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  1. Line art where I have glued something to the page and it curls. I have also flattened out water colors.
  2. you know I never tried, but you are on to something!
  3. you want to obtain a Seal press. Make sure it works, the top metal platen is in good condition, and the temperature is adjustable. I use mine for pressing artwork all the time, can be used for dry mounting art/photos to card or foam core and yes to press comics. The 210 pictured here is a perfect size.
  4. the first time I used a heatpress on a comic was trying out the press my friend thehumantorch had purchased. He had an old Battle in rough shape and i put it into the press at 250 for a few minutes. When i took it out the entire spine of the cover split in half.
  5. A CGC 9.6 is $70, a CGC 9.4 is $40. A CGC 8.5 sold for $14 in May 2020. so no, not worth grading.
  6. My first convention was in 1980. I was 15 years old and the show was held on the University of Alberta campus. I went with my friend John and we took the transit from the city of St Albert where I lived to the show. At the show were 2 creators: Steve Leialoha and John Byrne. I had brought a few comics with me hoping to do some trades and I had brought my copy of Howard the Duck #1. After talking to John Byrne my friend said "I think this guy worked on your Howard the Duck". I opened the book and sure enough his name was there and I asked him to sign it.
  7. the last picture also shows the book has a stain in the grey shark body. Looks like the shape of a staple?.
  8. same buyer also got all of the comic price guides.
  9. I will look at the feedback and see the comments from the buyers. I am comfortable buying from a seller with a small number of feedback if it is all positive but it also depends on the amount I am spending. For the bigger volume sellers that have say 20,000 feedback and only a few negatives I would likely still buy from them after I have reviewed the negatives. Here on the CGC boards I will look at how long they have been a member of the site. Have I talked with the person before? Have I participated in a thread the person has been in? Do they have a "kudo" thread for me to review?
  10. her pottery, pictures, glazing formulas are all items he is currently auctioning at Kastner.
  11. I would really like to see pics of the book.
  12. I generally have a good idea of what I own in my personal collection although I may not know exactly what box it is in. For the books I own joint with thehumantorch I admit I am very uncertain. Those books are stored in his basement currently.
  13. I recall in a previous videohe said all of it is at auction. What Comicconnect didnt take he sent to Kastner Auctions.