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  1. That Amateur Dueling Dealers was a lot of fun to watch but exposed a weakness when the material is fresh and priced right - whoever had the fastest internet won which was somewhat consistent - no great idea on how to fix it though...maybe you take the claimants within 10 seconds and roll a die to pick the winner?
  2. A few original art pages sold on this weekend...
  3. I hope a wealthy Doctor / Nurse got that NN1 - wow...>$20k
  4. David Lloyd and Siobhan Dodds V for Vendetta #1 Page 27 Color Production Art $2,880... So a page sold for $10K and a CG for ~ $3k...I know the CG page is better but still...
  5. I Like George Carlin but I doubt he performed this recently...
  6. I noted the same on the BWS pages that they did quite well but given the current market craziness a 25 - 35% bump isn't so much
  7. If it doesn't go nuts then we know quality is an afterthought - it is yummy!
  8. Prices were very strong - I am not super active with comics but still have quite a few and those were equally nuts
  9. It is always a conflict on when things sell high as it is nice that this stuff is worth something but darling wife is always - Sell It! So Robert - well don't tell us how you responded but you do have some very fine art in your collection....
  10. This was my immediate reaction as well - I mean the DD page being so sweet but the price... The DD page, if you value as his true first appearance then it is a bit of a unicorn piece so price is whatever the top 2 want it to be - but I was impressed! The V, was it an interlude page or something...perhaps that suppressed the price.
  11. Everett is an awesome inker - I think the premium over Colan may be more more than over Kirby...but not sure how crazy we want to get with this list.
  12. Thanks for the head's up I believe you sent it far away...ok, how about finding me the #11?
  13. I've seen a picture of the original but not clear enough to be sure of the whiteout situation - there is certainly a Marie Severin rough though Mark
  14. I bought a copy of this Cap 126 for the Everett inks...
  15. couple spine tics..9.2 Amazing art in this book!