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  1. Supe 1 is basically a reprint of Action 1. Batman 1 has: 1st Joker, Batman origin, 2nd Joker, 1st Cat, 1st female villain in comicdom, 2nd Hugo Strange, a cover that has become iconic to transcend the hobby. It is imho @the@ GA key content wise.
  2. Indeed! That movie is awesome. Even Bruce shows up. Absolutely loved it ...
  3. This movie could open up an all new way of doing superhero movies with a more mature mood, reaching out for more adult people.
  4. Astro city and Black Hammer are definitely kindred spirits ...
  5. Holy Cow !!! So the higher echelons of Heritage aka Halperin is enmeshed in this! look for this thread to be killed by the mods. This subject is wayee too toxic. And what about cgc. Are cgc owners involved in Heritage? sigh ....
  6. Not if this plod scrapes into a 8.0 universal holder.
  7. Reviews are apparently off the charts. it could be the new way of doing superhero movies: charaterdriven, depth psychological portraits.
  8. Happy B-day Jack! New Gods #7 : The Pact.
  9. Is it stains or smudge along the right edge?
  10. Cgc is a private company. they are perfectly in their right to have an opinion. But since they dont own the graded content (the creative property) they are not in a position to prescribe anything regarding the lore of the universes.