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  1. Present day commercial potential. If this character was done RIGHT in the DC cinematic universe the film would make a killing. The character should resonate today. It's just cool as hell, dark, with a power set beyond any character in the DCU. Gotta think it eventually happens.
  2. TEC 27 THREAD.

    No complete copy of Tec 27 can be had now for less than 250k now. Raw, restored, whatever. Think I'm wrong? Find one for less. Not happening. Edit: I think a blue label 1.0 fetches 250k now, as does a lower grade (say 3.0)extensively restored copy. New jumping on point for the book is 250k any way you slice it.
  3. The Pre-Robin Tec Club

    Soon no complete copy of 27, regardless of resto, PQ etc. will be had for less.
  4. Captain America Comics #1 Club

    What would a 5.0 w. moderate amateur resto bring now? 60k? More?
  5. Snagged AMF V2#10. About the fifth copy I've bid on, finally paydirt.
  6. Science Comics- WTH?

    Yes, #4 not 5.
  7. I've really wanted a copy of #5 for a while now. I tapped out on the 2.5 copy in the Heritage auction when it got to 2k last night. Not too long ago it seemed this title was deader than a dodo. Ditto Wonderworld. Obviously no longer the case. What's made the Fox books such objects of lust/frenzy recently? Great covers and content, sure, but that's always been so.
  8. In other words, his "price guide" is inaccurate.
  9. SDCC con pics lets get them now.

    Just one more reason to skip it. Every year it gets less appealing.
  10. The new Avengers movie is only 10 months away. Those other Infinity books are cheap now.
  11. Many books were due big adjustments from 2016.
  12. That L.B. Cole cover for #11 was great also.
  13. Showing my age here, but my favorite one ever is the Tarzan cover on #5.