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  1. Clown dwarf to a book that I purchased from Vinnie Z. and co. (as a raw 6.5).
  2. The Liberator to a prospective liberator of human chattel.
  3. Detective Tales to Tick Tock Tales.
  4. So . . . the 8.5 copy of Planet 54 that was in the weekly Heritage Auction just sold for $3,360. What the what? The colors looked good in the scans, but who trusts Heritage scans? It didn't look very strictly graded, either.
  5. Missile being loaded to missile being fired.
  6. Let me guess...the coupon was still there until 2002, and one of the original owner's grandkids cut it out because he thought he could still send away for something. Am I close?
  7. I remember how that one sat on Metro's site raw for $1,700 for seversl years without selling; then they or their consignor slabbed it and doubled the price to $3,400, and it sold within about six months.
  8. Timely failed to mention that no. 28 is expensive mainly because he's hoarding copies. Maybe he'll sell you one at a discount to get you started, though. I've been collecting them on and off for about 20 years. They haven't typically been that expensive. I think someone with deep pockets was trying to build a run in 2016/2017, and that drove the prices up temporarily. With niche titles like Catman, prices can be very, very volatile. It only takes one or two collectors entering or exiting the hobby to have a significant impact on prices. I buy them to keep; if you decide to pick some up, accept that you might not be able to sell them for as much as you paid. These are the ones I have: The no. 20 was the most expensive one even though it's the lowest-graded copy out of the bunch.
  9. Two gals manhandling one little fella to one gal manhandling two big fellas.