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  1. Low to midgrade generally undesirable books that would otherwise be worth about $100 it usually multiplies about 3-4 times, there's seemingly a basement price just to get a mile high copy. Mid to high grade desirable books it seems to about double the value relative to what a non-ped book in equal grade would get.
  2. Winner Dear Mr. Comcav, thank you sir!
  3. To woman with a sharp implement
  4. Texan 4 CGC 4.5 Matt Baker laser fight cover $230.
  5. They're pretty beat up but at $20 for the pair I'm happy
  6. Got this kinda 5.0, nice clean glossy cover with all the issues on its edges. Got it for less than 1/2 my max bid on ebay when it came up...thanks for not noticing it or fighting me anyone!
  7. Fight Comics 38 CGC 5.0 Bondage cover $250 … I feel like you dont see this one too too often. Good thing this rescuer didn't untie the damsel in distress before running off with her, or we couldn't rightly call this a bondage cover...
  8. Taking a break for a bit to get the kiddos to bed...back with more meager offerings in an hour or so.
  9. Doll Man 38 CGC 4.0 bondage cover - $275
  10. Authentic Police Cases 7 CGC 4.5 - Matt Baker Cover $400
  11. Winner Texan 8, thanks much William!
  12. Texan 8 CGC 5.5 - Matt Baker Abduction Cover $300. Pretty nice copy relatively free of the brown tanning you usually see on the front cover for this issue.
  13. Kaanga 14 CGC 7.5. Tough to find in decent shape bondage/caging Whitman Cover. $325