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  1. A place of worship. A mythic location, more awesome than Stonehenge.
  2. Mega grail like AF 15 with Ditko sig is a big deal.
  3. The realized price here is ALL about the Ditko sig imho.
  4. I guess 8.5/9.0 copies just trippled or quadrupled.
  5. My Bat 1 guesstimate from january 4 was’nt that much off. Even though I was laughed out 😢
  6. this Bat 1 now most likely seems to exceed the sale price of the third and second highest selling Action 1. That indicates to me that real world pressure is about to put Bats in the front seat.
  7. Amen ... I have my doubts if we’ll see a 1940 universal 9.4 Bat 1 offered again in our lifetime. Once this book is gone its most likely seriously gone. Locked away for decades.
  8. Curator AF 15 I have to go change my pants.