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  1. I know right? That is just incredible. It defies the rules of nature really.
  2. Hi everyone. I have a book for sale if anyone's interested. First the rules: 1st posted I'll take it takes it. I will sell to anyone here. I will accept returns if notified with 48 hours of delivery. Paypal or bank money order only. If by paypal I will only ship to the address listed in the paypal account. US and Canada shipping only. Shipped USPS boxed priority mail within the USA is on me ($15.50), however shipping to Canada is $20.00. I ship within 24 hours of payment and send tracking info to the buyer. Ok this is a Detective Comics issue 457 graded CGC 9.6 White pages. Origin o
  3. Well I said I was going to a by golly I did it. My own very Alfred Pennyworth. Origin issue, cool cover, and a pedigree. Good for me. However, wouldn't you know it now that I have it I really don't want it. It doesn't fit into my graded collection which stops at 1975. I think I'll be selling it.
  4. Oh good , I thought the same. But its not your laptop, its something with the site. They don't show up on certain things I suppose. The odds of both of us having the same problem only with Adventures is slim doncha think? But enough of all that, tell me more about this revamped website?
  5. "We got no food, we got no jobs, Tranformers #1's are selling for 40K!"
  6. I have no problem with CC, although for some reason the pics of Adventure Comics, and only Adventure Comics, don't show up on my browser until the auction begins. They just seem to take a while to get their auctions up and running. I don't know why as it seems they could be making more money with more frequent auctions. I'm sure there's a lot more to it than that I suppose.
  7. I've been saying that a lot lately. Why are they bidding up books that are so plentiful that new ones in all grades pop up on a daily basis? With the exception of 9.8's but even those are always available somewhere. Example- a few weeks ago an ASM 129 9.0 W went for 2,600 on CL. a few days ago another 9.0 with a cva sticker goes for 3,400. Two days later (last night) an 8.5 sells for 3,685.......more than the cva 9.0! All on CL . At this rate 6.0's will be going for 4K come Spring.
  8. Seller got a good price for that. I was thinking 2, maybe 3,000. The Daisy Action 12 cover - 1,759 and Adventure 44 a mere 416 dollars. All hail the power of a Batman cover.
  9. One of these days Math Teacher, POW right in the kisser! No good for you seriously. I'm glad for you. Wouldn't happen to have a 9.0 White you'd like to part with would ya? To be clear, sure I'm not thrilled that the moment I sold mine after it stayed pretty much the same price for the previous few years then it went Bat Crazy right after. But whats really got sand in my panties is how this and other Silver and Bronze keys that are plentiful are breaking records literally on a weekly basis. To me it makes no sense considering how available they are, and I have most of them in a pretty good grad
  10. Ok. I sold my 9.2 in october to buy a GA book with the intention of getting another 129 either 9.2 or 9.0 white ASAP. A 9.0 White sold on CL a few weeks ago for 2,600. Got outbid. A few days ago the next 9.0 white ends, with a CVA sticker even, this time at 3,400. Now 2 days later there is an 8.5 about to end. Its up to just under 3,700. If profanity was allowed here my next few sentences would be chock full of swear words. Who the HECK is bidding this extremely plentiful book up so much? I swear I think this entire hobby has been infiltrated by lunatics. At this rate 6.5's will be
  11. Very possible. But we all know that movie releases and reviews are just mere bumps in the road. A mere bag of shells. Long term that book that nice has a bright future. I guess the consignor wanted to make the quick sale and move on to something else. I bet the new owner is very happy.
  12. Nice Detective work. Like others have said - 'Cover detached' to 'Tape on interior cover". I assume the tape was used to re-attach the cover so that should say "Cover reattached with tape" or something similar. I'm probably missing something but it seems a little iffy to not note a detached cover or a reattached cover on the label. Wonder what the notes state. Tape on interior cover, ok well its there now. Cover detached, oh well it happens. Still a nice 1.0. Cover reattached with tape, oh that stinks. I'd rather have a book like that with a detached cover than one reattached with tape.
