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  1. Artboy99

    HA Summer Signature Auction

    he has worked hard to get his eyes to that status, it helps to have eyes like that so the people take him seriously.
  2. Artboy99

    The Undead Thread: Pre-Code Horror

    It is how I feel, and 23 is up there as well now. ( I wish I never sold my 23!! )
  3. I actually own a copy of Tomb of Terror 5...I have never opened it . I love that splash page, thanks for posting it.
  4. Artboy99

    Anyone buy from Quicksilver Comics?

    My opinion: Quicksilver worked hard to improve his grading, and the deals I have had with him have been good since 2013. Perhaps drudging up this unpleasant memory of a thread isn't a great idea?
  5. I never owned one of those but my friend did. We played it quite a few times. Eventually we realized how lame it was to spend all that time setting up the play to have the vibration cause the "players" to do something neither of us wanted and we gave it up.
  6. Artboy99

    Suggestions on Shipping 11x17 prints

    also a great tip.
  7. Artboy99

    Suggestions on Shipping 11x17 prints

    buy an 11"x17" top loader. Place the print inside. Then put cardboard around it to mail. Try to bend it, to do so requires extreme measures and is very likely to not happen in the mailing system. It is the best method. I hate rolled prints, find creases in them from lousy rolling all the time...
  8. Artboy99

    HA Summer Signature Auction

    for those wondering if the colors are actually like that on my Marvel Tales 96 CDN: they are.
  9. Artboy99

    HA Summer Signature Auction

    take a picture and post it. It is a beautiful copy
  10. Artboy99

    Diamond account - dumb idea?

    I was in the process of purchasing a comic store earlier this year ( the deal fell through ) and I was trying to setup a Diamond account for the store. I never heard back from Diamond at all after multiple attempts to contact from me. I phoned, sent multiple emails. So my opinion: Diamond account? - dumb idea = yes.
  11. I wanted that so badly, but it was an expensive item in 1976, and 11 year old me couldn't afford it on the newspaper delivery money I was making ( I was spending it on comics/ megos/ other micronauts )
  12. I had one I agree he was odd. Considerably larger than the other figures I remember my Microtron sat in my box of toys disassembled and the bottom tracks used on another vehicle. If I remember correctly the box had a picture and you could reconfigure Microtron to be another vehicle as a time traveler type figure could fit on it. I took the head off and used the round red things at the arms as wheels. But that was what I loved about Micronauts: because they were so interchangeable a little kid with an overactive imagination could dream up anything. I remember those mechanical arms and the head ended up attached to a mego body. I made some weird robot out of a planet of the apes body.
  13. Artboy99

    'PLANET COMICS' (is deserving of its own thread)

    For me, the challenge of trying to find decent presenting copies is appealing. The books are so fragile that most the copies I find are beat, ripped up, folded, and generally in good or worse. I seem to find about 1 decent presenting book a year, and when I do find them they don't break the bank. That the books relate to the main title that I have a complete run of also motivates me. All that said, I definitely understand why you are not a fan. I know of another board member that has a few of these that I don't have. For those who do not know: the paper these are printed on is a very cheap newsprint stock. It is of ever so slightly thinner thickness to the newsprint used in the regular Planet Comics. The front cover is color, the interiors of these and back covers are black and white.
  14. Artboy99

    Nightmare situation with eBayer / PGX

    You cant now that you have opened it.