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  1. DC is taking this weekly book thing a little too far.


    Naw, I think it is great. If they just made a weekly on-going, no one would have anything to say. This is essentially a 2-year weekly on-going smile.gif


    I for one love the weekly format, and DC has kept the stories interesting to compelling. cloud9.gif


    I also think DC doesn't get near the recognition/kudos they deserve for bringing out a top-notch weekly comic without any delays whatsoever sumo.gif893applaud-thumb.gif893applaud-thumb.gif893applaud-thumb.gif


    Well, I am impressed that DC has actually kept up with it as promised. But there's no way I'm paying $10-12 a month for one title.

  2. I might be really late on this, I've been away from the boards for a while. I just now got around to reading my Zombies/Army of Darkness #1 and noticed the pages in the first half of the book are severly miscut. ACtually, not that I look at it more closely, the front half of the book was cut right ... it's the back half that was miscut. The back pages are wider along the bottom edge, clearly showing art from the center page when the book is closed.


    Anyone see this?

  3. I loved the black uniform. That was truly the first Spidey uniform I remember. However, I'm not enjoying the "3-uniforms-in-9-months" idea.


    I have a bad feeling that it will get to the point that Spidey has a collection of uniforms that he can choose for any specific situation ...