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  1. Those claims end with the destruction of the universe. It's very important to continue arguing first appearances. 😉👍
  2. The topic of this thread clearly says "anywhere." I don't know why all the trolls came out to feast. Thank you all for the list of preview books. I have owned multiple copies of all these spiderman comics since the 1980's. It's nice to see other books of interest to hunt for. I really don't care how people classify them.
  3. Almost non-existant...... almost. Here the same edition with two different covers, from Australia.
  4. Here is how it should have been labeled to avoid confusion. This is a Marvel Legends edition. It is still labeled as "reprint," which is still physically innacurate but at least the label makes more sense.
  5. Ok, here's a little rant.. When we label everything a "printing," this thread demonstrates the kind of confusion that happens. This book is not a "4th printing." It was not physically "re-printed" from the same equipment as the first three. This is a completely different modern and physically original edition. This should also not be labeled as "1986," when it was produced 2009.
  6. Your massive spam dumps with little context or organization do your collection no justice. Take your time. Organize your pics and post them into the appropriate age and genre threads. What would be an important, world reknowned collection looks like a jumbled mess.
  7. Here's one more book to add to the conversation. Four Color v.2 119. Read the banner at the bottom of the cover. I think this should be considered an important Felix key. Everything up until this point was reprinted strips from the Sunday papers. This is the first published exclusive comic book material.
  8. Enjoy! https://comicbookinvest.com/2018/09/21/chilling-adventures-of-collecting-sabrina/
  9. Does this Masters of the Universe Gold edition has an Invincible preview ? If so, that should be the rarest of all the Invincible previews.
  10. That is the same cover intanibase.com has listed as issue 2. They date it as 1925.
  11. If there is no date printed inside, i'm willing to live with 1924. The only "1923" referrence is this eBay listing. That's never a reliable source. ? Regardless, it seems to be the oldest we have found so far. Very nice! Thank you for the help!
  12. Yeah, I have had "Image, Turtles" on my eBay watchlist for a few years. Granted, I only use the eBay app which I believe doesn't do the best search but it finds most. I try and check every issue that comes to market from the series. I find 1-2 a year if i'm lucky. Issue 2 has come up maybe 3 times. I have seen 1 badly damaged copy of issue 3 and 1 copy of 4. Strangely, issue 1 is the most common issue of the series, by far, and I have yet to see a newsstand for it. A member here posted a photo of issue 8, so I know they at least made that many. That's it. After all this time, I can only verify 2,3,4 and 8.
  13. This may be the first Felix book. Your listing says 1927. Here are two other listings that say 1923 and 1924. The felix site I posted above says 1924 was the first.... hmm. Still kind of crazy that this may be the first ever Felix book and they are currently selling for under $50 ?
  14. Here's a few Hungarian children's comics. They are dated 1938. I can't find a month so I don't know if they pre-date the first Aussie book in April of 1938