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  1. i took this advice and really was happy with the Luke Skywalker clip. I do need to watch.
  2. agree with Rick. That cover is the quintessential "science fiction" cover and is very popular among collectors.
  3. yes that is the thread. The top right 17 the girl has green boots.
  4. Here is my copy of 18. This is another book I have seen great color differences on.
  5. I was browsing this Planet thread trying to find the post I made of issue 17 color variances. I posted like 4-5 or more different ones but due to a hard drive failure a few years ago I lost the image. In browsing I found this pic posted by jhutton of his Planet Comics 15 with a close up, and the writing on the cover is the same as goldencase's issue 17. Very cool!
  6. 17's have very different colors. I have seen a copy where the girl's boots are green. I would love to do a Planet Board members get together. Everyone bring their books and we could compare. We would have to do it someplace special, perhaps Mars?
  7. cool I knew one of us Planet Boardies would likely have it.
  8. my first 17 was this copy: I then had the chance to upgrade when Cheetah was selling and I bought his 17:
  9. is that my old copy? You got the old scratched up holder replaced? It has the darkest greens I have ever seen for a copy.
  10. happy to hear! Congrats on completing the run. I wonder how many other complete runs of Planet Comics are out there?
  11. I don't have you old copy either. But mine is also an 8.5
  12. I have no idea and I am not about to click the link to find out. It also doesn't sound comic related so this probably should be in the water cooler rather than in "comics general".