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  1. Has anybody heard about Adyen? I ran across this article, hopefully the landscape will change: https://www.vox.com/2018/1/31/16957212/ebay-adyen-paypal-payments-agreement
  2. You really want to know how valuable they are? Put them up for sale/ auction.
  3. The irony of all this, he is also selling graded books on ebay. This where karma needs to step in. I sent messages through ebay to his followers (you can only message 5 different people a day) with a warning and a link to this thread. So far one person responded with gratitude and unfollowed him.
  4. I agree with your method, ebay/paypal only for lower priced books, anything 200 and up auction houses.
  5. That's a question that I am asking myself, is there another form of payment that we can accept to avoid this bullcrap. Are credit cards plausible or will it be a hassle?
  6. this piece of you know what : deuteria if you have some time to kill and interested as to why, check out this thread :
  7. The book is correct, but now we know anyone can by a book, if the value decrease in 6 months, they can return it for a full refund. PLAY BALL
  8. The case was closed in favor of the buyer, based on the info they provided. The disputed amount has been withdrawn from your PayPal balance.
  9. I never had problems as well, sales ranging from 6k to .99 cents, not one return on ebay. But this is setting a precedence. The culprit is paypal, the buyer is abusing the policy set by them. I had a very positive interaction with the paypal rep, and it was the second person I spoke to. The first one didn't give a rats , just went through protocol. The second rep listened and understood the situation and even asked me to upload the grader notes from cgc website. Felt confident after the phone call, but who knows, the status is still in the review stage. The fact that the buyer shipped the book back without a decision being made is puzzling. Either he is very confident or he has done this before. If the decision is in his favor, I am done using paypal. Just morally wrong, who wants to deal with a return six months after the fact.