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  1. Proverbial GOLD MINE at my LCS. I only bought one.
  2. After buying GSX1 last year I had a goal to collect all the Big Premire issues of 1969 marvel. But smaller projects around the house and a couple emergencies dashed my hopes. In the meantime i have finished Lady Death (boundless) and Harris/anarchy Vampi series instead. That Ironman 1 is going to be the last one i go after. I do have Sub-mariner 8.5 cgc already i bought two years ago for cheap
  3. Disney wants more than the 5% of cut from the money the movie makes as the current deal stands. Sony said no with no counter offer. Honestly, Sony needs Disney more than Disney needs Sony. Sony like Fox has no vision for their superhero properties.
  4. im going to get it pressed and cleaned soon then sending to CGC. Ill update once it comes back. if nothing else was wrong how bad is the spine cracking? thanks for your opinions.
  5. With a combination of credit and cash I could own a decent copy of X-Men #1 but cant justify it. But it is THE book I want in my collection.
  6. march, 1974 now ill have to get this.
  7. Got these today. Not sure why some books in this series is so expensive and hard to find. Mike Mayhew did some great covers.
  8. I like how he did a portrait instead of her full body. Not that im opposed to her outfit but its a nice change.
  9. Ive done this for a few books with covers that wrap around to the back. Like the X-men Alpha, Omega and Prime issues of age of apocalypse. While im sure dings are easier to cause i never take them out of my long box for that to happen and ive seen no dentriment as of yet.
  10. James, yes you can add comics manually which I have had to do in the past due to certain indie books not being available. But you can submit them to clz so they can add them to their database. Also they recently added a value tab that lets you include slabbing information like who slabbed it (cgc, pgx ectect), grade, grading notes, and other useful meta.
  11. I use CLZ but the desktop version. I just cant use this software as an app. so as far as I understand the index is just the entry in the database for each individual comic. Although for the app i assume there is no local database so it would be cloud based. Just like in an Outlook archive file that represents all your emails it has an internal index or like the Windows registry is just a index of all things related to running Windows. The eye you see is to mark whether or not you have read the book. Dont ask me why they need an icon for that but that is its purpose. Penciller vs Artist? Never noticed. I cant say why Heavy Metal is a modern but my Sub-Mariner vol 1 1968 series shows as both silver and bronze later in the run. I have some holes in the series but between 68' and 72 it changes. I hope your phone app got updated with one of the features I truly love about CLZ is the tagging ability. Like forum tags you can create your own and assign them to any book. I use it to create box numbers then assign all the comics in that box a tag. So I know where all 6200 books are located. You can create a preset that will display those tags so you can see what is in them. I also have a tag specific for my CGC items. I took a snippet of it so you can see. The second best thing is when i go to a store i dont need the app i have my cloud webpage synced with my browser so i can pull up my entire list on my phone browser to make sure I dont buy duplicates. also, im pretty sure CLZ doesnt browse random forums so calling out to them is useless. Just open a support ticket with your questions and they are pretty fast responding considering they are in the Netherlands.
  12. Im considering getting some books pressed. Does anyone have any experience getting items pressed by CGC? If so what was your experience? Any third party companies you might recommend in lieu of CGC?
  13. Wow 3 pages of complete bullsqueeze and two comments out of them pertaining to the the post. I only have the Maer Vampirella Valentine Special cover. I wasnt aware of him before then and definitely will be watching out for more of his work on characters I like.