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  1. Enterprise, AL. Weekend home in Panama City Beach, FL. If you're in Jersey we're a continent apart.
  2. The common "Hey kids! Comics" spinner rack from the '60s would do nicely. I would love to buy the "Marvel Comics" stand from the early '70s. Other options will be seriously considered as well.
  3. I'll seriously consider any vintage rack, spinning variety or the two-row stand version. Edit: I don't need the common 1980s spinner with the Richie Rich and Spidey plaque. I'd LOVE the 1969-70 "Marvel Comics" two-row stand with the Spidey and Hulk plaque. All others will be considered.
  4. Simple: It hasn't. And it never will over time. "Now" is always a good time to buy this book in any grade, basically. If you want one and procrastinate you'll regret it later. It will cost more.
  5. For an 8.5 copy on ComicConnect. Who would have ever thought? I've had a 5.5 copy for years, never dreamed there would be such demand. This book is now VERY HARD to find, and is going to keep going up.
  6. I've asked this on the general and GA forums, with no response. I have a book with a Speed Comics 14 cover and a Pocket Comics 2 interior. It's not a married cover, it's a manufacturing defect, I'm 100% certain. How common is this, particularly with GA books? How exactly does it happen? I was tempted to return the book, but I think it may be unique and that I'd be wise to keep it.
  7. Does it happen as the books are being printed? Is it more common in GA or SA books? I just got a book with a Speed Comics 14 cover, and a Pocket Comics 2 interior. I've confirmed it's not a married cover, it was created that way. I asked about this on the GA board and got no replies. Thx.
  8. Just got this book from the last weekend Heritage auction. It was simply described as a Speed 14. The interior is actually Pocket 2. It's not a married cover, it's clearly a printing defect. I'm considering whether to return the book, or consider it a bargain. Thoughts?
  9. Named and depicted appeared in November 1974 Marvels, prior to Hulk 181 being published? I'm looking at Daredevil 115, which contains the ad. I have every Marvel book from that month, and can determine how many of the issues have the ad if it's potentially of any significance. Thoughts?
  10. Every time I say that about any GA book I'm proven wrong. What GA books have ever really depreciated? Some (funny animal, western, for example) are out vogue for years, then they inevitably go up. GA books are of limited supply, and aren't getting any younger. They'll all inexorably go up in price/value.
  11. I've struck out on everything, still a couple of bids left to go. Results on some of these books are astonishing IMO. Can't stop thinking about that Blue Bolt 115 7.0 @ $3511. I'd guess on average Cole books have tripled in the last year or so.
  12. Seriously, what has caused L.B Cole books to go nuclear? A 7.0 Blue Bolt 115 just went for $3611 on CC? Glad I bought my 3.0 for a hundred bucks a few years ago.
  13. Tried for a dozen Centaurs so far, and I've pulled back a nub. Bidding on these is extremely strong IMO.
  14. How much do they add to the value of a book, really? I have a Spook 22 with an L.B. Cole auto, and a Silver Streak 11 with artist Don Rico's auto. Those guys are long deceased, so they aren't signing anything else. The autographs are to the interiors of the books. How much do they enhance value? I'd guess roughly double what they'd otherwise fetch?