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  1. I am hoping someone on the board knows the owner of Iron Fist #14 pg 17. This page last sold during the HA Feb 21, 2014 auction and I would like to submit an offer to the owner. Any help locating the whereabouts would be appreciated. Thanks Chris
  2. Norm was a true talent and will be missed. His Batman, along with Aparo and Jones helped define the comic book experience of my childhood. Here is one of my favorite covers he did in his amazing career. Detective Comics 627.
  3. You can tell from Starlin's original Thanos concept art that Metron was a huge influence, but Starlin did not make alot of real drastic changes to Thanos' appearance from his initial concept and Thanos appearance in IM 55. Other than some minor tweaks with his costume.
  4. They had some great pieces on display at the exhibit. I actually just recently purchased the original art for this ad, which is why I have been trying to locate exactly where it was published.
  5. I have them and that was my first thought unfortunately i currently live overseas and my issues are in storage back in the states. If anyone has LOTDK 10-15 and can check for me i would really appreciate it. Thanks
  6. I am hoping someone can help me indentify where this Batman Legends of the Dark Knight "Venom" advertisement was published. I remember seeing it a few times when I was a kid but I have yet to place the exact comic or magazine it was published in. It is penciled by Garcia-Lopez and inked by Giordano. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Chris
  7. Brian please put me down for one. If it turns out that I can't make it I will contact you a few hours before 8pm. Thanks Chris
  8. The response I received from Heritage was that the Daredevil 11 cover was pulled because there was a question of the true ownership of the piece. Heritage did not elaborate any further.
  9. Same here. Whatever was the issue made me miss out on increasing my bid on the Cockrum Marvel Fanfare 3 cover.
  10. No the warning is that Visar is selling art that does not belong to him. He is only purchasing art from Romain after someone has paid him under the guise that said art was his to begin with. This is like me selling a car that doesn't belong to me, but if someone purchases it from me I then go and buy it from the actual owner. This is not an issue of someone flipping art for a higher price. This is an issue of someone selling art that doesn't officially belong to him.
  11. WTB Spectre vol 3 #10 Kaluta cover I am hoping to obtain some information on the current whereabouts of Michael Kaluta's Spectre 10 cover. I am offering $8,000 plus a $500 finders fee if it leads to the purchase of the cover. I know this cover sold years back at the San Diego Comic Con but I do not have any specific info on the buyer or seller. Any intel concerning this cover would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Chris
  12. I mistakenly posted this thread yesterday in the general original art comic art section. I am looking to buy the final page of ASM #299 by McFarlane featuring Venom and I am hoping at least one board member can point me in the right direction to the owner of this page. If I am able to complete the transaction to purchase the page I will provide a $500 finder's fee. Please contact me here on the boards or through CAF. Any assistance in obtaining one of my true grail pieces would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Chris Swartz