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  1. Robin #1 1991 2nd Print Newsstand CGC 9.8 for sale on Mycomicshop.com/eBay. For the paltry sum of $3199 (mycomicshop) or $3550 (ebay, same book/seller). It's high, but being the only one on the census - also seems like a reasonable price given the rarity. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Robin-1991-Limited-Series-1R-NEWS-CGC-9-8-2nd-Print-Newsstand-2018093001/362629002960
  2. I feel within reason they're normal and acceptable. In the past it hasn't been an issue, but my last few submissions have been pretty unacceptable. I've had returns on books based on the Newton Rings. It's a detractive feature for sure, especially when you can see it from across a room.
  3. Pressing takes time. A lot of time. I've started pressing at home and a typical book (not even special cases like spine issues, folds, tearing) takes at least two or more pressings. Humidifying takes up to an hour. Pressing takes 15 minutes to an hour of actually heat pressing, then 12-24 of cooling. 24 hours out of the press to see what bends and waves come back then start the process all over. From what I've been told, the Quick Press service is one press no matter what the results are (and occasionally all the book may need). Regular pressing is as many times through the press as it needs until everything that can be pressed out is done. CCS does a good job. Fast Track it if you are in a hurry. Not something you'd want to rush if it's a high priced book.
  4. I bought two Action Comics #1 50 cent reprints today, but I can find any info about the one on the right in the picture below. There’s no indicia as to what printing (inside cover front and back are blank). Any info or ideas?
  5. Do you think it would get damaged or not gain much from it?
  6. Bottom staple cover seems mostly detached... Wondering where it stands as is and what it would stand to gain from a press. Thanks gang!