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  1. Artboy99

    Planet Comics completed run

    and while I am here in my thread: another upgrade.
  2. Artboy99

    Planet Comics completed run

    While I would dearly love to own a Church Planet I think the numbers are going to be extremely high and I am likely going to be passing on them.
  3. Artboy99

    'PLANET COMICS' (is deserving of its own thread)

    currently you are living the "dream".
  4. yeah I was waiting on this one.
  5. and fantastic writing.
  6. I wouldn't consider the book at all if that is the best image the seller can provide. Who knows what the book actually looks like.
  7. Artboy99

    'PLANET COMICS' (is deserving of its own thread)

    I expected it to be honest. Grats to all the new owners as I already know I am bowing out of this chase. I can't afford a second mortgage. :P
  8. Artboy99

    bounty_coder : Pour some Sugar on Me.

    received my annual box of magazines from Bounty_Coder's annual Halloween sales thread. He is a pleasure to deal with. I think he could monetize how he packages the items he sells by offering a class to all those Ebay sellers who send their items in manilla envelopes. Rock solid packaging! As always, great magazines in great condition. Thanks Aaron.
  9. well now that is getting just a little too excessive. :P
  10. peel the sticker off as best as you can. Then spray WD-40 on a paper towel and rub off the sticky residue. zThen finish by washing the spot with some light soap and water on another paper towel.
  11. Artboy99

    In praise of Paste Pot Pete

    I admit I have made fun of PPP, but at the same time I am secretly fond of the character. From an age of wonder there emerged a man with a gun and a bucket of goop.
  12. Artboy99

    Campbell art resembling Liefeld

    The Hulk and characters like him are actually somewhat difficult to draw as you want to convey huge muscle mass but you definitely want to avoid the "pea-head" look. Campbell gave Colossus pea-head.
  13. Artboy99

    Campbell art resembling Liefeld

    thanks for the clarity
  14. Artboy99

    Campbell art resembling Liefeld

    and... who really wants to read a story about Conan VS. the X-men? I won't be picking this up and I am a major Conan collector.