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  1. he posted about the movie posters that he acquired with the comics: He claims to have 4,000-5,000 of them in bundles of 40-50.
  2. He was lucky that all the books had identification stickers on them many with prices so it was easy for him to pick out the "good" stuff. I talked with a friend of mine today who owns one of the other antiques/ collectibles stores in town and told him of this collection. He took notes on our conversation and planned to contact Alex ( Curiousity Inc.) to discuss. My friend also mentioned that the buyer can't grade. We all already knew that.
  3. That no one else went to look at the collection is very similar to the 250ish box collection Dave (thehumantorch) and I bought a few years ago. The owner had amassed a large collection of all things Steranko and when he finally decided to sell it he walked around local comic book shows with duo-tangs that had a list of what he had for sale. We have no idea how many of those duo-tangs he handed out over the course of several shows. His original asking price was $60,000. Going over the list very little of what was there was actually comics so it wasn't surprising that no one went to look at it. The list wasn't very thorough either (as we later found out!) Dave and I finally agreed to drive the 2 hour drive out of town to see it and we enjoyed seeing the boxes of novels, posters, hardcover books, pins, programs, toys, statues, magazines and yes even some comics. Quite uncertain how to value such a large collection we struggled to come up with a price to offer. We had to consider storage: where to put it all and how long will it take to process? We eventually made him an offer and it took months before the owner eventually said yes.
  4. I know the Black Rider8, Tim Holt 17, Lone Ranger 1, John Wayne Adventure comics, and John Wayne 1 are all there.
  5. I reserve the right to see both books in person while we eat some Pho.
  6. I have seen that listing before. I agree, the picture is horrible if you expect to get that much. It doesn't help that his feedback is rather low either. Lastly, he won't ship to me, so pass.
  7. I was set up at the Edmonton Expo and had a 20 something dressed in a Steampunk costume start browsing my comics and he was pulling them 3/4 of the way out and then jamming the books back into the box with some force. I came out from behind my table and walked up and took the book he had in his hand out of his hand and told him "YOU are done here." The look on his face was priceless.
  8. The buyer's store is literally 9 blocks from my home. His prices are always high. He can't grade comics, and it was difficult to watch him jam the books back into the boxes.
  9. Depends. Some of those Canadian price variants may never be worth more. My opinion is they would already be worth more if they were gong to be. The one caveat to that is in the example of the Spider-Ham who appeared in the Spider-Verse film increased the interest. Interest and demand in them may increase in the future; I just think it is unlikely. Frame comics to display? I have done that myself, there was a time I had Amazing Spider-man 1-20 framed up and displayed in the main hallway of the apartment I lived in at the time. Looked cool! You could frame a quality print of the book instead and then keep the books in a cool dry place to preserve them better for future selling.
  10. Slow Death #2 - 1970. The regular book is around $10.00-$20.00 raw, there are several to be found on Ebay listed at that price (but not sold ) There is also a CGC 9.8 listed on Ebay at $550.00 but as it is still available that suggests the price is too high. I am not familiar enough with the book to know if your copy is much different then the ones listed on Ebay but as it is an underground and not necessarily widely known it has a limited appeal (as in there are not a lot of buyers looking for the book ) Some information I have found: 1st print December 1972 has 0.50 USD cover price. Regular newsprint and glossy cover. First 100 copies printed on silver paper. Given to employees and friends of Last Gasp. 2nd print has 0.50 USD cover price. Last Gasp cover logo is white. Page 34 ad is an Amorphia ad. 3rd print has 0.50 USD cover price. Last Gasp cover logo is now yellow. Grey zip-a-tone added to inside front cover. 4th print has 0.50 USD cover price. Page 34 ad is now Mind Candy for the Masses. 5th print has 1.00 USD cover price. This issue has variants 1st print December 1972 has 0.50 USD cover price. Regular newsprint and glossy cover. On the inside front cover, the ghoul figure has no screentone shading, which he does have in subsequent printings. On page 34, there is a graphic for Last Gasp that states "1st Edition," which does not exist on subsequent printings. First 100 copies printed on silver paper. Given to employees and friends of Last Gasp. Based on your post, I would say you likely have 1 of the first 100 copies because you mentioned the silver paper. Do you get it CGC encapsulated? I don't slab books unless they have suitable value to do so and my cut off is around $150+ and it depends greatly what I have put into the book and what I believe I would get for it in a sale. If it will cost $50 to get the book slabbed then the book needs to have a value that supports that cost. As I don't believe the book would sell for a high amount I would not get it graded. Are you planning to sell it? Or is it a keeper? That has a bearing on whether you slab it as well. Hope this helps.
  11. which books? Some Canadian price variants go for more than the regular US printing: Thor 337 and Amazing Spider-man 252 to name a couple. Also they are not re-issues, they are printed with a different price on them for a different market.
  12. I had one when I was a kid. Yep, Shogun Warrior