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  1. 7.0 on a good day, 6.5 comfortable This book has some nice Everett art in it!
  2. I'm sure many of us would trade away our art to be 20 years younger!
  3. Some prices are wild but why was I the only serious bidder on the Brent Anderson X-Men 160 page with Storm all over it?
  4. Ahh...Byrne MTU pages inked By Austin = Issue 79 only right? so is it really Austin or that it is a super cool Red Sonja story...either way it feels like an A+ situation...this list is going to get nuts if Hari breaks out every exceptional issue...but I'll live either way without a MTU 79 page
  5. My gallery is pretty much all themes - although some of the unusual ones, the name actually starts with the word theme...once Bill added the by artist feature then organizing strictly by artist is largely redundant So not all of them but roughly organized by 1. Early Masters 2. Penciler / inker teams by scarcity (10 galleries) 3. Pure Everett/Pure Kirby/Studio Gallery (4 galleries) 4. British writers and artists (4 galleries) 5. 70s Nostalgic runs (6 galleries) 6. Themes - including baseball and music (8 galleries) 7. a bunch of misc galleries
  6. MPH1964 is super courteous I feel is fine to say this shouldn't be slabbed for resale...common books under 8.0 are essentially 'reading' copies with little value difference between 5.0 or 6.0 or 7.0 That said, if the back cover doesn't have moisture damage, FN looks accurate This is a fun story with great art!
  7. Published Our Love Story 2 - Colan / Giacoia - 1970
  8. Great work on the list. I do feel this is a key table and could be posted with the page 1 some feedback on the lower end of the spectrum. 1. I feel the B range is a bit high 2. I like the low end of C at 0.25 but 0.5 is too high So a refined proposal - someone could actually use public results to 'grade' a few pages and create these guidelines but I just took a few examples in my head (including Gene's favorite BWS Conan) B = 0.50 - 0.75 C = 0.25 - 0.40 Of course, I don't remember how we defined a B or C page... Since no "D", I assume a C is es
  9. Looks pretty sharp to me - always needs to be reinforced that this is for A pages...would be cool to have some multiplier range for other tiers If we keep $3 - 5K, how about Giffen LOS Great Darkness Saga pages? 2X Kirby feels a bit high... A nit, I am not sure it makes sense to split out $125k vs. $ is all you better do some serious thinking! Would be great to see the list alpha by artist - title Mark
  10. Let’ see…really more of the same…I’m sure I’ll forget something but this it already too long Pages from favorite rare or scarce art teams: - Any Smith / Everett – Astonishing Tales 6 Ka-Zar story - Any Kirby / Smith – Captain America Bicentennial Tales - Select Kirby / Everett - Select Colan / Everett - Select Rogers / Austin – Detective, issue 475 page 3 would be nice The right Everett Dr. Strange page…and select Sub-Mariner…any Everett welcome 1970s Nova – especially pages from 10 and 11 (see my CAF) – Anyth