down a boot to liquid Pierre going down a drain.
  5. All three of them! Just kidding—but I do wonder if the same two or three guys were the top bidders on all of those books. I was interested in a couple of the issues but not for anything close to what they sold for.
  6. I picked up one book--practically a dollar bin item compared to some of the offerings! I rarely go after DC books, but I thought this one had nice eye appeal for the grade (and I wanted a pre-dorky-trio Flash).
  7. A lot of nice material has been offered up recently. You always have collectors exiting the hobby; lately it seems like there may be more GA collectors exiting than entering, which isn't too surprising. Those of us who are under 50 really have to wonder whether our heirs will be able to find a market for our books x number of years from now.
  8. This gem from oreo2513 still hasn't sold: Zoo Funnies 4 I'm bidding on a couple of items on CConnect, so I can't pull the trigger on this one, unfortunately.
  9. The book has some wear at the top and bottom of the spine, so if it gets an upgrade I'll be surprised, but I still thought it would go a little higher because of the pedigree. I might have bid higher if there had been a back cover scan and if the back cover looked decent. I don't bid on anything on CLink very aggressively unless I can find a back cover scan online and the back cover looks OK. The last time I sent CLink an e-mail asking for back cover scans, I received no reply. I think that was back in 2014; I haven't bothered to ask since. (Fool me once, shame on you;fool me twice, shame on me.) Someone said I should call them, but I don't like having to talk to people on the phone.
  10. I was the under-bidder on the Cap 23. The book looked kind of loosely graded, but I still thought it would go a little higher; I thought my bid was a low-ball. This was my only pick-up of the night:
  11. Maybe--or maybe it was some kind of shill bid by somebody who's been saving a long box full of them since 1973. If it's the only 9.9 in the census, it won't be for long. Guys will be cracking out 9.8s and pressing them--I'd bet a nickel on it.
  12. Some Church copies may be orphaned—especially issues that don't have the C or D coding. Other Church books were ruined when the basement of Greg Manning Auctions was flooded circa 2000. Still more are probably in private collections of guys in their 50s and 60s; those collections may not be sold for decades. Regardless of what GA book you're talking about, there are probably ten to one hundred raw copies out there for every copy that's in the census. Many, many collections were built up prior to slabbing and remain mostly intact. (Heck, dealers are still finding original owner GA collections!)
  13. I doubt the book has appreciated much when you factor in inflation. Inflation will produce more members of the $100,000 club over time, of course. This book might get there, but then again it might not. Unlike books on HA and CConnect, books on CLink sometimes peak early due the lack of extended bidding.
  14. Batman and Robin seem to be enjoying their cosplay, er, crime-fighting.