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  1. Pretty happy with my wins. Got the two I was focused on.
  2. If it wasn't for #11, I'd argue that this is the best G. A. Batman cover
  3. Their new website(s) format is alright enough. Other dealers websites could be critiqued for their own flaws as well. No one is or will ever be perfect. The best part of ordering from either CC or Metro is that it takes more than a month for the package to arrive. So when I finely receive my books, it is a pleasant surprise since I will have completely forgot about buying them. And not too many things are better than receiving an unexpected gift from a loved one.
  4. Whittling down the 50's 'Tecs and an odd 40's issue
  5. Is there a resource other than the Gerber books where I can find out the scarcity of individual comics? I'm working on the Detective comics run. Specifically 'Tec 155 to 235. Certain books seem more scarce than others. I'm aware of the general scarcity of the early 50's books regardless. Thanks
  6. Latest additions. Trying to finish off the SA but I keep getting sidetracked.
  7. Latest HA wins. Working on both Batman And Detective runs. Almost done with SA and chipping away at the GA. Realistic goal for me will be everything from January 1950 to present
  8. Two cool Penguin covers from a recent auction(s) wins.
  9. 2 pickups from latest HA. questions: The 180 is from the Murphy Anderson collection that is now a pedigree? How do I submit this to ensure this designation? Also, the 120 is the nicest 3.0 I’ve seen, the slight spine roll and the back are obviously why it’s a 3.0, in people’s opinion, would it be worth my while to get it pressed and regraded in hopes of a grade bump? Thanks!