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  1. AS8 CGC 9.4 for 1.7 MIL

    AS 8 was undervalued for decades, just like Cap 1. Both of those books are still on the upswing. Said before that in ten years I predict Cap 1 will be the #3 book in the hobby. How far up could AS 8 go in the top 10?
  2. MANY people have complete Marvel collections from FF 1 at least through the copper age. Heck, I have a Marvel collection with all runs complete from the pre-FF 1 Kirby monster books-up, only excluding the Millie/romance books and about 30% of the books from 1990-present, which I just don't have interest in. That ain't special, just space-consuming in the extreme. On the other hand, someone having all the Timely/Atlas books from Marvel 1 up to FF 1 would be incredible.
  3. Who other than Levine has a complete DC collection? Again, I heard there was at least one other complete collection out there. Also, I wonder if anyone in the world has a complete Timely/Atlas/Marvel collection?
  4. Music producer Ian Levine reportedly has a complete DC collection from Tec 1 to present, all titles present. I've read there's at least one other individual who has a complete DC collection. Those collections would have to be in the running, if the early stuff is in good condition.
  5. At this moment, as far as preeminent collectors? Dave Anderson, J. Verzyl, S. Fishler....? Who else would likely be part of the top ten? I know some people relatively new to the hobby have poured vast sums of money into collections in the last decade. I have no idea who the top high grade silver age collectors are now, and where they'd rank relative to the top tier of golden age specialists. I'd think with (for example) the best copies of Amazing Fantasy 15 now exceeding $1 million, the top silver age specialists have some of the world's most valuable collections. Some people collect all eras, including (very) little old me. Anyone have a guess at the world's most valuable collections today?
  6. Like a man of 60 who doesn't look a day over 70.
  7. WOW. 110k for a 1.0? I stand corrected. But I still maintain Cap 1's time as the #3 book is coming.
  8. Already amending that prediction to "right now".
  9. Think Cap 1 HAS surpassed Bat 1 already, and MAY already be positioned as the overall #3 book, ahead of Supes 1. I think the current hierarchy may be Tec 27, Action 1, Cap 1. NEVER thought that fugly 1.5 Cap 1 would go 70k, that's crazy.
  10. Has this book's time already arrived? Would a Supes 1 in exactly that same shape command 70k?? That copy is UGLY, even for a 1.5.
  11. No way in hell you'll find a complete copy of either book for less than 200k. If anyone has a complete Action 1 for sale for 150, count me very interested.
  12. Don't think anyone will ever find a complete copy of Tec 27 or Action 1 for less than 200k now, even extensively restored/trimmed whatever.
  13. Thought that cover art would go for a fortune, as the only known surviving production material for Action 1.
  14. 461? That's really weak IMO. I think if it had been a Tec 27 in the same grade it would have gone 600k. I think an argument can be made for Tec 27 being the real #1 book in the hobby now, seriously.