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  1. A decade later... Just sold Michael a few books. Smooth and easy transaction, very easy to deal with. Definitely see myself buying/selling/trading with him again in the future.
  2. As far as things from the funny pages, I think I owned and regularly wore a few Far Side t-shirts back in the day... looks like only a scant few originals have sold on HA in recent years and they were pricey for sure. I’d love one of those.
  3. I expected I might hear from the peanuts gallery after my post (that's grade A Garfield level humor there...). Who knows where both will go, and Peanuts is certainly king, but I see better growth potential for Garfield at current prices, we'll see. I can't say I've seen what Apple has to offer in terms of new Peanuts related content (or that I've ever actually watched Apple TV, Netflix and Amazon prime are more than enough TV for me), but wasn't there kind of an uproar over them pulling the Great Pumpkin off public TV? Indeed, all I can say is my in the last 5 years my household ha
  4. I disagree. While many are eyeroll worthy, there are some legit high quality funny ones, and I feel a great nostalgic pull from them especially as I see my young kids reading my old Garfield books now and asking for newer non beat up copies and t-shirts etc. I'm gonna go against the crowd and say that these could possibly be a better investment at current prices than something like Peanuts original art right now. I dunno how much more Garfield OA there is than there is peanuts OA, but peanuts OA doesn't seem to be in short supply. What is it like 10,000 Garfields vs 2500 or so peanuts?
  5. Seems like they're getting plenty of love and attention lately:
  6. Does anyone know for getting the larger sized early TMNT, in particular #3, #4, and Raphael do I need to submit these as Magazines or Comics? From what I recall when slabbing a #1 years ago I was told I had to do it as a magazine.
  7. I think your Toby Black Knight was the first appearance of this version of the character, from a blockbuster movie which is apparently being remade.
  8. How bout this one? Or was it just a different era and this only meant sneaking out where no one could see you... regardless I actually like this one just for the great photocover.
  9. I’ve slabbed a few 1.0s with them. Cool books that were falling apart that I wanted to put on display but didn’t want to worry about falling further apart from others handling them.
  10. For sure, but I still see speculation as the driving force vs people just love these books that much more right now, and with speculation and higher dollar amounts I think collusion and outright manipulation becomes a bigger possibility. I guess as far as it effects GA long term, if what we're seeing is an artificial rise in the SA market, then I wouldn't expect it to spill over to GA as much, because GA I don't think would be as easy or profitable to manipulate. However if what we're seeing is actually genuinely collector and interest driven, then I think that would bode well for GA as even
  11. I dunno, it could be an unthinking, uncaring monolithic wall of well funded corporate entities selling a few books back and forth to each other at inflated rates in order to establish a new higher price point for everything. It looks like a classic pump and dump. The nice thing about manipulating the SA market right now is that you wouldn't even have to do it with more than a few books to pull up prices on everything because the relative values of all the keys to each other has long been established. Run up the price on GSX-1 and IH 181 will follow on its own because its already histori
  12. Have to disagree with this a little bit, but it may depend on how you define 'mid level GA'. Mid to Lower level GA has seen a pretty big jump, at least that has been what I've seen in the kinds of books I deal in. I decided back in September that my collection was getting a bit unwieldy in terms of physical size, and I decided to sell about 3/4ths of the volume of my collection, which was about half the value, and then go for quality over quantity. I kept only the books that I truly love love love and let go of the rest through HA. Some of the best performing books in terms of exceedin