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  1. did i really need to state explicitly that i was speaking for myself? shouldnt that have been obvious? there is a reason why i used the phrase "i feel like" instead of "i know for a fact" or "i surveyed every single reader of Immortal Hulk to make this statement". the reason for that is because outside this place, the general population of other forums i visit give the impression that very few have ever read a hulk book prior to this one. or at the very least anything older than all new marvel/marvel now, marvel now now. im sure there are some long time hulk fans that are reading it im not discounting them at all but by and large it FEELS like very few have read anything before. you like it? fine have at it dont take it personal like i just kicked your dog.
  2. no. if im going to get a signature in today's environment i want it authenticated. slabs look better than top loaders.
  3. My collection of Incredible Hulk starts at 125. So I have a long history with the character and still think its MEH. i dont need to have read the first vol to validate my opinion of the book. i read up to the first ten of this book. its meh. end of story.
  4. Immortal Hulk. I couldnt pull myself past issue one it was so full of horror tropes. i have read subsequent issues after the continued hype and still couldnt make it to issue 10. im going to say something that will probably get me some replies, but in general, i feel like the people who really like the new series never read a hulk book before. al ewing is pretty mediocre like much of the marvel bullpin. The horror aspect is certainly new and different but the rest surrounding it is meh, to me. x-chise is hot again but the majority of their books are hot garbage. Ive pared back to X-Men and X-Force with the latter on the chopping block. Daredevil is solid with a capable writer but its not a DD book if the author isnt dragging Matt through the mud. I dont read anything else from marvel because they are the McDonalds of the comic industry. meaning they are fake, filler and ultimately garbage, imo. I dont read much DC. Their Black Label stuff is top tier. The Last God is a great high fantasy book if you dig D&D type stories. I cant recommend anything else i am reading. Aquaman has Sue Deconnick writing it and has done a decent job its just so mundane in its execution. ill be glad when she is gone. Justice League was good but then Snyder left the book and Venditti took over then left after 4 issues or so to work on a dream project then the 'rona hit and not sure where its going now. Dont care about superman or batman. I highly recommend Die!Die!Die! (black comedy involving government cabals and spies), Monstress(fantasy), Once and Future (king arthur rises from the dead), Die (literal D&D with trauma), Dark Ark (noah wasnt the only survivor of the flood), Heist: How to steal a planet (self explanatory), Money Shot(T&A, but lots of heart) Robotech, Bladerunner, Red Sonja/Vampirella, BreakNeck (noir), Forever War (classic sci-fi book), Forever Free (follow up to Forever war), God Killers(atheist is introduced to military group that has to kill demigods), Walk Thru Hell (Garth Ennis) Relay. Avoid Valiant at all cost to your wallet. they are going under and not worth your time or money.
  5. I can understand if someone paid to have it slabbed or signed just for their personal enjoyment. i have to admit i have three graded/signed books that cost more than they are actually worth. But they are more valuable to me than the money i paid for the services. They are certainly nothing im going to try an flip but rather I proudly have displayed. So I can understand people that have this same mentality but would i go out and get mr. and mrs X or any of the other ones listed in the original post slabbed, hell no. that is a waste of money.
  6. I want to send in a book to CGC of high value to get re-holder. three questions. 1. USPS or UPS for overnight? Does one have better insurance rates? 2. what should be done prior to shipping to prove i am sending a specific comic book in case a claim is required. I was thinking cell phone pictures with shipping label and comic? something else? 3. What value do i assign to the book? what i paid for it or what the current average its going for on ebay? or something else. thanks in advance for any advice/info
  7. I have a GSX1 already graded and enclosed but i would like to get it reslabed because the old one is just not as aesthetically pleasing as i would like. in previous submissions i sent the value of the comic was just what i paid for it. however this book has gone up in average price since i purchased it. should i submit based on what i paid or the increase in value? advise
  8. i have never been charged more than what i initially paid for it. it was always a one time fee when it was time to re-up the yearly subscription. i have gone to paying for it month by month now at 2$ and i have never been charged more. i have never been prompted in the software to pay more for using a functionality of the software. i hope this helps.
  9. have you ever tried to export to a csv from the desktop? its such a mess when it is produced.
  10. @ExNihiloi would imagine you can update your local database in the event of halting payment. not sure if they would cut you off from your cloud copy or allow you to download the front/back covers from their servers for new books. you could always ask them. they are responsive within 24 hours, depending on the time you ask them since clz is housed in amsterdam and there is a seven hour difference here in the CT zone
  11. i think that was for the app. ive paid a yearly fee to get updates since 2016. however, if i stopped paying id still get to use the program and cloud service.
