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  1. Artboy99

    Opinion on flaw

    to me the price is negligible to get the book in the grade you are seeking. The $140 price tag you mention means you are looking for the virgin variant. Submitting it to be graded has a cost, as does shipping it. The total cost would be around $200 by my estimate and there is no guarantee of getting the 9.8 grade. You could spend $200 to get a CGC 9.4, or CGC 9.6. Why not just pay $50 more to get the CGC 9.8?
  2. what "social" aspects did it contain? Perhaps I missed the subtleties but I didn't really see any. Extremely wealthy culture of people with fantastic technology venture out into the world making use of their gadgets, vehicles and special suits.
  3. it is so interesting to me the differing opinions on films. For me Black Panther was very average. Perhaps it was the hype of how great the film was before I saw it. Once I saw it I was underwhelmed. I was never emotionally invested. Decent film, but only a 6 out of 10 for me.
  4. Artboy99

    Submission Form for Sketch Covers

    I picked up a small batch of the forms the last time I was at a comic show that CGC attended. I do believe you can have a PDF version sent via email if you contact a CGC rep. ***Actually I believe your artist friend will have to do that. It requires BOTH the Signature series Creator Form shown above in this thread, and the CGC Submission Form.
  5. there were to many things wrong with the story for it to win best picture. Example: It is ridiculous that a society so technologically advanced determines the leader of the "tribe" with a fight in cave-man fashion. Totally absurd. Maybe the USA would like to adopt this and have the next Presidential candidates suit up in boxing attire and step into the ring. "Winner by knock out and STILL President of the United States...!"
  6. well said. I have a few friends that I would trust, many I would not.
  7. Artboy99

    The most affordable key comic book?

    the most affordable key is the one you find at a comic store/ comic convention in the dollar box. Example: I missed my copy of Hulk 271 in my dollar box after the Raccoon got popular.
  8. Artboy99

    Gerry Ross - One Million Comics

    this is a case where another customer has checked the book and told Gerry the stamp was missing but he did nothing about it except sell it to some other unsuspecting customer with no disclosure.
  9. This. Currently you have nothing to sell until you have the item in hand. List it once you have, not your friend.
  10. Artboy99

    Gerry Ross - One Million Comics

    somehow he does enough business that he doesnt have to price it correctly.
  11. Artboy99

    Gerry Ross - One Million Comics

    While it is very tempting to reply to his "lawyer" advice with the advice from your own "lawyer" that you should tell 1 million people about his deceitful practices it is best to just get your refund and move on. DO tell those you know about the experience.
  12. Artboy99

    Gerry Ross - One Million Comics

    Convention promoters wouldn't do anything in this circumstance. Agreed.
  13. Artboy99

    Gerry Ross - One Million Comics

    That 1 Million Comics didn't tell you the MVS was missing reminds me of another equally disgusting story. A local Alberta seller had a raw copy of Hulk 181 for sale on his show wall and I asked to see it with my comic selling partner fellow board member thehumantorch. Yes the book had a MVS, but as I collect the stamps I immediately recognized the stamp was the wrong one. The page the stamp was on was from a Hulk comic, and when we looked at the other part of the wrap I saw the character called The Missing Link and I then knew the page was from Hulk 179, and someone had put that page into a Hulk 181 that was missing the MVS. I informed the seller of what he had and moved on back to my booth. Then at a different show months later a friend of mine came to me to ask my opinion about a potential trade he was considering with a vendor. The trade was the Hulk 181 for his copy of Werewolf By Night 32. I asked who the seller was and he pointed to the guy that had the raw copy of the 181. I told my friend to open the book and see if the MVS was Shanna The She-Devil for if it wasn't he was getting screwed. Of course it was the same book: so now the seller is knowingly trying to offer his tainted book to unsuspecting buyers. The scumbag...
  14. Artboy99

    Gerry Ross - One Million Comics

    You probably do not know but I collect Marvel Value Stamps, and I actually looked at that very copy of ASM 136 you purchased while I was at the Calgary Comic Expo. What does it say about a seller that was told the book was missing the MVS BUT still does nothing to disclose that information to the next buyer? ***check out my MVS thread: