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  1. With many of the .. ahem, highly coveted, Church Polly Pigtails photocovers soon to be offered up too...the man loved his mile highs to have those, and Church truly hoarded everything. Its kinda fun just to search “mile high” on HA’s website and to see all the weird stuff you never knew existed.
  2. And You sure don’t see them with such rich color when you do see them either... really nice.
  3. Eh no harm or surprise that the thread went off on a tangent. I did ask a rather open ended highly subjective question, and I asked for a ranking on something that can't really be quantified...influence and importance. There's a lot of apples to oranges comparisons being made, but I'm happy for the response my question got. My main purpose was to be informed of important and interesting books that may have escaped my notice until now, and there have been some great ones brought up. Coulda got this info from a history book, and I've read several on GA comics, but its great to read the responses from the people who frequent these boards.
  4. Looks like its no longer under the radar...4.0ish smelly copy went on ebay for $355...without the seller even mentioning the zodiac connection.
  5. As stated when I started this thread, I don't proclaim to have a very in depth knowledge of comic book history, but I will offer up one book that I haven't seen any mention of yet that surprises me because it seems like a clear top ten candidate, and that's Young Romance #1. As far as I know this is held as the first of tis kind, a book dedicated exclusively to romance stories targeted at a female audience. Whether you collect romance or not you have to respect its place in history. It's often quoted that romance held as high as a 40% market share at its height. It seems like such a bold departure from what was offered at the time too. Course I could be wrong, were there comic book precursors to Young Romance #1, like titles that already had a number of continually running romance stories? or did romance comics just rip off pulps too? Would love to know the experts opinions on this book, or whatever they would credit to bringing this genre to the forefront.
  6. More very affordable FH OA by Robert Webb ...who knows, maybe I'll put a whole book back together some day..
  7. Great stuff from everyone so far...this sort of suggestion fits right in with what I’m looking for as it’s not a book I’d have even thought of previously. Thanks!
  8. Or top 10 to 20 or more... whatever you like. Don't care about scarcity or FMV whatsoever for the purpose of this discussion. I'm curious about long time collectors/dealers opinions on which are the most important GA comics in terms of influence on the industry, the hobby, our culture at large. Don't want to rank your list because that's too hard? No biggie...just call it your 10 most important in no particular order. Don't consider myself having been into GA collecting long enough, or to be well versed enough in the history to put together a good list myself. There's some books that stand out to me, but I'd love to see lists from people who have been at it for decades, because I'm wondering if I'm missing anything. Here's a few books I'd expect to see on a list like this... Action 1, Crime Suspense Stories 22, Young Romance 1, Eeerie 1, Mad #1, and so forth... Don't wanna do a full list? fine....just add 1 or a few books that no ones talked about yet, and a brief write up on why you think it should be considered among the most important or influential books.
  9. So... where are all the Gaines file copies of css 22? Only see reference to one sale ever on gpa..9.0 in 2003 for a paltry $2,358.
  10. I agree...I think there’s been Stratospheric growth for the new classics for the last several years and it was only a matter of time till people circled back around to the original classics.
  11. Not a big war cover collector but I like a few of the late run Whitman's like this one and Fight 82.