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  1. Grading on Friday's (thinking about the weekend) and Monday's (recovering from the weekend) are loose.
  2. Hi Bark Knight, The grader notes should been with the books. If you are the basic you do not get them. Premier or Elite Members get them. Try calling CGC, they are very helpful.
  3. Pick your top 5 or 10 books. Find out their value raw and slabbed. If any of the book's cost of getting them slabbed is less than the value after the book is slabbed, then slab it. Go to, ebay, overstreet, and for fmv. Over tine you will find your groove. It is a never ending learning experience.
  4. Although I bought some of his books in the 90s, his characters he drew were disappointing and predictable fast! Major X? Major Waste!
  5. Very interesting. I will get back to you with specifixs. But I think getting some low cost books with children of heroes or villains., ie Normie Osborn or Dylan Brock. Good potential for Marvel to do something with them in the next 5 years. Also, some high priced books that are expected to continue increase in price.
  6. I enjoyed his Secret War mini series with Captain America, Black Widow, Original Nick Fury, Spiderman and Wolverine on the covers.
  7. What books or mini series can I find the story of Mystique meeting Azazel and Nightcrawler was conceived?
  8. Marvel had a mini series when The Grandmaster had all the Marvel heroes battle The Champion. All were eliminated, like the Hulk for not following boxing rules or were beaten by him. The only person who truly challenged the Champion was the Thing and even he was beaten badly. Does anyone remember the title? I have the contest of champions, but that was different.