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  1. I collect both Cards and Comics and you are just wrong about the Card market. Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle are setting new price records every year and haven't played in decades. Also the prospect market is out preforming the variant market by quite a lot. Just look at Mike Trout and Vlad Jr. prices. There is room for both in my collections and both my Schomburgs, Key Bronze age books and HOF RC's have gone up in value in the last 10 years. My Roberto Clemente RC PSA 7 was purchased for $1200 just 6 years ago is now selling for close to 7K. The people repeating that the sports card market is dead are just fooling themselves.
  2. Hi I am a big Schomburg fan and decided to go in with a collection after many toe dips. Here are my first 2 Timely's http://Human Torch 15 Schomburg by Jason Jacobs, on Flickr http://Captain America 27 Schomburg by Jason Jacobs, on Flickr
  3. Your definition of success is different than mine. They have had 0 important or good story arcs, the values have plummeted and nobody really cares anymore.
  4. Honestly this is the age of speculation and movie/tv shows. I agree there are some great writers and independent books but when your #1 maker of comics craps the bed like Marvel has been doing it hurts the entire category. They are dragging everyone down with their terrible quality and constant reboots. Marvel owns some of the most popular characters out there but doesn't seem to know how to use them. Also with independent creators abandoning projects, it has started to hurt as people are now waiting for the Trades just in case the artist doesn't finish the series.
  5. So how is this going to be different than Spider Gwen or Gwenpool? I understand making money and good for you but does anyone really believe this is going to be a longterm type of character?
  6. It seems these do annoy people
  7. I have been to Ruth Chris's in Indianapolis and in Illinois. Very good steak place but I prefer Gibson's in Chicago or St. Elmo's in Indianapolis
  8. This looks awful and for the price it will go for ugh