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  1. Just completed a win-win deal with Paul - he was looking for a 9.6 and I was open to selling but needed a 9.4 so we made a trade and saved transaction costs on both ends! Great communication and faster shipping than I could manage
  2. I was your underbidder and almost pushed it up another $10 but I thought I had been spending too much lately
  3. Is everyone's friend the same person - I hope there aren't more than a few bad apples
  4. I laughed out loud when I saw the price - I like the page except the tall panel - her legs look quite odd to me
  5. Anyone with a Kirby Chair is rich in what matters, yes? I haven't had quite the same sour deal experience but I have failed to cut out the middleman on at least one occasion.
  6. Smooth transaction - always after Everett! That said, seriously, easy communication, accurate grading, nicely packed and fast shipping on my Atlas acquisition!
  7. Thanks everyone - I thought the Stan Lee picture in line next to it was somewhat convincing but I'll go with random dude
  8. So far we have a rare early concept sketch for Tony Starks' dad - awaiting Mr. Hunt's response!
  9. Hello Art Experts, A challenge - does anyone know if the face below is a comic character or Marvel creator? On the back of an Andru ASM 171 page from 1977 the front of the page has no mustached men (or women) Please reply in the thread so we can have the power of the community brought to bear on this serious question Thanks for replying! Mark
  10. Makes me think of Spiderman 101-102 covers...Kirby at his board 2 hands in sight, he turns around and you see 4 more arms so he can go as fast as his mind was creating!
  11. Some 70s! My Love 13 page 2...Colan / Everett!
  12. You beat me to it - I don't want to create a price war in this situation or I'd go a even dozen rolls!
  13. A little slow getting started but here are my first 10 pieces...