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  1. bump !! discount ends tommorrow....11 pages are sold so far, there's about 30 left, including splash and double splash pages at low prices
  2. hi i' m doing a 25% discount until the end of the week on all my scott mc daniel DC pages (batman / superman / jla / ..) sold 6 today (and 3 are on hold), but there are still about 40 pages for sale, so you can see them here :
  3. up !! sale ends tommorrow i'll put the current offers here, so if you're interested, you have until tommorrow night to make an offer i don't know the value of these pages (although i have an idea on some, but i don't know if the value has changed these past years), so i guess the following offers will give you an idea for all those that asked me how much i'd want : DD by mazzucchelli : 2000$ MCP cover : 1500$ lobo by bysley : 3000$ superman / spiderman by john buscema : 4000$ cap ameica by sal buscema : 2800$ paintings by sanjulian 3800$ each wolverine bloody choices by buscema : 7000$ ASM 245 by romita jr : 2200$ FF splash by frenz : 700$ (??) avengers splash by bagley : 1800$ iron man by tuska : 2500$ thanos by starlin : 4000$ thanks to everyone who contacted me so far, i'll contact all best offers on oct 17th
  4. hi due to familiy problems, i have to let go a big part of my collection....all are listed on CAF, but for these 13 pages, i don't know the value as i kept them for years and never put them for sale, so i'll accept offers on these pages for the coming week : there are pages of lobo by bisley, cap america by buscema, superman/spiderman by buscema, 2 sanjulian paintings, MCP cover, and so on
  5. I know it s from dd 7, but i m surprised about the page being a bit thinner than usual, and i don t know if quesada draws with blue pencils
  6. Hi I found this in a french comic shopand i m surprised to see a quesada DD page here..also, it s on a pagevthat is a bit thinner than an usual page, and there s blueline on it, but i don t know if quesada used blue pencils on his pages Do you think it s the real deal (don t ask in which shop, i won t tell as i don t want some one to get it before me)
  7. I fully mcu will now include xmen and FF movies, the obvious next big vilain after thanos should be galactus, in a 2 part movie like the last avengers, with avengers xmen ff battling silver surfer in part one, and the arrival of galactus in part two So,for the FFto stay on the topic, FF 1 would introduce dr doom, and FF 2 namor, and when you see the success of aquaman, marvel would be crazy not to do a namor movie
  8. Hi As i didn t find any recent example (last sale i found was in 2013 on héritage) So can someone tell me how much this gil kane page is worth....i d like to put it on CAF, but i have no idea how much Thanks
  9. i wonder : with the recent crazyness in asia (mainly china) about superheroes, and the huge part it takes now in super heroes movies profits, maybe it has created a whole new market (or will in the near future) for OA (and comics and comic related stuff) i'm very surprised marvel already hasn't planned a super hero movie with an asian hero to capitalize on asian market
  10. let me explain how it works in romain said in his post, he received the payment 2 days after....shipping a check in france takes about 2-3 days, so whn i put the page for sale, the deal was already done, and the check sent so to me, it was mine (altough i didn't received it yet) the buyer sure paid it more, but at 2500$ for a frenz spiderman splash, i think he did a good deal (when i saw it at 1800€, i knew it was a good deal).....and if you go that way, everyone who buys from romitaman, anthony snyder and so on also overpays as they would have bought it to the original owner for less as for shipping, i always use airmail....when i say i'm not suprised, it's because it usually takes about 10-14 days, but it happens sometimes that it takes longer for whatever reason (often because it's been blocked at the customs, or it went first to the wrong city because the machine didn't scanned well the zip code, ...)....when i buy myself art from USA, i don't start panicking if a package is a bit late, i bought often, and sometimes, it took up to 3 months to arrive, so i wouldn't worry after just one month, i think everyone already experienced a late package well, it was just to clarify the situation, and as i said, i've done deals with many people, and never had a problem (except for this 2017 thread)
  11. Hi I mglad to see that i m considered as a thief here !! I flipped a page before...woww, i must be the only one here doing that, i guess that most of you don t do that and resell at the byuing price (so if you have old kirby pages you d like to resell for a few hundred bucks, i d be interested) For romain, i sold a page i didn t have in myhands, but i already had paid for it to him, and the deal was concluded, so it was just a matter of days before i get it For t shen,i answered on caf, the package shipped about 4 weeks ago, it might be a bit long, but it ships from france so it may happen I didn t keep the tracking number because i didn t need it anyore, and by writing quickly,i wrote one extra number My post office is looking at it, and am waitinfg for an update, but that doesn t mean i didn t ship the package There s a big différence between a late package, and being a thief I ve dealt with many caf members, and never had a problem, a very few package may have taken longer, but that happens and you just have to be patient instead of judging me without knowing anything I ve dealt with dave buckley, max fargo, jason d ambrosio, david gee, trevor parkinson, alan nafriz, jeff Chahal, earl hamilton, e c xavier. Patrick pieroni, Stephen crawford, jerry c, .....and so on.....and several catawiki members too as i m also selling on catawiki
  12. I have original color guides if you want...send me a PM if interested
  13. no, sorry, there are too many pages to list them, but you can see all pictures on the links i provided you have mainly pages from superman, batman, daredevil, xmen (all xmen pages are on hold), flash, moon knight, JLA, iron man, x-force, spidergirl, doom 2099 and ghost rider 2099
  14. hi i'm selling my entire collection of color guides (about 200 pages and 40 splash pages) all splash pages are 80$ each : all other pages are 20$ each : worldwide shipping is 12$, no matter how many pages you buy payment by paypal thanks
  15. hi i live in france, and am looking for big runs from main series (FF daredevil amazing spider-man spectacular spiderman wolverine xmen avengers thor tales of suspense TTA strange tales and so on) 'm not looking for complete runs (as i won't have enough money for the first issues), but full runs would be appreciated (for example, FF 100 - end, ASM 100 - end, avengers 100 - end, or even smaller runs, e.g avengers 50-100, ...) i'd like them to be at least in G or VG condition thanks
  16. Splash or panel page, i have no préférence, just have to have DD in costume on the page
  17. hi i'm looking for a published daredevil page by lee weeks, so if you have one for sale, please let me know thanks
  18. hi i'm looking for a published daredevil page by frank miller (at market value), so if you have a DD page for sale, please let me know thanks
  19. Hi I have this one...and am taking offers, so if interested, PM me
  20. well, call me a fool, but i know for sure that you're me, those are real, because in some marvel graphic novels, color guides were done this way, which is the traditionnal way (painted pages with transparency overlay) same goes for the size, which isn't that uncommon...i know for sure, because i bought colors from the silver surfer by buscema graphic novel, they were done the same way, size was about 11 x 16 per page, and i bought them directly to christie scheele, so i know they weren't fakes
  21. hi i'm selling about 200 different original DC / marvel color guides (batman , JLA, superman, daredevil, ghost rider, x-force, iron man, ...) price is 20$ each, worldwide shipping is 12$ (offered if you buy at least 5 pages) here's the link to the guides :