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  1. spine creases. 2 of them are nearly half an inch long
  2. what do I win!?! Since I definitely did not win with that purchase it would be nice to win something.
  3. The book was a purchase and it was already slabbed. Like many sellers they stated no returns on slabs. This book is in a non tampered with 9.8 case and here are your required pictures with the grade. There are a lot of spine tics on this book, these pictures show the bigger ones.
  4. first page is the 1977 7-11 Cup lineup promotional material, internal to 7-11. While it is rare to find, they don't sell for a lot. The 1977 cups had scenes of art rather than character art on cups like 1975 did. 1975 cups are more popular because they were first. Some samples from my inventory: The second page is promotional 7-11 page for the 1975 cups.
  5. prominent Dr. Doom covers are getting strong results as of late I have noticed. Did anyone see the strong result of the CGC 8.0 Marvel Super-heroes #20 on Heritage not that long ago?
  6. Heritage tends to do that as well. Bob Storms, Worldwide Comics to name a few more.
  7. I own a book with 15 spine ticks, and some of them are pretty large spine ticks and it is in a CGC 9.8 holder. By comparison that first Madam Web book is a 9.8.
  8. I don't know if anything sold and to then use the proceeds for comics would be considered weird in a comic community. I have sold a car, bought Magic the Gathering cards with that money that I then later sold and bought comics.
  9. and this. My last CGC purchase I paid for the book immediately after getting the invoice but my payment was "cancelled by vendor" according to my bank. I wanted to contact them to see what was the issue, as the amount was under the maximum they state on their website. I sent emails with the order information and never heard from them. I then started phoning in the morning, at lunch and before they close every single day for weeks (harassment???). Never hear from them. One day I actually get through but the person who answered doesn't work in billing and was going to hang up. I pleade
  10. Yikes! Stirring up that ole hornets nest are we. I have to say I have had horrible "luck" buying from Metro/Comicconnect. After my Mom passed away I inherited a decent chunk of money and bought quite a few raw comics from them over a relatively short period of time. The biggest mistake I made was not going over the books carefully when I received them, as if I had I would have returned all but a single book. PLANET COMICS (1940-54) #1, FN+: 6.5 ... grades as a 4.5 PLANET COMICS (1940-54) #12, VG/F: 5.0 ... grades as a 5.5, but it is restored and the restoration is undisclosed. T