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  1. been on their site for a long while, but maybe several here were unaware. Thanks for posting.
  2. I like them both but I prefer Perez. The detail was amazing and I loved his run on Avengers. 163 -166 are fantastic reads!
  3. Larry, adopt the same principle I have which is I will no longer buy raw books above a low monetary threshold. Like $100.
  4. yeah I agree. Wasnt always the 90's though check this out, way over the top in my opinion.
  5. it is also in her delivery. Similar to how I feel when Captain Janeway speaks in Star Trek Voyager.
  6. it takes a lot of practice but generally you start the stroke pressing firmly down on the paper and as you go through the stroke you lift the pencil/pen/brush off the page. To create multiple strokes that all resemble each other you do the same stroke each time lifting the drawing utensil off the page in the same time frame. It actually helps to do them all one right after the other as your memory remembers how long in a space of time you need to keep the drawing tool on the page and repeat it over and over. Try it Kav, you can do it. **edit: it helps to use a softer lead, anything in the B range (HB, 2B, 4B, etc. )
  7. It is terrible anatomy. Since the Hulk's right hand is in the sketch try and figure out how it connects to the right shoulder.
  8. it is. He says something like "if I dont want to be moved no force on earth can move me" and just stands there while the Hulk smashes away at him. The teenage Hulk fan me hated it, and now the 55 year old version of me feels the same. edit. found a pic
  9. I never really liked Spawn, I thought the story lacked substance: it was very one dimensional. As to Todd's art I appreciate it but I always felt it was "over-drawn". There has to be little scratchy lines in every surface. Overall:
  10. I have a Marvel Treasury with a team up with Superman and Spiderman and there is a brief fight with Superman and the Hulk where Superman basically wills himself unmovable and the Hulk is punching at him but accomplishing nothing. Always hated that.
  11. he puts it on you. it isnt avoidable.
  12. Thor uses Mjolnir to determine the source of Supermans power. "your power is due to Midgard's sun." Then opens a portal to some other realm such as Limbo. Superman isnt super there and is stuck there as a result. I have seen Thor do that, both to the Juggernaut and the Hulk.
  13. picked up another upgrade in the Comicconnect auction
  14. I have seen Thor do some things with magic that would be difficult for Superman to deal with. For example: Thor could magically transport Superman to a different location / reality where Superman is not affected by Earths yellow sun. Thor can summon lightning at will and it definitely affects Superman.
  15. wise. Around $200 is my cut off for the "risk" of buying raw. Above that I now only buy slabbed.
  16. is it a good deal though if there are issues with the book that you can't see in the image they post that make it impossible to judge for yourself? A specific example I can cite is the Startling Terror Tales 11 I purchased from them several years ago. Their grade was 6.5 and from the front cover image posted I agreed. Nice looking book and I paid 6.5 price for it. The back cover had significant chunks missing from the top of the book's cover and the interior of the book had a severe stain covering 50% of the page it was on. It looked like dried blood or spaghetti but it was there. I have pictures of this if you want to see it. Neither the back cover missing chunks or the interior stain were disclosed. Back then when I made the purchase they didn't post back cover images. I have many more examples if you want to see them. In my opinion you have to disclose these issues to your buyers. Why don't they? What is the reason? Yes they have a good return policy, but isn't it a better business practice to just do the right thing and avoid all the negative comments/ reviews from your customers? As the buyer shouldn't I prefer to keep the book and be happy?
  17. Excellent post. My experience with getting Metropolis raw books graded is 100% of them came back as lower and the range has been 3 full grade points lower to 0.5 lower. None of my raw purchases have ever matched the grade they assigned when the books are CGC graded. I would be thrilled if just once the advertised grade was lower than the CGC assigned grade but that is a pipe dream. I also can confirm I have excellent experiences with Bob Storms, Stephen Ritter and Mycomicshop. Specific examples: Bob Storms sold me a Planet Comics 9 that he graded a F that came back CGC 5.5 Stephen Ritter sold me a Planet Comics 61 that he graded a 7.5 that came back a CGC 8.0. As a happy customer I am pleased to support them both with my positive comments and highly recommend them when people ask me about buying comics.
  18. A very fair comment, but there are ways to ensure your customers are happy. Mycomicshop tends to grade conservatively and in my buying experiences with them I have never been disappointed when buying raw books. It is the exact opposite experience with Metropolis/Comicconnect. In fact it is so bad I am confident it is purposefully done. My opinion is you want your customers reporting positively on forums such as this. Instead well, read the thread.
  19. it frustrates me that instead of adjusting their selling practices they allow it to continue. With so many years of selling experience I am sure they have learned how to grade to be in line with cgc standards.