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  1. I am after 1950s Everett Atlas but also have a bunch of for sale, if anyone is after similar: Below are five slabs and then a longer list of raw readers readers per below let me know ( a few do not have Everett art) Also have original art per my CAF (mark levy)
  2. I'll throw Wild Bill Everett into the mix! That said, a lot of great candidates here
  3. My thought as well - Phoenix was mentioned...a full body '70/80s splash is quite expensive but I'd pay a lot for a '50s Everett Venus splash (if they existed) That said, most expensive may be a key GA splash of one of the popular heroes
  4. Collecting meets Spreadsheets - geek Nirvana, I'll play! I add to the original post for consideration although I don't capture photos (in no particular order despite the numbers): 1. 1 - 5 rating to decide where a piece fits in my collection - If it is a 5, it can be sold with few regrets, a 1 = In the Vault 2. Why / Theme - an 1-2 word indication of why the piece is in my collection - versus someone else's 3. Location - not filled in very well as I can generally remember but as I get older may be more important! 4. Artist (per original poster) - my detail...I have columns for First - Last Name for both Penciller/Painter and Inker 5. Size - Image Area 6. Signed by artist(s)? 7. Category - Panel or Splash or Cover, etc 8. Type - Some detail on Category - number of panels; condition issues, et al 9. Year created 10. Description - characters on page; is it a battle page, et al 11. In addition to paid amount, a market value estimate (for purchase date, I use when I won the item, not when received) 12. Do I have a copy of the published comic/book/etc? 13. Do I have a scan of the art? (if it sucks, I'll make a note) 14. Did I post the art on CAF? (started tracking the date vs. just yes/no)? For Sold art I have a separate sold sheet in the workbook - it is structured to I can copy the existing row and then just add a few copies of sales info to the end of the record
  5. See classified under Moy....and I thought Roger wanted Gulacy art! Does someone have poor penmanship - or a sloppy editor? Mark
  6. Very Nice Copy - Another Spellbound Everett - Awesome!
  7. Here is the page post professional restoration by Gordon Christman - one of the things I feel best about is when I can bring a piece back to life as part of being the "custodian" of the art for a time. You can see what this page looked like earlier in this thread. If you have art that can benefit, you should do it now - Gordon's backlog is low this time of year Mark
  8. Super easy to post entries with the new system - only issue I had was selecting a 2018 acquisition that I posted on CAF in Jan 2019..but very easy to back out the error.
  9. "Paty Greer's art in this is a little different, but... in a good way. And Bill Everett's inks, give it a nice touch. Geez, I'd have taken this over a Sal Buscema with Vince Coletta inking any day." A nice touch is the right direction but not far enough for me...see this example of why folks should pickup a Cat 3
  10. Published Jim Borgman - Zits Sunday Strip - Single Landscape "Splash" Panel
  11. Unpublished - Personal Birthday Card - By Goseki Kojima, Artist of Lone Wolf & Cub
  12. My experience is similar, No overlap in Top 10 Views and Top 10 Comments Risque content = Views Better Art = Comments Most views does not mean most comments...
  13. To Post or not to Post --> Post, at least this time Brief monologue on my CAF... Barry Windsor Smith Nimue Cygnus Pencil
  14. Thanks for the reply - if I remember I will post the restored page here in a month or so