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  1. The missing submission are 32 modern books. The other 3 submissions that have been posted to my account are: 21 Moderen Fast Track (Going to CCS first) 2 Value Fast Track (Going to CCS first) 13 Magazines
  2. So, I recently submitted (4) orders in 1 shipment to CGC this week. However, in my profile I only see 3 out of the 4 orders and I just received an e-mail from CGC submission acknowledgement with only 3 orders on the invoice. Is this normal business practice? Will I get another CGC submission acknowledgement regarding my 4th order?? Has this happened to anybody on the board? Any assistance would be appreciated so I can sleep at night lol
  3. Full press is taking forever at the moment. Has anybody ever used their quick press service and if so how were the results?