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  1. Blondes passing the Buck to Buck with blonde passing out
  2. Do not buy any comic book with the word "pal" no matter how rare it is.
  3. WS 16 has the better stories. Three out of four ("Space-Borne!", "Given the Heir!", and "The People's Choice!") are EC classics: Gaines and Feldstein at their freewheeling prime. Two and a half years later and in the aftermath of the Senate hearings, came WSF 29. Apart from the Frazetta cover, this issue has little to recommend. The stories feel really tired and forgettable, with a cautious editorial not to offend with bad taste. You can really tell the end was near.
  4. @comicginger1789 This is your under copy? Glad you upgraded to the copy found on eBay a few weeks back.
  5. I read the seller's feedback and decided the seller was a bit shady. EBay feedbacks do matter.
  6. The bottom edge is trimmed about a half inch also. I have an untrimmed copy and I'm able to see the complete banner "ON SALE MONTHLY" and artist Joe Maneely's signature on mine. IMHO 1.0-1.5 (R). I agree with @rjpb I've never seen anything trimmed this severely. This book mocks me. It pulls its pants down and mocks me.
  7. Bill Everett to Everett Kinstler
  8. Jack Davis is also rumored to have ghost penciled "Blockade!" in TFT #31 when Wood fell behind on his heavy workload. It's hard to see because it's completely buried under the lush Wood inks.
  9. You should also check out the Atlas war titles in the 1951-52 period. Some stories match Kurtzman in their intensity and cynicism.
  10. The color design on JIM 5 is also my favorite. The vignettes on the left border also by Everett, are perfect.
  11. Yeah, but the price includes two years of emails showing dialogue with CGC.