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  1. A suggestion, you might want to organize the for sale art in multiple folders...
  2. Here's one that is right in the crosshairs for this thread - I think!
  3. Purchased a long sought after Atlas book! Smooth communication and deal - and shipment was really fast! Thanks!
  4. I've posted this before but my clear favorite 'back of page' find - Everett on Captain America, from a Colan / Everett Cap 136 page bought from Gene at SDCC in 2004 I have a back of pages CAF folder, although this one is not in it actually, Keep them coming!
  5. I'll do two - some are tougher than others but these weren't so hard 1. Finlay - I have several Finlays but the Twilight Zone is my favorite 2. I am a big Everett fan and have quite a few pages but the #1 is clear - most I've spent for a piece of art - and I bought it in 2006 so I likely overpaid but never regretted it - Subby 57 Cover CAF =
  6. I am an Everett guy - still need a 4 but prefer 5 - 7
  7. But...there is no 'Male Bumshot' in my CAF pulldown?
  8. Overall, prices felt strong - and a few like the Buscema Conan splash, very strong...I mean, I have seen covers for a lot less not long ago The FF95 cover is a bit of a puzzle but simply doesn't grab me, may be a smart buy as eventually we'll all be dead and it simply will be a nice FF Kirby cover!
  9. This is good advice but how do we provide it without giving 'cover' for low integrity people that renege on deals - this is not acceptable behavior - but agree it happens. In the end, learning your market segment is crucial to paying the 'right' price without regrets - recently, selling has been hard not to regret
  10. So I got my Heritage catalogs from this week's auction - they left out the Platinum section one I guess I haven't been spending enough P.S. There was an ad for the auction in the LA Times a few days back - had the FF95 cover in B&W
  11. 'later becomes mockingbird'...looking for pages from this Ka-Zar story!
  12. Looking for the original art from the BWS Kazar story in issue 6...