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  1. Marvel Graphic Novel 4 sold via PM. Thanks!
  2. I have a CGC 5.0, asking $360 shipped within the US.
  3. All books are available once again. All prices include shipping, fees, insurance etc as per original post. Plus there are still 2x free books available. ANNNNNNDDDD Take a further 5% off if you purchase more than one slab... and yes... if you buy two slabs, you can have both freebies.
  4. ALL BOOKS ON HOLD Since there was no interest here on the boards, I am offering these elsewhere. I can still be contacted via PM if there is any interest.
  5. I bought a GA Flash #2 from Ben. He was easy to communicate with, shipped the very next day and the packaging was bulletproof. Would happily buy from him again. Thanks, Shane.
  6. Prices reduced on all books! Prices include free shipping in US48 states!
  7. Legends 1 CGC 8.0 White Pages 1st appearance of Amanda Waller., 6 page "MASK" insert. Free with any purchase
  8. Wolverine v3 66 CGC 9.0 White Pages "Old Man Logan" storyline begins., Wraparound cover. Free with any purchase totaling over $500
  9. Amazing Spider-Man 300 CGC 9.6 White Pages Origin & 1st full appearance of Venom, (Eddie Brock). Thing appearance., Last black costume. $775 $735
  10. New Mutants 98 CGC 9.8 White Pages 1st appearance of Deadpool (Wade Wilson), Gideon & Copycat (Vanessa Carlysle) as, Domino. Rictor leaves the New Mutants. $830 $790
  11. New Mutants 87 CGC 9.8 White Pages 1st appearance of Cable, Stryfe &, the Mutant Liberation Front. $500 $475
  12. Marvel Graphic Novel 4 - CGC 9.2 White Pages Origin & 1st appearance of The New Mutants $170 $150 SOLD VIA PM
  13. Rules: No sales to Hall of Shame or Probation List offenders. PayPal is the preferred method of payment. I also accept money orders or checks, but will not send items until I am satisfied that funds have fully cleared. First "I'll take it" in thread gets the book and trumps any PM's. Shipping: Prices listed includes free shipping to US48 states. Add $5 for shipping to Hawaii and Alaska. Add $15 for shipping to Canada. International at exact cost. Signature confirmation, tracking and insurance is also all included. I use USPS Priority Mail and pack very securely. I normally ship next business day. No returns for graded comics, unless there is damage caused by shipping (I have never had a comic damaged or returned). If paying via PayPal, I will only ship to your PayPal listed address. Same applies to personal checks. References: See my kudos listed under my profile but I also have transactions (within last 12 months) with following boardies: AndyFish, Selecta, 3319comics, ChasingKingKirby, Spidey 62, HighStakesComics, Mike22, Mad Titan, DarthRawn, SNiPER, Ltpink2002
  14. as per PM. This doesn't fit into my collection either (super picky!) but this will be the closest I'll ever get to owning a Flash 1 too... so into my collection this gem will go... Thank you!
  15. Damn, I'm too slow. Great pick up! Good prices!
  16. Original sales thread is here: and also another relevant thread with FF 11 and 14:
  17. Just to make it a little bit clearer: CGC doesn't charge your credit card immediately after you complete the online submission. They only charge your credit card after they've received your submission, verified the invoice and the contents of the package. As Dena kinda mentions above, it's at this point the accounting department will charge your credit card. So even though your invoice says $212 (just for the grading charges I assume), your credit will be applied before they charge your credit card.
  18. Thank you to everyone who supported and purchased from this thread. I really appreciate it. Thread is now closed as I look to move these elsewhere. Offers for the left-over books via PM are welcome. I expect to open a new thread sometime soon (a week or two) with some more key goodness!
  19. Thank you all for my first "big" thread. I had a few smaller ones to test out the process, but this was my first attempt to try and downsize my collection. Thank you for your interest, support and purchases. This thread will remain open for a few more hours... I anticipate closing this sometime around 10-11pm ET. At the time of writing, this is what is left: Batman 45 CGC 2.0 C-OW Cover Detached $250 $180 $150 Brave and the Bold 25 CGC 2.5 C-OW $400 $350 $300 Detective Comics 59 CGC 1.0 C-OW Cover Detached $250 $180 $160 Detective Comics 233 CGC 1.5 LT-OW $700 $550 $500 Flashback 28 CGC 8.5 W $100 $80 $60 Justice League of America CGC 1.8 OW 6 Staples Added After Manufacturing $600 $500 $490 Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos 1 CGC 2.5 OW-W Tape on Interior Cover $550 $450 Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos 8 CGC 5.0 OW $90 $60 $40 Showcase 17 CGC 0.5 OW Spine of Cover Completely Split and Cover Detached $200 $155 $140 Interested in more than 1 slab? Send me an offer, I like to bundle. Individual prices are firm. Have you already bought from this thread and paid? If yes = Free Shipping.