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  1. I remember when a Stan Lee Sig was rare!
  2. Used to always dream about finding a Hulk 181 at a garage sale.
  3. I had a question, sometimes in CGC cases, they are these air bubbles in the inner well. I hope there are other people what I am talking about. If I get the book recased, will that get rid of the air bubbles? They drive me nuts but dont know what I can do. I dont want to re grade the book. Let me know
  4. Is the Summer the busiest time for CGC? DO they get backed up the most during this time?
  5. That actually is pretty funny!
  6. Yeah, the outer shell really is not the issue, and it may even get the same grade, not sure if anyone knows this for sure.
  7. For real...Joe Shuster, Jerry Siegel, Bob Kane Bill Finger
  8. No one got any pics of the floor yet? Cant wait to see!
  9. thanks for the PMs!! Keep em coming!
  10. I want this to not only be about comics, but my life collecting etc....
  11. Will I be able to be picked up by Google? Also, I want a place for comments etc......that is why I want someone to guide me.
  12. I am willing to pay top dollar! Please PM if you can help.