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  1. I wasnt aware the Church collection did not include a Planet 65.
  2. Marvel Fleer "Metal" cards : some sell as singles but not for more than a couple of bucks each. I have seen complete sets sell for $10-$15 bucks. Overpower sets are the same. To be honest all the various card sets of what you posted were heavily printed and they are ultra common.
  3. one of my favorite covers as well. I own the cgc 9.4 from the Maggie Thompson pedigree
  4. It is nice! I have a full one, I also have this beautiful unfilled one signed by Stan Lee. Check out my thread:
  5. Yes he was in Xmen the last stand.
  6. well I collect the books not to cut out the stamp but to have it complete with stamp intact. I also collect F to VF. I swear GS Ff 4 was a 5 dollar book for ages. The movie the character was in wasn't that great either. Sigh...
  7. just wondering if this happens to anyone else. I collect Marvel Value Stamps. I learned some time ago that there is color variants of the stamps so I have been collecting them. I am down to needing 2, one of which just happens to be in Giant Sized Fantastic Four #4. I dont care at all about some multiple man character i want the book for the stamp, but because the book is considered a key and i want to complete my collection i will have to shell out hundreds of dollars. Happen to anyone else? Collecting something but not for the reason everyone else is?
  8. I love those early BWS Conans! I have some cool stuff to share:
  9. I dont blame Frank at all. Rather ridiculous to have an employer volunteer you for something. Especially when you are work for hire / contracted.
  10. I attended a comic convention in 1980 that was at the local university here in the city I live in. John Byrne was in attendance, and I got him to sign my Marvel Team-Up 53. While standing there my friend pointed the the guy seated next to John and said to me "I think this guy did something on your Howard the Duck #1". I had brought my copy of Howard the Duck #1 hoping to trade it but had no takers. Turned out the guy seated next to john Byrne was Steve Leialoha who inked the book. Got him to sign it.
  11. in the 1980's Marvel advertised in their bullpen pages that fans could send their favorite creators comics to be signed. To this day I can't believe they offered that! Anyways I sent my Daredevil 168 and 181 to Frank Miller to be signed. It took a few years, but I eventually got them back signed, along with a copy of some new comic he was working on, issue #1 and it had the blurb "buy this comic or I will shoot this coyote." it was also signed and a letter written by Frank that said "Here are your comics. Please, please, please don't send me anymore comics. I took 6 months off to get through all the books that were sent to me. I am sorry it took me so long. I am hoping a copy of my new book makes it better. Frank Miller" I don't remember what the other book was.
  12. iron man, ant-man, Spider-Man, superman, batman, aquaman, etc. Are they all toast in the future? Wonder Women is outdated isn't it? Give the world a break you dumb executives
  13. NOPE. HUMANKIND will not satisfy the feminist agenda. Peoplekind? Nondefinedkind?
  14. Seeking 2 golden age books, CHAMP COMICS 18 and 21 Let me know what you have and price. Thanks
  15. absolutely agree. My model is just a guide to try to come up with a reasonable value for a bound volume. Would have to pay for the book to be restored as well.
  16. how does someone assign a value to one of these bound volumes? I was thinking you would grade each book within, giving it a restored grade and then adding up the numbers. While a niche market, bound volumes are collectible. Am I in the ballpark on value?
  17. my advice to th op: only buy cgc graded books off ebay. Save yourself time.
  18. other reasons: - cgc cases are fragile and break / crack easily. Headache - cgc books are larger / heavier and take more room. Space is money in retail. - cgc books generally have to sell for more than a raw equivalent to regain the grading costs. Most comic buyers dont understand and many comic stores dont want to have to explain it.
  19. I prefer organized both as a buyer and as a seller To play devils advocate: sometimes when I am looking for something and I find a seller's very organized booth I only look for that specific item: find section, look, leave. Some disorganization puts the buyer in a position where they have to browse and then they may find something else. It depends what you are selling as well. Dollar books I honestly don't think they require organization. It is to much effort to keep them organized and after even a single show you will find they are all disorganized because the browsing public that put books back put them wherever ( annoying ).
  20. tell tale signs of an amateur is the line weight which is the same all around. Kirby used different line weights when he drew. Definitely a fake and it is instantly recognizable to me as a fake. Maybe it is something an accomplished artist can easily recognize. The shapes, the lines, the weights of the lines. It is horrid. The signature doesn't look remotely like Kirby's either. Honestly it is visually awful. Please don't buy it.
  21. if needed: I vouch for Dikko who purchased several of my Australian Planets.
  22. I honestly have been priced out of collecting. I stopped buying since I can't afford these prices and due to my own personal experience I believe there are many others in the same boat and I therefore think we are due for a market correction.