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  1. Entry level supe 1 seem to always garner a premium.
  2. For chrissake, why Rome? theres no LCS. no slabbing service. just Pizza. And ruins ... 😳
  3. 1 Batman 2 Spiderman 3 Superman 4 Joker 5 Darkseid
  4. Posting in both might get you a discount on your next HGC purchase ...😜
  5. There are many really good modern books comin out these days: Rucka: Lazarus King: Vision, Batman, mr Miracle Aaron: Southern bastards Lemire: Black hammer Jodorowsky: everything Hickman: House of x Lots of really interesting stuff bring thrown around.
  6. Agreed. But if the ceo-suits smell green everything can happen.
  7. Just untlill Disney buys DC and fuses all things superhero into a giant macro-verse.