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  1. Beater or reader is fine. Let me know! Thank you
  2. Ovrclck

    Wizard Mag Collectors?

  3. Ovrclck

    AF 15 vs ASM 1

  4. I find the 725M2's work well for late silver thru moderns. Depends on the book and cut though.
  5. Ovrclck

    Wizard Mag Collectors?

    Very nice
  6. I have close to 1500 books in mylar (ocd, wanted everything uniform) . Is it worth it? Depends on you. I figured I won't ever have to replace the bags/boards again but the problem is they take extra space. Normally a short box holds like 125? I'm able to comfortably fit 75 per. I'm starting to pull out all the drek and replace with the bags/boards I get from my LCS and keep those separated. Noobie mistake I guess.
  7. I had a mechanical defect come back this way recently. Kinda shocked to be honest. I was told via email that it's perfectly normal but I was more than welcome to resubmit for a reholder.
  8. Ovrclck

    Wizard Mag Collectors?

    My small hoards of Wizard 1's. Looking to eventually complete 1-99. I do plan on getting a few CGC'd SS with the Todd Father next year.
  9. Ovrclck

    War Comics

    New additions to the family.
  10. I sent in my Invaders king size thinking it would be an easy 9.6...was I wrong. It came back CGC 9.0. Grader's note read "slit on front cover, top staple" or something close to that.
  11. Good enough for me. Thank you!
  12. Would be interesting to see Amazing Fantasy 15 out in the wild.
  13. Ovrclck

    Legal Size Scanner thread.

  14. Ovrclck

    This week in your collection?

    Not sure if this is the original shrink wrapping or not.