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  1. On the original topic, there are some artists I've always wanted but don't have represented after decades of collecting - while I am patient, I still would like a piece by them
  2. When will BB use technology to call balls and strikes? I have some old BB cards from 1974 or so - have them in those binder pocket pages - in the back of a notebook with comics!
  3. Agree that it could be either woman but disagree that we would assume it is Belit - only reason to assume that is that it is on the CGC label. The woman looks like Valeria, why would it be Belit? Why would we assume that the first name in the caption box refers to the picture when the second name is actually closer to the picture? In any case, people largely agree that IH 181 is the first app of Wolverine even though IH 180 has a very clear shot large shot of Wolverine with no doubt - how is Conan 58 not the first appearance of Belit if IH 181 is the 1st Wolverine?
  4. Cool research...yes, we agree - just not sure why the other folks don't modify their records, Conan 58 is much more clear a first appearance than Hulk 181 for example.
  5. There have been a few old threads on this but the only appearance in GS#1 is her name 'Belit' - the woman pictured is blonde. Frankly, this is perhaps the worst '1st appearances' citations ever but when the book is slabbed, it is tough to see - really not sure why Overstreet et al doesn't fix this one. I'm a mild victim because I picked a pair of GS #1s up for the 1st App of Belit but then actually looked at it - Conan 58 is the 1st appearance, one day justice will be done!
  6. Nice books - ST 25 is my favorite of the 4 as I am an Everett fan!
  7. Do you need the 1987 French Portfolio by Zenda? (the one signed by Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons and John Higgins)
  8. Interesting thread For me...I have a few artists that are represented in my collection with minor pieces, not many blanks but with some thought here are 5: - Steranko - I have a signature on a comic, almost a work of art in itself - the right minor piece hasn't come my way and a major piece is a bit pricey! - Mignola (although 1 minor inking job) - I feel I should be able to fill this one, I have been close on a few pieces - Raymond - haven't focused my search but would like an example - Foster - haven't focused my search but would like an example - McCloud - an Understanding comics page would be nice
  9. I've got a baseball themed CAF - only 3 pieces in it Here is one from Spidey Super Stories...not sure which issue though...
  10. I've a nice raw 61 - or are you after slabs? Actually also have a more than decent raw 60
  11. Cool - my college comic shop as well...had a temperamental calico cat when I was shopping there...great store!
  12. Ok - so this isn't the nicest copy but when I bought it I was happy to find an affordable copy as while I think Maneely is great, I am more an Everett fan and this has a nice 6 page Everett story in it. That said when it arrived I noticed the aftermarket art on the female figure - this is one of the oddest things I've got on a book in my collection!