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  1. I love golden age red covers! They always seem to jump off the page!
  2. based on my own experience, I think a split that large would drop the book to around a 3.0 at best since the book I have with a split graded as a 6.5. It is in wonderful condition but has a spine split at the bottom of the book. The split isn't 1/2" in size.
  3. I hope they work on the Batman cowl design. Since 1989 they have been going with the molded head that limits movement designed for the appearance more than function. I am hoping for a combination molded detailed features on a fabric cowl design. Want to see Bruce pull the fabric cowl off / on like he does in Batman: The Animated Series. It can be done... will they?
  4. stole this from a different thread on these boards but this is absolutely ridiculous. Thanos being escorted /arrested by 2 policemen?
  5. Heritage has a CGC 5.5 #1 and a CGC 4.0 #2
  6. 2 others I recently acquired:
  7. I have one of those as well, I also have this one which I quite like:
  8. add me to the giant list of those that want a copy!
  9. clearly CGC needs a slab between their standard size and magazine size. I received a book back that appears squeezed into a normal size slab and I find myself wishing it was in a magazine slab (if those are my only choices) as this book is so tight in the slab it is buckling. See the top...