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  1. I thought I did, I uploaded images, defined what CGC is to the PayPal rep, I was assured I was in the right, lost the dispute. I challenged the dispute, spoked to higher ups, again i was assured that I was in the right. But same result, they always back the buyer.
  2. Sorry to disagree, had a thread a few months back where PayPal gave a full refund on a 9.8, because they buyer didn't agree with the grade. He returned the book 3 months after purchase.
  3. Sent in a Batman #40 (golden age), it was 8.5 from another grading company. Had it pressed and cleaned, came back 9.0. Felt like it still had potential for another bump, resubbed and it came back 8.0. Was not happy, my fault for pushing my luck I guess. Due to my stubbornness and not knowing when to quit when you are ahead, I will resubmit one more time. Felt like a full point down was way too harsh. Book looks exactly the same from the day I purchased it, I have photos from day of purchase that I looked over just in case it was mishandled during the process. The grader notes from the second s
  4. Has anybody heard about Adyen? I ran across this article, hopefully the landscape will change: https://www.vox.com/2018/1/31/16957212/ebay-adyen-paypal-payments-agreement
  5. The irony of all this, he is also selling graded books on ebay. This where karma needs to step in. I sent messages through ebay to his followers (you can only message 5 different people a day) with a warning and a link to this thread. So far one person responded with gratitude and unfollowed him.
  6. I agree with your method, ebay/paypal only for lower priced books, anything 200 and up auction houses.
  7. That's a question that I am asking myself, is there another form of payment that we can accept to avoid this bullcrap. Are credit cards plausible or will it be a hassle?
  8. this piece of you know what : deuteria if you have some time to kill and interested as to why, check out this thread :