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  1. I own 5 of that type of rack myself. Those look to be in decent shape.
  2. it isnt free, costs $3.95 us per month. The account is in the USA so holds us dollars. You only exchange if you are converting it to Canadian when you transfer funds to Canadian accounts. You can also access it with an atm card if you are ever in the USA Does paypal cost you $3.95 per month usd? Depends on usage.
  3. conversion currently adds about 34%. RBC has the ability to open a bank account that is in the USA that would allow for usa transactions. Can link it electronically to your canadian rbc acct. For international I dont know of anything else. I am using Paypal
  4. can never unsee this pic, but this isnt just DC:
  5. I am still wanting to see a fabric / molded composite cowl that would allow the wearer to easily remove the mask like a hoodie as Batman does in the Animated Series. Make the neck and part of the head fabric based and the face part molded to have the strong features. It would allow for head movement as well. Otherwise the look of what I see doesnt bother me, I rather like the unpolished functional version like it is an early design to be later perfected.
  6. I have reset so many times I have lost count. For me the chase is far more interesting than having.
  7. that is great! I have seen one before but quite rare.
  8. just sell it as is and let the next owner fret over trying to marry missing pages. In my opinion the married page wont increase the value of the book in grade shown.
  9. I just submitted a book that was in a cgc 7.0 holder sold to me raw which I submitted for pressing and grading return as a 6.5. Just once I would like to be on the upside of this.
  10. enjoy it as it is. Dont get it graded and dont mess with replacing the back cover. If it truly bothers you simply buy another copy that is complete and correct. There are enough copies of the book available.
  11. option 4: purchase a different copy that is complete and sell the incomplete copy to recoup some of the cost. I wouldn't marry, insert or otherwise do anything for the incomplete copy. (unless we are talking very rare books but if the book is very rare good luck finding the parts you need.)