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    jerry lewis 93

    My latest acquisition from the recent Comic Link auction. This book being from 1966, it's the oldest 9.8 in my collection. Always nice to have books in 9.8 from this era, which I have very few of. It's also nice when they end up at a lower price than expected at the end of the auction. My winning bid here was under $300. Enjoy.
  2. john ivic

    SA 216

    Just won this on eBay. The last Deadman story in this title. This has always been my favorite Neal Adams run. Awesome covers and stories to boot. Enjoy.
  3. john ivic

    Adventure Comics 373

    Won this book on eBay today. My first signature series purchase in four years. Continuing with my acquisition of Neal Adams covers. Features the first appearance of the Tornado Twins, Don and Dawn Allen, far future descendants of Barry Allen. Enjoy.
  4. john ivic

    WW 189

    One more auction win from Comic Link. And, like my win from yesterday, another cover scene depicting war, this one from the Vietnam era. A particularly difficult issue to find from the Diana Prince run. Interesting to see her blasting away with an automatic weapon, instead of wielding the proverbial sword.
  5. john ivic

    Our Army At War 240

    Won this in the current Comic Link auction. With this book, I now have all four issues with Neal Adams interior art on this title. Surprised to find my winning bid was well under $100. It's back to buying comics again after taking a break during the summer. And this is a good one to start with.
  6. How did Scooby Doo 1 become so hot? Probably due to all the spin-offs and reboots over the years, including the current popular series, Scooby Doo - Guess Who?
  7. john ivic

    Jerry Lewis 123

    war comics - Not likely. The CGC 6.0 SS on ebay has been sitting there for two years. Which means that nobody is interested and sees no value in it. Now, if it were a 9.0 SS, I'm sure it would have been snatched up very fast. I don't know why more high grade copies turn up slabbed. There are only 6 on the CGC census. I guess I just have to wait for scrape1 to part with his 9.0 copy some day.
  8. john ivic

    Jerry Lewis 123

    war comics & pemart1966: I won't settle for a low or mid-grade book. Which is all that is available on ebay. On the CGC census, there are only six issues graded, with a single 9.0 as the highest. That book is owned by CGC member scrape1. I've contacted him and asked if he'll sell the book, but he is unwilling to part with it for now. And no, I don't have any Neal Adams SS series books here.
  9. john ivic

    Jerry Lewis 123

    War Comics - Neal Adams did the artwork in issues 101 -104. I guess those qualify as key issues. The only one I need is 101, which is next to impossible to find.
  10. john ivic

    Jerry Lewis 123

    My recent auction win from last month. This puts me in a tie for first place in the Jerry Lewis registry set.
  11. This book seems to be getting very hot. A CGC 9.6 ended up with a winning bid of $457 in the Comic Link auction last night. I may have to add it to my want list. A couple of 9.4s on ebay at the moment are going for roughly $275 each. Must admit I love this cover, the women's lib contradiction notwithstanding.
  12. john ivic

    One More Auction Win

    Torchwood - I wonder also why some books go for such high prices. I guess it depends on how badly the collector wants a certain book, especially if it's tough to find. Still, bidding for books at auction on Comic Link or Heritage sometimes results in very low winning bids compared to what you would pay on ebay for the same book. Perfect example: I won a CGC 9.6 Hot Wheels 3 at Heritage at the beginning of the year for $240. Same book, same CGC grade was listed on ebay at the time for $620.
  13. I need to add the Adventures Of Jerry Lewis 123 to my registry set. Please add it to the registry point totals page. I believe it goes for 250 points. CGC certification # is 1571172009. Slot Created. Thank you
  14. Please add Secret Hearts 133 to the CGC registry set. Certification # is 1059982008. Slot Created. Thank you
  15. john ivic

    Superman 234

    You're right Brandon. Another great orange Adams cover I need is World's Finest 180.
  16. john ivic

    Superman 234

    Another book with Neal Adams cover work that I picked up on ebay today. Issue 233 is regarded as the classic Superman Adams cover, but I like this one just as well. And a beautiful looking 9.4 at that. Enjoy.
  17. john ivic

    One More Auction Win

    This was the second book I won in the last Comic Link auction, along with the ASM 71. Yet another Neal Adams cover, but interior work also. The purchase of these auction wins will be my last one for a while. I'm now on lay off from my job due to the Covid -19 crisis. I don't know how much of an impact this will have on the collecting industry, except to say that most books will now be going for lower prices than usual. I imagine several collectors will have to sell their cherished books to keep on paying the monthly bills. Stay safe everyone!
  18. john ivic

    Eerie 53

    Won this in the recent Heritage auction. Also put in a bid for issue 77, but no luck there as I was outbid at the last moment. This one is insanely tough to find. The only other one I ever came across for sale was a 9.0 on ebay a little while ago. I wanted this one primarily because it features art work by Neal Adams, one of the last Warren magazines he worked on. Part of the Don Rosa pedigree collection.
  19. john ivic

    ASM 71

    Won this in the current Comic Link auction the other day. Taking a bit of a break from the Neal Adams books that I'm currently going after. Always admired the artwork of John Romita and this is one of my favorite covers of his. A very nice 9.0 that looks more like a 9.4.
  20. john ivic

    Lois Lane 79

    And so the collecting of books with Neal Adams covers continues. One of the very first, if not the first of his covers on a Superman title. Not too easy to find this particular issue either. Adams would continue to do the Lois covers for the next 16 books. What with doing the cover work on Superman, Action, Jimmy Olsen, Adventure, the Batman titles etc. - one wonders where he found the time to do all this. Enjoy.
  21. Continuing where I left off at the end of 2019 with my focus on books with Neal Adams covers. This one's okay as far as his covers go. Love the brown sky color. With auctions going on right now at Heritage and Pedigree Comics, and one starting on Thursday at Comic Link, there's a whole slew of books I plan to bid on. This one I picked up on ebay. Enjoy.
  22. Just won this in the latest Heritage auction. A tough to find book with cover artwork by Neal Adams. I'm now concentrating on books with Adams covers during the period from 1967-71. Surprised to have won this book for under $250. Enjoy.
  23. john ivic

    Hulk vs. Glob

    Won this in the recent Comic Link auction. The Glob was a character you could call a precursor to the Swamp and Man-Things, I suppose. Don't see this book turn up on the market very often. Had this issue when I was a youngster along with several other Herb Trimpe Hulks from that era. Enjoy.
  24. john ivic

    Frazetta Greatness V

    Won this in the Heritage auction last night. The last of the Warren magazines with Frank Frazetta cover work that I wanted. Probably one of the toughest to find in high grade too. And it also features interior artwork by Neal Adams. Enjoy.