  13. 160,000. Up 28,000 since 16 months ago. If the person who bought it then was the seller now, which most likely they were, I'd say they broke about even. If it was me I'd have held on to it a bit longer.
  14. I would take any grade on it. And you know for only 11 Blue labels on the census I found 5 sales in the past 5 years including this one, that's a pretty good turnaround rate. The book just seems so historic to me.
  15. I really doubt it as that would be very risky. I really don't know where all the heavy early bidding is coming from.Its mostly on Silver Age and newer stuff and not so much on Golden Age. I've noticed many books are equaling or surpassing the final price of the most recent sale in the first day or two of auction. And many times that previous sale was already a record or darn close. I have a few theories but I really don't know exactly why this is happening. It seems so senseless because most Silver Age and newer are so plentiful. So nice that one. 37,000 was lower than I would expect.
  16. Its got nothing to do with business or politics or any other undercurrent components. If I spent 100.00 on a book- sold it a year later for 200.00 and charged 10.00 to ship - paid 13.5% in fees then my profit is not 210.00 which is what I will be taxed on. I guess I have no choice now in giving most of my profit to BLANK but I don't believe it to be unreasonable to be only taxed on the profit. Same rules apply to flipping a house which is very common. I have had my taxes done professionally a few times and this is how we did it, we only declared the profit and it was accepted.
  17. That was a great story. I'm glad you shared that. One thing, so the Crackajack 9 now 9.8 would have been your book had the man not lost your phone number? And let me get this straight - you think CGC is tougher on grading now than when they first began? Personally I can't figure it out. Some say they were stricter at the beginning, some say now, and I've heard people say that they have gone through strict and not so strict phases over the past 20 years. And I think your right, the book should probably never have been a 9.0. Not sure if its worthy of 9.8 but from what I can see now its b
  18. Hi october, cool name. Actually I came back to say that now that we are aware of what is happening with this I would hope that the sales thread here should pick up a little. From now on all my graded books I sell will be sold here for a fair price and on one of the Big Three auction sites. And of course I will declare every penny when the time comes.
  19. Yeah its the new payment system. Well its not even that new (November 2020). Ebay now handles the payments to sellers and pockets the 3% paypal used to take. But if you give them a valid bank account why does e bay need your SS #? I R S of course. Billions of dollars in sales each year , they ain't gonna pass that up anymore.
  20. I believe that means that is the amount you must bid to satisfy the reserve. If you look at bid history the high bid is actually 8,107 as of this moment.
  21. Wow. I thought it looked good for a 9.0 but 9.6? 9.2 ok, 9.4 yeah maybe. So you think that actual book might be sitting in a 9.8 holder now? Do you think it went from a 9.6 to a 9.8? There are no 9.6's, 9.4's or 9.2's in the census so it does seem to look like its currently a 9.8. I don't know the process of getting a CVA sticker put on a graded book works. I would hope that whoever makes the decision must at least have the book in hand to make that decision and also have access to any graders notes. I would think that book, which is a pretty cool book by the way, would have gotten a CVA
  22. Oh boy. First I think I only used that line once, a reference to an old Bogey movie. Ok now to attempt to answer your question, but I feel I may be walking into a trap. Hope not, but if so that's fine. I wouldn't bid higher because it doesn't have a sticker. It looks pretty good for the grade so I think I'd bid based on that, however with no back cover scan I may not bid at all. I always think if a seller is not showing the back cover they may be either lazy or hiding something. So final answer I would bid according to the assigned grade because I do trust CGC for the most part. I
  24. I'm sure there are people seeking and bidding on the CVA and QES books with the intention of getting them resubbed. But I don't think many. I mean whats better a 9.0 CVA or a 9.2 non CVA? From what I've seen the majority of us don't care much for the stickers but its sure not going to cause anybody to not go after one because it has the sticker. And yes the sticker will create incentive for some people to bid more and raise the end price of the book. Do the QES stickers come with some sort of documentation of the reasons the sticker was given? If so I guess thats a good thing. Then again