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  1. I second this. Doesn’t seem to be a ton of info about his life out there that I’ve been able to find anyway.
  2. Had to sell off a bit to be able to pay for this... but wanted to get one before it goes the way of Mask 1/Mask 2.
  3. Not quite $700 for a 1.0 but still a solid finish for a 3.0. Interesting to see the CLink description mention the theoretical Zodiac link.
  4. What they should have done and what I suspect they may still Eventually do is just have a policy change for purple label books that have color touch only, and no other restorative work. And that is to just give them blue labels and treat the CTed areas like they would stains and grade accordingly, and still notate CT on the label, and maybe note whether it’s professional or amateur. This way they don’t encourage book destruction, and they still get money from all the books that would be sent in to get regraded, probably more than they get now from people who opt for the scraping. And people/the market could still decide how much CT bothered them.
  5. Heck if I know, I'd hate to see the book defaced and turned into something like this hit 5.... Just saying that it seems more likely this is someone's plan rather than that people don't care about purple labels anymore. One thing that's always been sort of puzzling to me is CGCs assigned grade on restored books. Sometimes it'll be an apparent 6.0 that looks like a 9.4, but there's also purple label 6.0s that look like 6.0s... It doesn't always make sense and you don't see a ton of restored GA books with super high grades. I assume it means for the Mask #1 Church copy that the book is basically flawless since its a purple label 9.6 but who knows. I'd bet its probably a good candidate for a CT scraping scheme (but again not advocating for it, just calling it like it is. I hate hate hate that CGC allows this, thereby encouraging destruction of books, and that people let themselves fall for it.)
  6. Somehow I suspect anyone who buys this would be planning to do the CT scrape thing believing the CT is super tiny like I believe it was on a lot of Church books. Haven’t there been a few where this was done and the book still comes back 8.0-9.0? Im not advocating For this, just saying I bet that’s what would happen, and I wouldn’t necessarily jump to the conclusion that the stigma of purple labels is going away any time soon.
  7. I’d post a pic of my wild boy 12 cgc 6.0 in celebration, but I didn’t love the book enough to spend 2 minutes taking a photo, so I don’t have one to post. Do I need to put it in the $1,000 list now?.,,, Probably not... I’d guess it was people chasing highest graded that are pretty unsafe highest graded copies.
  8. Well these were certainly interesting results if real ...