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  1. It’ll be all eBay for me after we’re all quarantined... No Coronacon... err comicons for me till there’s a vaccine!
  2. I don’t think it’s exclusive to CL. Books in recent HA weekly auctions have been going low too, at least relative to the last 2 or 3 years. Will be interesting to see how everything closes in their current event auction.
  3. This one got a 7.0... so they must have lowered it at some point. Could swear I’ve seen 4.0 brittles too but now their criteria says max is 3.5.
  4. I'll live, its still a much better than average color strike and prices have dipped recently. Still, I'd rather go without than give any money to a bunch of I'm serious about the HA ban. There's no point buying books from them because every time you look at them you're reminded that you got taken. It really saps the joy out of it.
  5. Shame on me for allowing myself to be suckered by the a~~-oles at HA. I mean I knew the colors wouldn't be as bold as in the HA scan, but I didn't think they'd go so far as to turn orange into red. Or maybe I'm going colorblind. At any rate grabbed this because it went low. Disappointed enough that I'm going to stop doing business with these clowns until they stop deliberately misrepresenting their books.
  6. Thanks appreciate this response. Its not that prices on collectible games are too high from an affordability standpoint, as much as they’re too high given how little I know about actual rarity etc. I’m hesitant to jump in till the market matures. It’s too high risk for my tastes right now. With OA it’s easy, there’s only one. I’d have guessed most of the OA for pc and console games are still held by the companies or high level executives. Doesn’t surprise me that there isn’t much out there.
  7. Forgive my naïveté ... is there actually a market for original art for video game boxes now?... even as a lifelong gamer I haven’t felled compelled to jump into collectible video games (the prices are too high for my comfort level)... but damn. I would be all over OA for some early 80s And 90s PC games.
  8. It pains me to admit this but....I bought a modern comic...the only book in my collection post 1958
  9. Did someone say cheap high grade sorta mediocre Iger shop FH Jungle?? Sign me up!....Robert Webb maybe?
  10. Good! That somewhat makes up for CCs disappearance... do those guys even want to stay in business anymore?
  11. Got a nice pickup of something that sat overpriced on ebay for a few years before the seller applied a hefty discount to it out of the blue.
  12. For a minute there I was getting worried that ComicConnect's IT staff was working on a new look for CGCs webpage...
  13. Jesus I thought it had been like 5 months since I bumped this and its only been 5 weeks.