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  1. picked up another upgrade. It is only a 4.0 but I think it presents very well for the grade. Replaces perhaps the lowest grade book in my run.
  2. Top loaders do fit into my spinners. The left spinner top left has a value stamp booklet series B in a top loader. That said what you are looking at above the books are in mylites with backing board. Other than the Hulk 180-181-182 trilogy most of the books in the Marvel Value Stamp collection are of lower value. I collected anything for grade but I would say the majority are in F-VF condition.
  3. I picked up a 70's era "Hey Kids" spinner at the Calgary Expo from Quicksilver Signs. I put my Marvel Value Stamp collection into it and the spinner I already had.
  4. especially when you consider a different Action #1 that was displayed having been stolen.
  5. Daredevil # 181 For all the same reasons that you like # 191.
  6. love that story. Thanks for mentioning it!
  7. was a rumor that he would make an appearance in Avengers Endgame.
  8. if you have a scanner scan front and back and post them in the "Please Grade My.." thread.
  9. I think there is far too much of this stuff in todays world. Just make the damn film and cast whoever you want.
  10. someone earlier suggested James Macavoy and after seeing his performance in Glass as a multiple personality disorder character i am convinced he can do anything.
  11. I picked up a second "Hey Kids" spinner rack at the Calgary Expo off a fellow CGC board member. 50 pockets to go with the 50 pockets on the other spinner = 100 total pockets. I put my Marvel Value Stamp collection into them. There were 100 marvel value stamps in series one so to me it was an excellent match!
  12. another update to this thread. I picked up another "Hey Kids" 70's era spinner rack to go with the one I already have and put my Marvel Value Stamp collection into it. 50 pockets per rack = 100 pockets. There were 100 stamps in the original series...seemed like a perfect match to me. Next task will be to organize them numerically by stamp #
  13. my carrier is great. He treats me well and I treat him well. I gave him $50 for Christmas
  14. thanks again for your efforts GG and I love that Gale Allen splash