  12. are you saying that the app syncs with the functionality of the desktop version or just entries you made? can you create tags in the app?
  13. im pretty sure the clz app has a manual search feature like the desktop. would be kind of silly not to include that functionality for comics without barcodes. its a secondary feature not its primary.
  14. I use the desktop version. Ive had it for four years and i love it. Im pretty sure the app does not have all the bells and whistles as the desktop. Im not up to date on the phone app but let me sell you on the desktop version. First, the tag system is phenominal. With the tag system (like a forum tag) i know where every single comic is located. My tags look like this, box 01, box 02 box 03, half box 01 half box 02, shelf, mag box, cgc. I physically numbered all my boxes and applied the tags to all the books as i added them to clz. You can even select all to appy a tag to multiple books instead of one at a time. You can create a view of just your tags that let you see all the books in any given box. You can also add multiple tags to one book. Say you have a cgc book that you also have raw, i actually do. One entry of the book will show the box number and my cgc tag so it prevents you from having multiple duplicate entries. Views allow me to sort all my books on characteristics. Some are default like series, no series or publisher or a number of other ones. The flexibility to display all the information that is most relevant to you is great. One of my favorite views allows me to see the last date i entered something. In case i forget to add it to the database. The cloud upload system is fast to upload and you can access your cloud collection from a cell phone browser. Want to know if you already have a book? Just whip out your phone and go to your cloud/webpage and see. You dont need an app for that. So you actually get the best of both worlds and less likely to buy something you already have. Your cloud view can display the same info from the desktop to a degree. I dont think its functionality is as good as the desktop. As far as the phone app, I can not imagine uploading my 5500 comics at the time on a tiny cell phone screen. KBM is just such a better experience. Typimg on a cell phone keyboard, ugh! Im sure they have updated it but my god i cant imagine what an experience it is. You can save you local database copies to onedrive or googledrive or any other cloud storage either automatically or manually in the settings. If your computer crashes so what just reinstall the program and import the database. I got a new computer and did that very thing took about an hour to redownload all the covers and back cover art that you get when you add a book to your database. Also i pay 2$ a month for the desktop. And you can access you cloud webpage from a cell phone browser. So not a bad deal and they are updating it a number of times a year and i feel you get more than you would in an app with less functionality. CLZ are very responsive if you have questions or problems. The program works with any webcam to read the barcode in case a manual search gives you problems. Got a kickstarter book they dont have in their database? You can create your own entry and that too will be stored in your cloud. You can also submit the book to have it added to the global database from which all the info is stored on. They use AWS cloud servers just as an aside. I did some dns testing to see where they hosted their info. But word of warning, dont do what i did. Catalog everything then create the tags. I had to catalog twice. Learn the tag system before adding all your comics to the database. It will save you a lot of time. I hope this helps you make a decision. There is a learning curve to the program its not clunky or anything but you have to learn how to do what you want with their very flexible program.
  15. newsies doesnt really scream, news stand barcodes but i am relatively new here if you didnt notice the post count. it could mean newly purchased. maybe the thread should be re-titled to modern news STAND books since that would be more accurate instead of using a word that is used to define someone that works in the news industry albeit it a reporter or talking head on tv or even the broadway musical. The connotative meaning just doesnt cross over well. next time ill post something more appropriate. but just for clarification so i dont upset the veterans of the board are uk barcodes ok to post? also as an aside, do you always refer to yourself in third person? you should have said "and what I had for breakfast".
  16. There are only 13 signature series for this cover and 34 total cgc graded for this cover. It would say it is the most rare book i own that I'm aware of.
  17. can i just mention that comiclist.com provides this information?
  18. Buying Vampirella #10 & possibly #11 Harris Comics 2001 raw 8.0-9.8 any cover (prefer Mike Mayhew)
  19. Proverbial GOLD MINE at my LCS. I only bought one.
  20. After buying GSX1 last year I had a goal to collect all the Big Premire issues of 1969 marvel. But smaller projects around the house and a couple emergencies dashed my hopes. In the meantime i have finished Lady Death (boundless) and Harris/anarchy Vampi series instead. That Ironman 1 is going to be the last one i go after. I do have Sub-mariner 8.5 cgc already i bought two years ago for cheap
  21. Disney wants more than the 5% of cut from the money the movie makes as the current deal stands. Sony said no with no counter offer. Honestly, Sony needs Disney more than Disney needs Sony. Sony like Fox has no vision for their superhero properties.