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  1. Hi everyone, I have some rare, high grade Uncanny X-men variants in the My Comic Shop Auction ending tonight. Check them out! The link will take you directly to the uncanny X-men 534 WonderCon San Francisco Giants variant CGC 9.6. https://www.mycomicshop.com/search?ItemID=47585367 Thanks, Pete
  2. Hi everyone, I have a great group of slabs available for sale! Amazing Spider-Man 800 shattered variant (ASM 300 cover swipe) CGC 9.8 $150 Avengers 1 Stan Lee Reprint Variant (J Scott Campbell) CGC 9.8 $150 Immortal Hulk 1 16-bit (Hulk 181 cover swipe) variant CGC 9.8 $100 Uncanny X-Men 297 Pressman Gold Variant CGC 9.0 $225 (Pending) Uncanny X-Men 497 Emerald City Comic Con Variant CGC 9.2 $35 Uncanny X-Men 500 Dodson variant CGC 9.8 $100 Uncanny X-Men 500 Dodson sketch variant CGC 9.8 $400 Uncanny X-Men 500 Fan Expo variant CGC 9.4 $100 Uncanny X-Men 510 J Scott Campbell variant CGC 9.6 $225 Uncanny X-Men 534 SF Giants Wondercon Variant CGC 9.6 $325 Uncanny X-Men 543 Sketch Variant $150 Uncanny X-Men 1 (vl. 4) J Scott Campell variant CGC 9.8 $100 I also have many raw Uncanny X-Men variants for sale! Feel free to request a list! I can also include a new graded comic wall mount with your order for an additional $7 each Shipping: 1 slab $14, $2 per additional. If needing references, I have sold a ton of books on facebook and at conventions and have lots of folks who can vouch. You can find me at my ComicCon Collections page on Facebook.
  3. As a subset to X-Men (1963) could there be a "Stan Lee X-Men 1963" set? It would be issues 1-19, which were the only ones he wrote the stories for.
  4. Hi Mollie, For the X-Men 1-544 with variants set (and any other that included variant s of 500) it only mentions one sketch cover for number 500, where there is the Turner sketch variant and the Dodson sketch variant. I noticed the gpa has no distinction between them, either. I am fairly new to the boards, so wasn't sure where else to ask about that missing entry. Thanks!