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  1. I don't think so. It think it means the buy it now prices on e bay will be even higher than the already high prices most people are already asking. I don't see it affecting auction prices.
  2. Garage sales using paypal. They deserve to get screwed.
  3. Yes, but it also says not these States. So if you don't live in any of these I think youre good in 2021. Too bad I do. And this is actually even more bs to me. Why should some states get a pass and others not. No question there, just an observation. Arkansas - $2,500 in gross payments with no threshold on the number of transactions District of Columbia - $600 in gross payments with no threshold on the number of transactions Illinois - $1,000 in gross payments and a minimum of 4 transactions Maryland - $600 in gross payments with no threshold on the number of transa
  4. I don't know anything for sure but I did see this
  5. I'm selling the last of my raw books this year. Why 2022? I ask because I've seen written on e bay people saying this new threshold won't kick in until tax year 2022. However if e bay is sending out 1099's by Jan 31st 2022 for tax year 2021 then its a done deal already. If they send a 2021 1099 to sellers that means the i r s has been informed as well and if any of that is not claimed they will not overlook it. These are opinions of course but I believe its true.
  6. I just called e bay. I was told the the 1099's will include gross sales before the 14% e bay fees, which is wrong because that 14% is taken out before the seller recieves payment, therefore that "income" was never recieved which means it never was "In Come". Probably going to make millions of $$$ of overpayments because of that from people who don't know any better. So, Deductions you should make when you do your taxes in order to "Pay Your Fair Share": Initial cost of items you sold. I'm going to claim 50% even though in most cases I paid more than that. 13 to 14% e bay fees o
  7. Came in today safe and sound. I'm going to keep the Kentucky Collection sticker on this one.
  8. It is what it is. If you sell over the minimum threshold on e bay and you don't claim it on your taxes, you can expect a letter from the federal reserve goons probably by the end of the year. The last time this topic came up and I read comments about not being patriotic because you don't want to give away all your profits, I said some things that got me booted. I won't do that again. So simple advice only: If you sell on e bay now you should go to an accountant to do your taxes. Claim that your intitial cost of what you sold was around 50% of what you sold it for. Deduct any fees, and be
  9. As do you Willian-James88 Those are good reasons. With my book A and B don't apply. Now that last thing you said. I think maybe thats why my thoughts went toward perhaps resubbing to see what grade they would give it. Perhaps a more realistic, precise grade. The thought of "sure its a **** 6.0 right now, but what would CGC grade it?" is always going to be there. Then again heck with it, the book looks pretty sweet (at least in scans I have from two different auction sites its been in) , so that should be enough I suppose. Totally right about most purple labels look bet
  10. You're right. I haven't decided if I'm going to do it, but the more I think about it the more I am leaning toward just leaving it be.
  11. Hi, I don't have anything from before the resto. I know the book was last sold on heritage in 2016 so the work is at least that old. The other company doesn't tell you the Grade Date in their census but the holder label doesn't look very old judging by the design. I guess as far as damage to the restoration by cracking it my biggest concern might be the color touch being affected even though it says "small amount of". But I see your points. Its a gamble. Thanks.
  12. Hi Everyone, I was hoping to get a little advice on this. I will soon have a restored Detective Comics from 1940. Thing is it's graded by another company. I am considering submitting it to CGC using their Crossover Regrade service. CGC will crack the current holder and grade it. The book says moderate professional restoration in its current holder. I realize the grade can go down or up, but my concern and question is: Is it possible for the restoration to be compromised when removing it from the inner sleave? The resoration is:Small amount of color touch, pieces added to cover, cover
  13. Thank you all. All books have been sold. But that doesn't mean the fun has to end
  14. Hi everyone, I have a few more books that can use a good home. 1st gets it. No HOS's or probies. Payment can be paypal, personal check, or bank money order. I will pay shipping, USPS Priority Registered mail so signature will be required upon delivery. I ship within 24 hours of payment or if payment is in the form or a personal check I will ship the day after it clears. Buyer will recieve the tracking number of course. Returns accepted if notified within 2 days of delivery. Buyer pays return shipping. I have bought and sold dozens of graded books here with no problems at all. I am availa
  15. Yes I kind of remember that. Only if that's the case the consignor is actually making 5% more nor 1.5% . I think, I don't know.
  16. I know this has been discussed but who gets the 15%? If its going to the consignor then maybe he did spring it on them and they agreed in order to get the books. If it isn't going to the consignor then it's very unlikely it was his doing. Or maybe they are splitting it in some way. Either way I hope we have seen the last of it.
  17. I got this so far. My favorite Flash cover from my favorite artist. When a Blue label comes around I'll try to upgrade.
  18. Thanks. I was actually asking tabcom. Those stands or easels he was using in his video look pretty solid. I could use a few of those.
  19. Wow Awesome Books. Can I ask where you get those easels? The ones I have are too flimsy.
  20. Hi, I've never posted anything in this section before so I hope I'm doing it right. I am auctioning off a run of X-Men books starting tonight starting tonight and ending between 10pm and 11:10 pm EST on April 18th. Issues 95 to 142. VF to VF/NM condition. I will give free shipping to any board member on any purchases totaling $100.00 or higher. Just message me on eebay prior to paying. Thanks for looking.
  21. What is this??????????????