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  1. newsies doesnt really scream, news stand barcodes but i am relatively new here if you didnt notice the post count. it could mean newly purchased. maybe the thread should be re-titled to modern news STAND books since that would be more accurate instead of using a word that is used to define someone that works in the news industry albeit it a reporter or talking head on tv or even the broadway musical. The connotative meaning just doesnt cross over well. next time ill post something more appropriate. but just for clarification so i dont upset the veterans of the board are uk barcodes ok to post? also as an aside, do you always refer to yourself in third person? you should have said "and what I had for breakfast".
  2. There are only 13 signature series for this cover and 34 total cgc graded for this cover. It would say it is the most rare book i own that I'm aware of.
  3. can i just mention that comiclist.com provides this information?
  4. Buying Vampirella #10 & possibly #11 Harris Comics 2001 raw 8.0-9.8 any cover (prefer Mike Mayhew)
  5. Proverbial GOLD MINE at my LCS. I only bought one.
  6. After buying GSX1 last year I had a goal to collect all the Big Premire issues of 1969 marvel. But smaller projects around the house and a couple emergencies dashed my hopes. In the meantime i have finished Lady Death (boundless) and Harris/anarchy Vampi series instead. That Ironman 1 is going to be the last one i go after. I do have Sub-mariner 8.5 cgc already i bought two years ago for cheap
  7. Disney wants more than the 5% of cut from the money the movie makes as the current deal stands. Sony said no with no counter offer. Honestly, Sony needs Disney more than Disney needs Sony. Sony like Fox has no vision for their superhero properties.
  8. im going to get it pressed and cleaned soon then sending to CGC. Ill update once it comes back. if nothing else was wrong how bad is the spine cracking? thanks for your opinions.
  9. With a combination of credit and cash I could own a decent copy of X-Men #1 but cant justify it. But it is THE book I want in my collection.
  10. march, 1974 now ill have to get this.