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  1. My guess is slabbing a book and keeping it in its case for a number of years would flatten it, but wouldn't do anything to remove creases or bends. I think on the website somewhere it states there’s a limit to the pressure the book is under inside the case because it needs to be able to move in the event the case is jarred. Too much pressure and the book will tear if the case is dropped or jarred in shipping. That said I have a book that they rejected for pressing on account if it being too fragile. I’m still scratching my head on it because pq was c/ow and the cover wasn’t brittle. Book is an amazing looking Cgc 5.5. That said the book had a noticeable stackers curl, and I plan to resub it in 5-10 years... will let you know then if it worked to straighten the book out....I think Cgc places a lot of emphasis on perfect flatness in their grading.
  2. Recent pickups....I'd say lucky 7....point fives, but they look better than that to me! pffft
  3. I know... and it’s like I could even just put in my actual max bid 24 hours in advance and ignore the whole extended bidding thing that I hate too, and watch tv or go to the gym, or do whatever it is I do instead.
  4. Hmm, more CLink to be honest ... they just seem to get more of the kinds of books I’m lookimg for, but I buy the majority of my books raw anyway, and the majority of my slabbed purchases are not from auction houses. Not a fan of CCs 4-5 week long format or extended bidding madness either.
  5. Well I’m glad I phrased it “seemingly juiced”... wanted to allow for the chance that the first scan was under-amped if that’s the proper technical way to say it. I’m glad you’re happy with the book, I’m sure it’s amazing as is. I considering going higher than I did knowing it would still be beautiful in hand even if it didn’t look like the HA scan. There was just something offputting about the apparent misrepresentation. I’m definitely less inclined to bid big (for me) on books on HA relative to the other auction sites.
  6. I dunno the connection with this book at least seems beyond knife, by rope, by gun, by fire...and the red mask on the skeleton on the card... If the OPG ever recognizes Tim Holt 30 with a citation it'll be interesting to see how they phrase it. It's probably several years away if ever, they're pretty slow to respond to market trends on oddball books like this.
  7. Agree, its a great cover but it looks more unlike Baker, than it looks like Baker...neither face looks like his typical male or female. I also don't know that his work history would support the idea of him doing a single cover for an Avon title...maybe one of our more learned board historians can take a guess as to whether or not its even likely Baker could have been involved on this title.
  8. Don't know his story, but the mention of his arrival seems to coincide with HA really amping the colors on their scans lately. There are worse examples but this one came to mind because I was interested in the book when it was up a few weeks back. The first is a scan a previous owner gave me, the second obviously HA's seemingly juiced scan.
  9. I'd say more like a phenomenal result considering it looks like a 3.5 or so. I wonder how surprised the seller is at the result? He likely had no idea what makes the book special as he didn't even advertise it in the listing.