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  1. Some GA collectors don't like strip reprint books, but the serial strips from the newspapers tended to be better written than most of the stories written strictly for comic books. To get a newspaper serial, an artist/writer had to be the crème de la crème. With some notable exceptions, like ECs, GA stories were mediocre. They were primarily written for children and teenagers, so most of them would not hold an adult's interest for very long. I do occasionally read GA comics just for fun, but most of the time I'm having a chuckle at how wacky some of them were. I haven't read too many recent comics, but the ones that I've checked out haven't held my interest much, either. The best stories I remember reading in comics were some of the Batman story arcs in the early 70s. I haven't found any GA superhero stories that are on par with those. What do you mean by adult-type fare? Are you talking about material for teens and very young adults? I'm sure some pre-code books targeted comic book readers who had outgrown superheroes, but I have a hard time envisioning many 30- or 40-year-olds reading comic books back in the early 50s. I would think that children and teenagers were still the target audience for most of the material that was being published.
  2. He might have some nice material, but his asking prices are quite high.
  3. Intimate to a duo suspected of being intimate
  4. I haven't looked at this edition yet. What I used to like about Overstreet was that he didn't allow values to be overly influenced by books that were "hot" at the moment. I liked that approach because the inflated prices of hot books don't necessarily reflect long-term value. Over the past few years, it has seemed like Bob has been raising guide values on hot books a little too much; it seems like the old caution has been thrown to the wind somewhat.
  5. Three who vanished to one who was found
  6. Man attacking a shark with a knife to woman threatening a shark with a knife
  7. From magical water that's deep enough to float a battleship but shallow enough to wade in to ordinary water with a magical rubber man in it.
  8. Adolescent male sidekick in bondage to adolescent male sidekick in bondage.
  9. Clown dwarf to a book that I purchased from Vinnie Z. and co. (as a raw 6.5).
  10. The Liberator to a prospective liberator of human chattel.
  11. Detective Tales to Tick Tock Tales.