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  1. This one deserves its own pedestal...don't let the others anywhere near it.
  2. Let us know? I assume very nice, but substantially less vibrant and more orangey than the enhanced red scans make them look.
  3. I put in a laughable 1100 bid on it a day ago because it looked so neglected. Little did I know that’d be less than 10 percent of the final price...
  4. You have given much more to me than you have taken away from me are the Givebot...or the puttingourkidsthroughcollegebot….whichever you prefer good mister Comcav.
  5. With the stock market kind of teetering on the edge (although seemingly looking strong with a cursory glance at the popular indicators) I’m wondering if big buyers aren’t being more cautious with early bids than normal. As long as we don’t have a big crash I suspect these books will see big jumps on auction day.l, and end up where they’re expected to.
  6. Bare and Bear to Slightly Bare and Bear
  7. Black Mask to Red Mask
  8. Likewise, I enjoy seeing your posts too. For a long while there it felt like I was the only one bumping this thread. It's great to see more action in it lately.
  9. There's only about 10 or so books that I have multiple copies of and this is one of them. Kaanga 12 just screams classic to me, yet out of the 7 copies I have, some in pretty nice shape, only one cost me more than $50. I just cant help myself when I see this one in VG or better at a decent price.