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  1. So, which movies have featured comics as part of the story line or where they appeared as pop culture icons? A few come to mind, "unbreakable" starring Samuel Jackson and Bruce Willis. I saw "the accountant" last weekend and there are high grade copies of All American COmics 16 and ACtion 1 (not Cgc'd) which were part of the accountant's stash of expensive collectible rarities any others you can think of?
  2. if it didn't have that finger pinch defect at the top edge Front cover it may have got a 9.4
  3. https://comics.ha.com/itm/silver-age-1956-1969-/amazing-fantasy-15-marvel-1962-cgc-vf-75-off-white-to-white-pages/p/7192-149002.s?ic4=ListView-ShortDescription-071515 cgc 7.5 in the 11/18 HA auction to me the 7.0 looks nicer
  4. https://comics.ha.com/itm/silver-age-1956-1969-/the-incredible-hulk-1-marvel-1962-cgc-nm-92-white-pages/p/7192-194001.s?ic4=ListView-Thumbnail-071515 hulk 1 cgc 9.2 white now in the November 2018 HA! gorgeous book, look @ the colors on that and the back cover is killer
  5. https://comics.ha.com/itm/silver-age-1956-1969-/the-incredible-hulk-1-marvel-1962-cgc-vf-85-white-pages/p/7192-15001.s?ic4=ListView-ShortDescription-071515 very nice cgc 8.5 white in the Nov Heritage Auction price predictions?
  6. https://comics.ha.com/itm/silver-age-1956-1969-/amazing-fantasy-15-marvel-1962-cgc-fn-vf-70-off-white-to-white-pages/p/7192-30001.s?ic4=ListView-ShortDescription-071515 a gorgeous cgc 7.0 in the Heritage November 2018 auction
  7. that's a great cover can I ask what that cost you? was it cash or trade or cash/trade?
  8. https://comics.ha.com/itm/original-comic-art/john-romita-sr-amazing-spider-man-60-cover-kingpin-original-art-marvel-1968-/p/7192-102001.s?ic4=ListView-ShortDescription-071515 wow! what will this beauty bring? previously not known to exist reportedly really tough with OA to know what is/is not out there
  9. https://comics.ha.com/itm/silver-age-1956-1969-/action-comics-242-dc-1958-cgc-vf-80-cream-to-off-white-pages/p/7189-109014.s?ic4=ListView-Thumbnail-071515 in the july heritage 2018 auction what price did the 8.0 white bring?
  10. https://comics.ha.com/itm/silver-age-1956-1969-/the-incredible-hulk-1-marvel-1962-cgc-vf-nm-90-off-white-to-white-pages/p/7189-37001.s?ic4=ListView-ShortDescription-071515 beautiful cgc 9.0 hulk 1 in the August 2018 Heritage Auction a few stress lines but nice book overall wonder what price it will bring?