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  1. Could you make a set for Eagle ( Crystal Publication) Thanks Hello @TJ Watson, Thank you for your request. While we rarely deny set requests we would like to begin exercising more caution with approvals. The rules are not fully defined yet (we will always have gray areas) but I will have to reject this set request. The publishing for these books began in 1986 and contains 16 issues. CGC has only graded 3 of the 17 issues for a total of 14 books in the set being graded. This means that it is not a very popular set for registry purposes and we want to honor more popular requests as it
  2. Hope you are well . Can you please make The Avenger ( Magazine Enterprise 50’s) set. Thank You Tj Set Created. Thank you. I appreciate it but I cannot find it on the registry
  3. Could you please make a Wild Boy ( Ziff Davis 50’s) Set Thank You Set Created. Thank you
  4. Could you add Space Ace #5 to the Jet Powers Set. Thanks Tj Slot Created. Thank you
  5. Could you add Die, Middlewest and These Savage Shores Sets. Thanks Tj Sets Created. Thank you
  6. Could you please add Spawn #1 Newsstand to the Spawn Complete Set Thanks Tj Can you please provide a certification number? I do not see a Spawn #1 Newsstand Edition in our system. Thank you
  7. Could you please add Spawn #1 Newsstand to the Spawn Complete Set thanks Tj
  8. Could you please add a Cave Girl 11-14 Set by Magazine Enterprises (1950’s) also to include the one shot Africa #1 ( featuring Cave Girl) Thank you so much ?
  9. Could you please add a Fantastic Voyages of Sindbad. (Gold Key) Thanks Tj
  10. tj watson1

    Birthday Books

    Birthday books in the 80’s nice. ( Happy Birthday ?) my books are from 1963, FML
  11. Flame. Fox comics 1940's Gabriel Dell' Otto Cover Set Please and Thanks