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  1. The early (pre-Archie) run of this title seems weird to me, with the first few issues being less highly prized than #7-21? Anyway, it appears that the #7 to 21 issues have really gotten hot in the recent past. I just got blown away on a blue 3.5 #13 in the current Hake's auction, it's at $1500 and still going. Is it the bondage/torture covers on #7-21 that have made them inflate so much? They're starting to catch up with the early Archie issues of Pep.
  2. I'm looking for a complete, good condition 1960s comic spinner rack. Roughly 90% of them out there seem to be the "Hey Kids-Comics" racks. I'd consider other racks as well. Thx!
  3. Anyone familiar with this particular seller, bought from them before? Has a small amount of books, but some relatively big/expensive items. Thx.
  4. twmjr1

    Incredible Hulk #181 - is it *that* red-hot?

    Prices on the book will never go anywhere but up. That's your "reality".
  5. twmjr1

    Silver age comics that are heating up

    Doom Patrol? Why would that be hot now?
  6. I still absolutely love looking at each new edition of the OCBPG, even though it's miles from accurate and always has been/will be. What SA books should we expect to have made big moves in this year's edition?
  7. Another HUGE factor that's positively impacting the hobby: New foreign collectors and investors. Comic book collecting/investing was largely confined to the US and Canada until relatively recently. It's exploding all over the world now. Of course, the superhero media explosion has helped fuel this, the Marvel cinematic universe in particular.
  8. B&V 40 has been spiking for a long time now, and is still doing so. Not sure exactly why. The cover is cheesecake lite, but really no more so than some other early issues of the title.
  9. Last year the Overstreet guide took a few tentative steps toward reflecting market reality on some GA books. Still, it's almost comical how inaccurate they remain. Too many specific examples to cite, but basically every Centaur and Fox book is undervalued by 3X-20X or more. Some obvious breakout books are ignored. One example I just noticed is Betty & Veronica 40, not even broken out in the last Overstreet, it'll go for at least 20X guide or more in most any grade.
  10. Probably ten bucks? I've had my Weird Mysteries 5 since 1980, that's what I paid for it.
  11. My raw 3.5 that I bought for $75 in a CBG ad in 1996 looks like a pretty good bargain now. Seriously, is this book that scorching just because of the cover?
  12. twmjr1

    Dueling Detective 27s this spring

    Said it before: In ten years, people will look back and laugh at the prices presently being paid for T27 and A1. There will come a day (in the not-so-distant future) when ANY complete copy of either, restored books included, will bring $500K plus. I actually think that will happen sooner than ten years hence.
  13. twmjr1

    ComicConnect Feb 2018 auction

    I think a LOT of new people have entered the GA market in the past couple of years, and are seeking out books that have not been actively sought in a while.
  14. twmjr1

    ComicConnect Feb 2018 auction

    That Subby 1 2.5 is going to go strong, already over 7K with a day left. Not long ago Subby 1 and HT 1 were just flatline dead books, as I recall.
  15. twmjr1

    Dueling Detective 27s this spring

    I won the Human Torch 6 and a movie (The Thing From Another World) lobby card. Thought the More Fun 52 went pretty strong, considering the condition of the spine.