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  1. Graveyard with an old house in the background to graveyard with an old house in the background.
  2. That wouldn't be nearly enough of a downgrade. Maybe I'm alone on this, but I would always rather have a VF book with white pages than a 9.8 with off-white pages. I would like to see a ten-point numerical scale for page quality (like the OWL scale but perhaps based on suppleness rather then color) with a rule that the grade of the book could not exceed the page quality. If a book scored 8 out of 10 for page quality, than the highest grade the book could get would be 8.0. If only I ran CGC!
  3. The Pyramid's Secret to the Strange Secret of the Maze.
  4. Hmmm,,,, My thoughts on the Allentown Cap 1 are that it is only a 9.8 because of the absurd way CGC ignores page quality. A book with Off-white pages should never be given a 9.8 grade. A 9.8 book should have white pages—period. There are several copies of Cap 1 out there that I would consider more desirable. I also hate bound copies and have never understood why there's even a market for them. They consist of comic books that have been ruined. Most of the books you listed are very cool copies, though. (I do wish MPFW #1 had a better cover!)
  5. EDIT: I meant to say flashlight candle.
  6. Slaves of the Unknown to Slaves Under the Sea.
  7. Green people to the green-skinned Claw.
  8. Submerged victim to submerged victim.
  9. Pretty face on a Quality book to not-so-pretty face on a Quality book.