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  1. Sleeper (Omnibus) Criminal Deluxe vol.1
  2. The cover is a huge turn off. Strange has already peaked in the Avengers. On ebay there is a huge amount of offerings across grades - all sitting unsold. so ...
  3. 1st app. of Ditko's "Mr. A." is a serious sleeper. Could pop anyday imho ...
  4. Pretty far fetched deconstruction of Batman imho. Sorry im not convinced.
  5. Yeah, I will start hunting slabbed 9.8 labels. buy the label not the slab ...
  6. I love Seth. I have 'clyde fans' book 1 and the HC palookavilles 20-23. But Im missing palookaville 16-19 to complete the clyde fans arc. will they be collected or do you have to chase down the single issues?
  7. Thanos (Starlin ripping Kirby off) is just paving the way for the inevitable arrival of the fourth world and ... Darkseid and the New Gods. gonne be awesome.
  8. So, did cap1 finally overtake bat1 in the cc auction?