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  1. Hello, I am a big Everett fan and below is a list of Atlas books by Everett or Anderson that I am after - I am also interested in MM 84 and 86 Unrestored raw or Slabs fine - prefer 5.0 - 8.0, not a fan of tanning or rusty staples Will pay market prices, immediate payment PM me - Thanks! Mark
  2. Picked up 2 ASM for my personal collection - nice raw books, refreshing - thanks!
  3. Bought 3 slabbed books from Richard - a smooth transaction and excellent communication, well packaged, fast shipping - all good!
  4. Add me to the chorus of kudos - thanks for the sharp COD5 Mark
  5. 100% Agree - not sure why Overstreet doesn't fix obvious mistakes like this one - #58 is a screaming bargain as this will get fixed eventually but I guess all those GS 1 slabs will still be wrong
  6. Purchased a piece of really special Kojima art from Daniel - smoothest deal and perhaps the fastest shipping I've ever seen - Thanks Daniel!
  7. Bump - updated status and lowered some prices - and added a Finlay! Finlay details in my CAF
  8. I was going to make that point on Kane as well - his prelims are not tight like Bolland or some others
  9. Exceptions that prove the rule...
  10. In my experience, tight prelims are generally 5-10% of the final piece so a $10K prelim would need to be for a $100 - 200k piece of art