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  1. Ok guys for all those that want in on this please contact me as arranging dates with Charlie very soon.
  2. The Jake Mackessy Saga This is a post on a friends facebook page, judge for yourself. Here is the email i sent to the wife of Jake Mackessy hello Beth.... I have been trying to contact Jake, He is ignoring my emails. I have paid Jake directly for a commission, this was over 3 years ago, the commission has still not been delivered and Jake is ignoring my emails. I need this matter resolved, if not I will take this matter public and take legal action. The fact I am being ignored is disgraceful and the situation I am advised is classed as theft (having taken my money and now ignoring me) hopefully you will talk to Jake about this and I look forward to hearing from Jake shortly ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- After ignoring my emails he quickly responded once i emailed his wife, here is his response --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jake Yo my wife just said you messaged her what the dude I don't check Facebook I'm working a diff job. Far as I'm concerned I don't have mess to do I don't know why you think you can talk to me like this or who the I am. Take this mess to (the artist concerned). You know he blocked me last time. Dean I paid you for a commission.... it is up to you to refund me or get the commission..its that simple.... do not ignore me Jake Don't bother my wife That's some up mess Dean no it is not..if you ignore me its simple really... refund me or get the commisiion you have a legal obligation to me i paid the commission price plus paypal fees i have downloaded my paypal statement which shows 20th jan 2014 and 21st jan 2014 $1040 payment to Jake Mackessy. i am happy to send this, but you already know i paid you, so my legal contract is with you. please refund me the payment as a gift. Then this matter is at a close. Thank you my paypal is in addition to your earlier comments, i too have a full time job and dont have time for this, but if i take someones money i fulfill my obligation to them. if i did not, then i would have left myself open to being chased. that i am afraid is the reality of the situation. i know its not a great situation but t cant help that. Jake You received one of the commissions individual_without_enough_empathy Do you want money back for it go yourself Please take this public please make a problem I wonder what people think about you harassing someone's wife I told you years ago I would deal with (artist name) and you told me you didn't want him to rush your commissi I wash my hands of it you can yourself don't message me but guess what I don't block people say what the ever you want threaten me what are you trying to do legal action clown ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------To quickly sum up in Jan 2014 Jake touted art groups to buy a commission from an artist he was bringing over to a show, i opted for 2 pieces one at $300 and one at $700 , after 1 year the $300 commission was delivered. Jake asked me to email the artist directly to try and speed things up. so i obliged. Now jake claims that my dealing is with the artist not him. I PAID Jake. he took my money. so he owes me $700 plus fees ($730) he runs a small art studio with his wife and runs a comic con PAC Palouse.......all i can say is beware and make your own judgement if you want to deal with himany advice on how to pursue him for the money would be helpful UK vs US citizenI dont like matters going public and never have made things public, but i was left with little choice after Jakes post.Thank you for your support
  3. True, I do work with one artist over the UK, and because there are only two people doing SS in the UK, well only 1 as I dont do much. He had dealt with me for years and is happy to do so, I speak a lot to the other the other facilitator and we open up each other opps at cost to each other as we have different clients. Also my artist friend also donates his sig to charity.
  4. I think that a lot of creators are getting pissed at the facilitators and dealers that rock up to them with a handful of books, get the signed for free and then go off and charge their customers stupid amounts for the privilege. Hence the more private/facilitator signings. What I dont like is that as a fan you cant get your one or two comics signed meet the creator and have it CGCd.
  5. But they have no choice, I understand supply and demand. For new fans entering the arena and especially kids do you think that they should be made to pay these prices for signatures that creators are charging?
  6. WE havent hit market saturation until every weekend is filled up with comic conventions. But thats for another debate when we have the guests like Jabba the Huts left arm and Z rated actors. In the UK we new comic conventions springing up on a daily basis, that have nothing to do with comics.
  7. But there is no choice...if I want X creator I need to go through Y facilitator. So they could charge whatever they want for the privilege. And prices have increased tenfold in the last few years.
  8. I think he said that he has seen facilitators having their customers books signed without having a witness present and then accepting it into SS.
  9. With the exclusive deals that SS facilitators have signed up creators it has impacted on the fans in other ways. Fan has his comic that he wants to get signed, he meets said creator at a signing gets his comic signed for free, and there happens to be a witness there who says, hey would you like that graded. NO HE CANT AS ALL CGC COMICS MUST BE AT SPECIAL SIGNINGS ONLY. So said fan cannot go a meet this creator have his comic signed and graded. I understand the need for more private signings to deal with the dealers and bulk signings, also what happens if one facilitator doesnt like another, then you will never be able to offer your customers that particular creator. What about personalised comics, those are for fans so why should they be lumped into the same pot as dealers/retailers/flippers. Gone are the days of rocking up to creators and getting a free sig or sketch.
  10. Celestial Comics at most shows have a booth. They also have about 4 staff on the booth and at big shows can have 5+ witnesses going around to get the comics signed. You said that you have seen facilitators get the comics signed themselves with no witness present and we are asking who? As this undermines the whole process.
  11. I dont think you know what your talking about. Facilitator in charge of the books and directs the witness. The witness goes and get the books witnessed, and brings back to facilitator. Its not hard, but when more money gets involved standards slip and people become greedy, that 1 "oh go moment" turns into 2 which increases especially when you get away with it time and time again.
  12. They are, they will be found out and kicked out as a SS facilitator, and all the books they have done will be tarnished. Its about keeping high standards and not always about the money, the money is a 2nd issue in the scheme of things. You get greedy your standards drop and then no more SS facilitating then no more making any money.