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  1. I was 9, had a paper route and road my bike to the convenience store a mile up the road from the farm I lived on. On new comic day the lady that ran the store set aside comics for the kid she got to know. My book is Incredible Hulk 181. I had purchased and read 180 and was excited to read about the new character, he didnt disappoint. I knew everyone would like him so I biked back to the store and bought all the copies she had! I had 5 copies now, and had cornered the market ( bought out one store... )
  2. fair statement. I personally am very ok with the proper duty being declared. UPS ( brown ) have their own customs for packages coming into Canada and it is far more expensive than shipping with good old USPS ( United States Postal Service ) who have an agreement with Canada Post and the import costs are only 5% of declared value. The buyer you dealt with now knows to make sure he tells the seller to not use UPS. He also knows if you can't afford to pay the import costs then don't buy it. The person I feel for in your transaction is you. All that said, I just did a deal here on the boards and the seller sent me 2 slabs and sent via UPS. When it arrived I was not charged any extra duty, so maybe something has changed.
  3. sellers can put whatever price they want on the book. Generally as the buyer I have an idea what the books value is. If I dont want to pay the price I can send a PM or close the thread. As a guy from Canada I have a bigger issue with the sellers who wont sell to Canada and wish the board had a way to note "us only" on the thread title so I stop wasting my time opening those.
  4. Artboy99


    Technicality: that painting isn't done by Frazetta. It is done by some air brush artist and he was inspired by Frazetta.
  5. glitch or not, it is deceitful and the users account should be banned.
  6. #2 In the comics, I really like Two-Face. In Batman: The Animated Series I would vote for Mr. Freeze. In the movies ( all of them considered ) I like Two-Face I can't pick Catwoman, they have to much of a good thing going for me to consider her a villain.
  7. I feel bad for that copy of FF23 as it looked to be in decent shape now completely ruined.
  8. I love that cover as well. That teal blue with the yellow color of the Planet Comics logo. I love the robot army advancing on the spear warrior-maidens. I would post my CGC 7.5 but since the image is hosted at Photobucket, and I am currently at work I can't even log on to the site.
  9. overstreet is useful to me for seeing what books of a run are broke out from the norm. As far as their pricing it isn't all that valuable. Keys are very far off, and valueless books are not worth $3.00 in NM.
  10. for over a year now all the books I have submitted have returned to me encapsulated in beautiful crystal clear cases without newton rings... just the way CGC advertises them to be. My opinion is no slab should leave their facility with newton rings.
  11. I am tempted to be honest. 36 pockets x2 spinners = 72 pockets. There are 73 comics in the Planet Comics run I own… damn tempting. The thing is I already own 2 spinners one of which I bent to hold slabs.
  12. Same. I have never owned one mostly because the buy in isn't worth it to me.
  13. the buyers should be looking at your very large and informative pictures of your books and making better buying decisions. If they don't like newton rings then don't buy a book that has them. I personally hate newton rings. Not a single one of my slabs has them. The second buyer bought a CGC 9.8 and once he received it didn't like the book. My advice to that buyer: buy the BOOK not the label.