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  1. Hello All! Up for sale is a Tom Lyle CGC SS Sketch Cover. A Full Figure with Background done by Tom Lyle....he does not attend many shows. This is the man who designed the Scarlet Spider outfit! CGC graded at a 9.4 150 Shipped OBO
  2. Hello. Title says it all...looking for issue 1 of the Rambo Series. Looking for a nice copy....but the nicer the copy, the more I will pay. Wiling to pay in the range of 15 to 30 bucks
  3. Title says it all, looking for a first print copy of New Mutants 87, CGC 9.8. I am not picky about who signed it, whether is Liefeld or Simonson, Please let me know, thanks
  4. Funny but true story... I went to college around the NYC area when Dark Knight Strikes back first came out. Frank Miller was doing a signing at Midtown Comic, this was right when everyone was starting to find things out because of the internet, before you only heard about stuff like this because you either shopped at Midtown or you read it in Wizard Magazine. Anyway, they were promoting the signing with Frank Miller AND LYNN VARLEY!!!! I recall this like it was yesterday, I was so excited about meeting the Dark Knight team. I was always a fan of Varley's colors, I can recall readi
  5. For Sale is a SIGNED COPY of the Bill Griffith Hard Cover GN, Nobody's Fool... Very rare to be signed by Mr,.Griffith at a very rare public appearance at a NY Big Apple Con a few weeks ago. HC is in great shape... 30 shipped.
  6. Hello! Always do well with this....looking for a Valentino CGC SS Sketch Cover...please PM if you can help.
  7. Hello! Up for sale is a book that is very hot now, with the HBO Series around the corner! I am selling a CGC graded Signature Series Issue 1 of Watchmen! Signed by Dave Gibbons! White Pages! First Print! 650 OBO Please PM with any questions, Thanks!
  8. Hello All! One book for sale today. Captain America Annual 8, Yellow Label CGC 9.8 Signature Series, Signed by Cover Artists Mike Zeck an John Beatty Price is 230 obo Shipped in the US. Feel Free to ask any questions!
  9. Hello all... I am looking to buy the Marvel Robocop One Shot Film Adaption. Raw copies Also, any photo Robocop comics, raw as well. Willing to pay 10 to 15 bucks depending on shape etc.
  10. Sorry...,for a raw copy willing to pay 50-70 ish
  11. Title says it all, looking for a sharp 9.8 graded copy of the Hulk 250, or a really nice raw copy, either is fine.
  12. I have had some great luck with this board..... title says it all, looking for a CGC graded Zeck sketch....please PM if you can offer one.....
  13. Hello. I had great lick with this before so I am trying again. Was looking to buy some marvel Blanks....looking for Spiderman/Punisher related blanks but will be happy to see what people have. Please let me know, thanks
  14. hello, title says it all, looking for a CGC graded sketch by Mr. Saviuk, please let me know if you have one to sell.
  15. Hello. Up for sale is a Amanda Conner Sketch Cover!!! The book is a Star Wars Blank Cover, graded at a 9.8! The book was sketched on the first day the book was released. As most know, getting a sketch from Amanda Conner is very tough these days.... Putting this up for 450 shipped or best offer. Feel free to PM any offers and questions. The Conner is now at 375! I am also adding a Joe Q blank Sketch cover! As you know, getting a sketch from him is near impossible. 250 or best offer. Joe Q 175
  16. Hello All... Up for sale is a HUGE Frank Miller TBP HC Lot... I am selling the: 1. DRK Deluxe HC 2. Frank Miller Robocop TPB 3. Sin City Hard Goodbye TPB 4. Bad Boy HC 5. Spirit Film HC 6. Sin City Film HC I will also throw in some loose issues of DK3 and some DVD's!!!! Everything you see in the pic! All this for 25 shipped.