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  1. Have do you access auction results from the recent comic connect april 16-20 auction?
  2. Yet another crack pipe undergraded book 🔥
  3. Comics aside: ‘Not going through with my gut’ is the single and essential cause of the biggest regrets and failings in my life. Sine qua non.
  4. Back in the day it was #94 that ruled the nest. Later: GXM1 had its heyday as topdog. Now mindsets are yet again shifting. These days X1 duely receives its place in the sun.
  5. Yup. #48 completely steals the thunder lmho.
  6. That is not cameo. That is the full appearance.
  7. The problem with that thinking is, if people recognize X1 as the tentpole, then they also need to get issues #2-66.