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  1. im not advocating for piracy but a friend of mine told me you dont need any streaming service to watch a streaming service. i have amazon prime. my non-comic hobbies dictate i use them.
  2. It's Robert Redford in the 1972 movie Jeremiah Johnson.
  3. yall can take DH: star wars 7 and 10 off your hot list. ive had both on ebay in 9.6 and not even a whiff. no one has even tried to low ball me.
  4. nah. ive come to realize Bad Idea isnt just the publishing name. they had to cut 50% of orders to shops after the LCS' ordered more than what BI thought there were going to sell. had they had an actual FOC and distributed through Diamond they wouldnt have had to come up with a not-first-print. Read this semi scathing review from an LCS' point of view. I think how they are doing the pizza detective (providing excerpt from the linked article below) is quite bad. my lcs has already said even though i pick up my books on saturdays, ill get it anyway. i can respect a publisher bucking norms but t
  5. yes no i think as collectibles the oldie but goodies will maintain and increase in value. the current offerings who can say. my default position on it is no. the classics were made at a unique point in time from what everything originated. this modern drek is for flipping and making tree fiddy and probably wont be worth a durn in the long run. but the other side is if a book like x-men #4 can explode then anything can. will comics as a medium collapse? nah. i do forsee a time when marvel and dc books are shipping less than 10k a book and indies all go to kickstarter or indigogo
  6. can any of you guys recommend how to start out selling on IG? Ive built a decent rep on ebay but want to try selling slabs and raw comics.
  7. its an alien story. what more can they do with it and keep it alien?
  8. the art was terrible. that is the only thing i can say negative about the book. i like phillips and await his superman run
  9. sure i did, i didnt think it was relevant to what i was trying to accomplish. i took advice it just wasnt his and now he and you are all butthurt over it. its really sad. and shipping overnight and signature confirmation. so roughly 70$ which i dont want to have to price into the cost of the book. how hard is that to understand? im already getting nickle and dimed by feebay and paypal and want to keep as much as i can. call me greedy call me whatever i do not need you or anyone else to approve how i conduct my business i just wanted options. i got it and now you white knights are all
  10. this is not the same thing. marvel owned that distributer so in essence they were the ones handling the orders and logistics. Penguin will now handle all that. all they have done is traded one distributer for another.
  11. i must have missed that ebay class in college between micro/macro econ, finance, gaap/mgr accounting, marketing, business regulation law, cobol and scuba diving classes. i only have one widget and i dont want to build in any costs i want it in addition to the cost of the item. capish? but please continue on thinking you know who you are talking to.
  12. testy arn't we? i like 1cool's idea better. thanx
  13. Do I really want to do that if I'm willing to accept offers?