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    15 years I've been here. Maybe I'm not enough of a narcissist.

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  1. rjbach103 Looks like some teenager on a phone jacked his grandma's account. I got the following on 2 different selling accts.
  2. We've always been friends, so I'll keep comments about tapping your cousins out of the conversation.
  3. Wowzers, I took a flood back in '89. I lived on a golf course on Greens Bayou , here in Houston, and yes, that is just about what it looks like. I lost my Detective collection then. What part of town was your house ?
  5. Zepada VS Paypal, I have a check for $ 11.57 in front of me. I was one of the first to sign up when Elon was pushing Xpay . Longish time now.
  6. Appearantly I can't help you with this old quandry. I looked thru the emoticons, and didn't find the little brown turd icon. Obviously CGCMod2 needs to update the emoticon inventory.
  7. Need to get Flea to put a little oink oink sound effect on that one.
  8. Seems like certain facets of the hobby have become 'only about the money'.
  9. Can I play ? I've moved on to Plat and Pre-Plat things now. But I do appreciate the artwork and covers from most of the 19th century sports magazine.
  10. Fifteen years I've been here. Maybe I'm not enough of a narcissist . No custom title yet ... Like maybe " I love nickel weeklies "