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  1. Hi all, I joined CGC boards early 2000s and was semi active for quite awhile. I collected mainly silver age keys and a few bronze age keys. It was a fun run and have decided to stop when I got busy. I have sold a few of my books via comiclink the last 2 years but have still kept a few more. I am just curious as to the valuations of silver age books now. I read some silver age DC keys are going down. How about marvel keys?
  2. Hi I knew about this book when it came out. the ruby red sold for $75 i think eden? from a reseller online. I bought it and kept it together with the platinum and the normal version. I was a big DG fan then. When the book hit $400, i sold it over ebay together with the rest of the books. I have since manage to buy the platinum for $40 ( i think) but nowhere to get the red foil version at $400. Anyway this post reminded me of this.
  3. RIP Stan Lee. you were a hero to many of us.
  4. Hi all, Anyone selling a copy of the CANVASS version of Alex Ross Original Seven Giclee? shoot me a pm. thanks!
  5. i have been gone by a few years and now i learn about CVA! something new to digest
  6. Good luck on your journey! I was active on the boards mid 2000 but now I have decided to quit the hobby. Funny thing is I have decided to move to watches.
  7. Stan Lee file copy is a pedigree designation by CGC to indicate that the books with this designation came from the collection of Stan Lee himself. thanks.
  8. thanks, its a Stan Lee file copy. This is his personal copy of Xmen 1 and he signed it before it got slabbed by CGC. I love this book more for its historical importance.
  9. Here is mine, don't know if this will work
  10. the first book I bought when I started collecting was a AF15 CGC 5.5. I think i got it for about $5k. I have since hold on to the book along with the others. Maybe now is a good time to sell? I began buying lots of books then, I should have used all my money to buy all the AF15 I can get!