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  1. mtlevy1

    HA February Auction

    I am a big BWS fan and it is interesting to watch the market shift from '70s Conan to late '80s Weapon X but for me it is more how high the WeaponX prices are than that Conan prices have crashed - although I do agree Conan is not a hot market segment and prices have not moved recently. BWS Conan buyers are more aesthietic influenced (heck they are buying BWS) than most other segments so when a not-so-pretty example is auctioned, who is going to buy it for strong price? New owners should not be offended as the prices reflect the quality so no aspersions cast here. So yes the market for below-average BWS Conan is weak - but for pages that show off BWS talents let's see a few poor sales before we go all Vitalstatistix When I look at recent sales - last nice panel page with plenty of Conan was Conan 8 p 5 on Aug '18 and sold for $15.6k...not too shabby... Mark P.S. Yes, I do have a spare Conan 7 page in my portfolio (must mention conflicts in the market prognostications) but no, the Frost Giant is not moving!
  2. mtlevy1

    HA February Auction

    Agree, to me that splash is not a comp for a typical BWS Conan splash
  3. Quite a spread on the thread topic - 2X on the dot MM4 = $14.4k MM 19 = $28.8k So in my mind, 4 a bit low and 19 quite healthy Mark
  4. mtlevy1

    Pre- Hero Marvels!!!!

    I've got two copies of WOS 6, but no Strange Tales 60...
  5. Published Marshall Rogers Pencils and inks, House of Mystery 254 page 3
  6. mtlevy1

    Relieved I didn't win - Share your stories

    Given how the hobby has performed it hasn't happened often - even without that lens, like others, I remember a lot more missed opportunies than regretful purchases
  7. Unpublished JD McFarland - Mata Hari Strip - #4
  8. Published Newton and Alcalca Batman 369 p25 with Batman and Deadshot
  9. Cool pick - I don't remember seeing #20 in the wild...anyone see it live?
  10. If anyone can set up a poll, I'd be interested in people picking their favorite Ms. Marvel cover (but without #1 as that is too easy a selection)
  11. The #18 should be worth more as it has been professionally conserved - our community needs to move away from the comic book perspective and towards art in this respect, a conserved piece of art has been invested in by a previous owner so now you don't have to go to the trouble of getting it conserved yourself. (that said, a re-inked piece of art is something different - not sure if the vellum treatment here is considered restoration or conservation but an improvement either way) I didn't own the #18 but made the mistake of not buying it when it emerged - one of those memories that still hurts a bit!
  12. mtlevy1

    Overlay work

    Always done great work for me
  13. SSOC 42 Guilty Pleasure - and most views on my CAF After more pages from this story line
  14. mtlevy1

    Hidden/surprise art

    Wow - That is wild, nice pickup...what a seller!