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  1. I grew up in Satellite beach and if you replaced pool service with pressure washing I would think you were one of my best friends still living there Yup life is a beach on the peninsula.
  2. Avengers 1-35 bound sold on auction side (heritage I think) maybe a year ago now. It went for around 3k. Sorry details are hazy but they have value.
  3. slg343


    Now you just need to win the double whammy Paypal claim that is coming.
  4. I would love to have a copy and it is top 3 of books I because 1. It is one of the best comic books drawn and written in the history of comics, if you actually read comics this series is a must. 2. Stan Sakai is a pillar of the comic community and I would love to have this book signed by him. Also whomever mentioned this would plummet has no idea what they are talking about
  5. I did a bit of a combo because I still like collecting and not just investing. But I sold off dozens of long boxes and boxes of cheaper slabs and started collecting Marvel Silver age CGC at the same grade. For instance DD1-10 in cgc 9.0 and Hulk 1-6 in CGC 4.0 ect I now have a nice investment and still enjoy the hunt. I however took the long approach to selling my comics and sold them in auctions on FB and Ebay 1 at a time. I still pick up collection occasionally and am prone to impulse buys but I do have about 90% less books overall and they make a nice display and investment.
  6. It is absolutely a grind and only something you should do if you enjoy it. My Primary job is really good I have definitely had the shower conversations inside my head that I should spend this time working on improving my standing in that primary career instead of hunting comics. My final decision was that I enjoy it. I enjoy the hunt, the flip and the collecting. I would never spend the time doing this to just make money because like you said the knowledge and time needed for the return just isn't there.
  7. Advice in 3 steps Step 1: Before you make another purchase for profit you need to know comic books. If you can't look at a collection in person and make a quick judgement on your max price and reasonable expectation on both profit and time to move the books then you are not ready to jump in yet. You can still give it a go but you will be paying tuition in the form of lost profit. Step 2: Stay away from hot modern books because if they are already hot then by the time you get them and resell them they will be cold. Some book however are easy to speculate and at worst break even, book like Thor 337. Step 3: Most of the people making a livable profit are doing one of or both of these. Finding collections cheap and flipping them by using their knowledge of what they are worth. Buying bigger books at a discount and already have a large buyer base to sell that book to. Finding collections is your best bet but honestly with a full time job and lack of knowledge the pros are going to beat you to it. My own personal beer money and comic upgrade method is buying collection very CHEAP. I then remove the big books, press and slab ($300 plus value). I take the $5-$100 books and just run facebook auctions to move them quickly ( I make less money but books move fast). I take all the drek and either donate it or sell it in large bundles cheap. I basically just do this to buy overpriced Silver age marvel keys and would never do it to make a living because it is a grind.
  8. Wolverine vs Spiderman. They both go to east Germany for their own reasons but Spiderman ends up fighting wolverine before he finds out they are on the same team. Spiderman then gets a glimpse into the brutality of Wolverines life with a gut shot ending that involves Spiderman being used to commit suicide.
  9. As a reader of comics the books in the 90s also were mostly terrible and everybody was pushing out products which may have also lead to the collapse.
  10. Personally I have always believed that if the only people to buy comics were true collectors and those that enjoy reading comics this industry would have collapsed long ago. The perceived and actual long term value of comics and the somewhat stable nature of their growth has brought in money that would have otherwise been spent elsewhere. I am a long time collector myself and I would never spend 4 to 5 figures on a comic book if there wasn't a long term growth value. I rarely read floppies as I prefer collected editions and prefer CGC slabs for collecting which some would say goes against nature of collecting comics (you know because I can't smell the book now lol) but I say live and let live but please spend money so the hobby stays alive. In short any money in the hobby is a positive, there are far more people willing to buy stuff if they think that stuff with go up in price. I welcome all speculators, collectors, readers or casual fan of a character. The money is all good for the hobby.
  11. Claim, Take all that good stuff. Thank you
  12. Only reason I can see for supporting local Mom and Pop stores is if you want your town to be different then the thousands of towns around you. I grew up in a small beach town in Florida and loved when it was only Mom and Pops with very few chains. This changed of course because people didn't support them for obvious reasons Price and convenience. Now it is just another Wal-Mart/Home Depot cookie cutter town. Now when I visit family all people do is complain how the place has lost its charm lol. I agree on Most Comic book shops being sub par but if you like having a comic shop in town support them. If you don't care save money and buy online.
  13. Looks like a Class Action for some lawyer to get rich. Paypal has the ability to force returns and then keep a fee on top of it. They are no longer a "Neutral" party in disputs (as if they ever were) and doesn't seem to pass the sniff test to me. With that said can someone educate me on the new tax law?