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  1. Hi Mollie, I made a request back in April, the thread was never "liked" Im guessing you never saw it. The Ninja-k and Quantum & Woody could also be added to the Valiant Gold 2012+ list as well. Ninja-k 2017 on-going to be added please. Cert 1265495001 Quantum & Woody 2017 on-going. Cert 1288807009 Hardly Thinn- I am not sure how many are graded via CGC as it is a on shot book with a ton of covers. Cert 1258052001 Jamie Tyndall set. Variant Red Agent:The human order #8 Cosplay edition. Cert- 1576296009 Batman/TMNT Adventures 2016. Yesteryear Platinum variant. Cert- 1394773011 N.I.O 1-4 from Acclaim 1999 full set. I added image for you to see.
  2. Please add Dollface on-going series Bloodshot Salvation Hardlee Thinn
  3. Please add Bloodshot Salvation to the complete sets Please add Hardlee Thinn one shot set
  4. Can you please add both of these books to the Jamie Tyndall Set as well please. He both of these cover. Color and B&W.
  5. Please add Ninjak #1 Yesteryear Comics Variant to the Jamie Tyndall Set as he did the cover for this book. Thank you.
  6. Hi Forum Collectors. This is my first post ever in the CGC Forum. Trying something new. Ebay fees stink, I've had very little luck on Facebook, and I dont think my stuff is rare enough for Comic Connect. Prices will include shipping. I like to ship with Fedex as I have had to many issues with USPS. I will combine shipping if you get more than one book. I have a FB page MistressofMayhemComics, please take a peak and like my page. I have a website as well. Paypal Only. First to pay wins it. (I have learned this the hard way) Super Sons #1 ECCC Gold Foil $100 Shipped CGC 9.6 Black Panther #1 $135 Shipped CGC 9.0 Hulk #377 Third Print HTF $310 Shipped. Only 18 Higher in the Census. CGC 9.4 Eternal Warrior #4 $65 Shipped CGC 9.4 RAI #0 $70 Shipped CGC 9.4