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  1. Isn’t their advertising slogan “what you bid is what you pay”? They may need to update their ads and put an asterisk by that.. Anyway as a public service to those who need help with this I put together a team of people and developed the following calculator... Your bid = ($$What you want to pay$$)/(1.15) Guaranteed to work every time, except when bidding on HA. I’ve got the term hard at work developing the HA specific calculator....
  2. COMMENTS: A 15% BUYER'S PREMIUM WILL BE ADDED TO THIS ITEM AT CONCLUSION OF THE AUCTION I guess this explains why they were willing to alter their rules for this customer. Lotta good looking high grade books in this collection (although quite a few purple label books too, and it does seem to be missing a lot of keys). Remains to seen if that 15%BP is just for this consignor or if it becomes their standard practice in the future.
  3. Not yet, but I’ll definitely give it a read at some point.
  4. This thread may be cold but Baker in high grade certainly is not...
  5. I assume this is one of those manufactured to be ultra rare modern variants that Marvel printed and warehoused a couple thousand extra pristine copies of somewhere, for slow release to the market.
  6. Unless you’re a big fan of broad shouldered lantern jawed’s not my favorite Schomburg cover anyway.
  7. Bit of a drop vs the 3.0 that went for 11.4K and the 4.5 that went for 16.9k, but 7800 for a 3.0 of a book that was 1/10th that price a few years ago is still pretty amazing.
  8. This comment applied to a lot of books today... Phantom Lady 17 cgc 3.5 for $11,400... Showgirls #1 cgc 9.0 for $9,600 (maybe there's something to this one I don't know, but I thought teen humor had generally crashed..)....batman 227 cgc 9.8 for $31,200...and on and on... One of the least surprising books was that Batman #1 that most people seemed to put at about 2 million anyway.
  9. Wow. That is cool, thanks for sharing. Seeing things like this kinda restores my faith in the potential of humanity during an otherwise ominous year. Although... I think we also may be closer to getting replaced than I had realized...
  10. Luckily, F/VF copies of the original comic book source material for this one can occasionally be found for about one ten millionth the cost of the painting..
  11. Maybe it’s a client who previously used HA, and they think they get higher final realized prices this way. granted anyone with a basic understanding of math can figure out how to calculate their actual bid by adding 15% to the number they enter. Could be that the entire buyers premium is being returned to the consignor. Other auction houses will negotiate a portion of the buyers premium going to the consignor if the value of the consignment is high enough. It’s all mind games really.
  12. I guess these guys must think that their website and service are awesome enough now that they can start taking a bigger piece of the pie from consigners by adding a buyers premium... on the other hand, I can't also help but think there is some cornball Major League the Movie esque plot going on here, where the company owners are trying to drive this business in the ground in order to devalue it enough to trigger a secret exit clause that allows them to move the team... err company out of New York.