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  1. The area around the staples appear to be reinforced. This one looked to be a clap shoot so I stayed away. I had this brief exchange with the seller. Me: "Has this comic book been restored?" Seller: "This is out of my knowledge." Me: "Why didn't you have this book third-party graded?" Seller: "We are not professional in comics. We are mainly in the sports card money and high price watches. This is why we don't send thing to be graded."
  2. I suspect what this is all about is Marvel rejecting JC's bush league creations (or co-creations with her father Stan, if you believe her claims) and cutting off a possible career path. In another article: J.C. revealed during the Tuesday, November 13 episode of TMZ Live that she had spent her "entire life" trying to convince her father to partner up with her to bring into existence a new vigilante. For years, her attempts were fruitless, and so J.C. independently developed a concept for a hero named Dirt Man. Eventually, Lee agreed to pool his creative resources with his daughter's, and the pair put their heads together to iron out the details for Dirt Man — a character who apparently isn't like any other crime-fighter in the Marvel Comics world. "We have been working on a character called Dirt Man. The last little angel we've got tucked away is called Dirt Man. I said, 'Daddy please, no clatter, no steel, no any of that. Let's get down and dirty. Let's do what's going on about love. Let's do Dirt Man,'" stated J.C., who affirmed that she plans to complete Dirt Man's characterization in her father's absence. Read More: https://www.looper.com/138045/the-final-superhero-stan-lee-co-created-before-his-death-dirt-man/
  3. That's very observant. The man is obviously older by the look of the face and neck. The choice of sepia tones in the color design reinforces the scene suggesting an ill-fated May-December romance. I don't know how Baker worked at St, John but did he have tight control over the color design in his covers? The color scheme in his covers from '54 onward are exceptional, almost like a good painting.
  4. I was thinking of placing a bid but was bothered by the tide marks and the short right leading edge on the cover...now that's a St. John miscut.
  5. I just noticed the "babe front and center" has the same figure layout (except for positioning of head and arms) to the babe on Crime Reporter 2.
  6. So you're saying the sour smell in my books might actually be BO. Very upsetting.
  7. We can still figure out which is the genuine article. Fortunately for us, counterfeiters haven't discovered a way to duplicate Newton Rings.
  8. Apparently buyer took a gamble and didn't turn out as expected.
  9. This one worked out. No missing pages but needs a clean and press.
  10. Thanks. I've been communicating with the eBay seller. He claims the centerfold was missing at time of purchase along with the first four wraps (entire Batman story). What's left is worth about $11K.
  11. We'll see. The seller has "30 day returns" if something goes south.
  12. I think the Boy Commandos 1 was the tent pole there. She also had another lot advertised as "15 Vintage DC and Marvel Comics with Captain America, Batman" that were not exactly vintage nor a superhero lot. Oddly enough she threw in a Spellbound 1, Strange Tales 7, and a Sensation Mystery, decent PCH from the 1950's which were the real attractions.
  13. I avoided the obvious single book auctions since many look to be water damaged and possibly have brittle page quality. I did win one of the crazy group ones. It looked to be a decent Baker book mixed among rubbishy 60's Charltons. I swear this has got to be the first and last time in my lifetime that I will see a Teen-Age Romances 13 in the same lot with a Charlton David Cassidy lol.