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  1. In my humble opinion, I believe NS Batman 655 is currently undervalued and has the best long term potential. It feels like a sleeper. That newsstand is 100X harder to find than the variant.
  2. Have many of the Legends figures been released with multiple books like Blade? I'm surprised that there is not much "deeper" information published by collectors about Legends figures online
  3. What's confusing is the dates. The figure is from 2003. All the internet resources give the book a 2005 date. Do you have a photo of the figure in package with this book? I can't find a photo anywhere. Do you have a source for your information? Been trying to find hard evidence on this thing and i'm coming up short. thank you for the help. i appreciate it
  4. Thank you. Do you have a copy or know how it was distributed?
  5. Here's a question for you hunters. I found a couple references to this book online. Two sources say published in 2005. One source says "movie giveaway" and another says Marvel Legends edition. There were no Blade figures produced anytime between 2003 and 2013. I can't find this book available anywhere, no sold or active listings. Does anyone here own this or know conclusively where it came from?
  6. Regardless, it's a fun mystery. I'll keep my eyes peeled for more. Did you figure out where all the malls are located geographically? Is this a East Coast or West Coast, or are they all over the place?
  7. It was published in April,1938. Yes, issue 1 might be the first. Unfortunately, there are no photos of that issue or the 1st issue of the 2nd Aussie Felix series. I have spoke with several golden age Aussie collectors and no one has ever seen a copy of either one.