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  1. Concorde

    Wow...$4K for FF1 in FR

    I give you my copy of FF1...not far from the one here!
  2. Tonight on Heritage.
  3. Concorde

    Hot Wheels #5 in CGC 9.4 for $415??

    I don't have that book, but I did find it here: Great site to look at scans of Toth's work.
  4. FF1-100 (but broken up at the moment since I got rid of 2 and 3) this one is lower grade...took about 3-4 years or less. I probably will not complete it with 2 and 3 again...thinking of getting rid of FF5. Conan 1-200 and beyond...still intact X-Men1-400 (I don't have #1 any more 2-400) this one took about 15 years Almost have a complete JIM/Thor run from 83 to 200...but missing 83 and maybe 5 others. I think I was close to a complete Dr. Strange run from ST110 thru the Colan/Brunner series...but I got rid of no more. I can't hold on to books when they get too valuable...too many other cool things out there!
  5. CGC 9.6 copy has been sold. CGC 9.4 copy is still available.
  6. Hi...two more copies from my "mini-hoard" of Eternals #1 books. To be clear...these are different copies than the ones I am offering on the "board only" sale area. Eternals #1 CGC 9.4 $190 Buy-it-Now $7.25 USPS Priority shipping Eternals #1 CGC 9.6 $320 Buy-it-Now $7.25 USPS Priority shipping Thanks for looking!
  7. Concorde

    Incredible Hulk #181 - is it *that* red-hot?

    I actually picked this copy up in Mt View, California at Big Guys comics sometime around 2000. It was $300 pre CGC. I didn’t intend on selling, but once a book gets crazy I tend to move on. If only I knew!!
  8. Concorde

    Incredible Hulk #181 - is it *that* red-hot?

    Sold my CGC 9.6 copy for $2850 in the early 2000's. Doh!!
  9. Saw this on eBay today and made an offer at $415 against a $499 asking price. How crazy am I?? I love this book...and I know that Toth saw it as one of his masterpieces. Hot Wheels #5 CGC 9.4 Toth once said, "If I hated a -script, I couldn't send it back to the editor. I was capable of doing a "throwaway" job, to just "get it out," not see it anymore! But, if really interested in doing my very best, not repeating myself, not falling back on easy ways out, because this -script warranted better-than-average effort, I'd give 110%." Toth did this entire book...writing, penciling and inking. I'd say he gave 110%. There are 18 graded copies...4 in 9.4 none higher.
  10. Better scanner produces really crappy images, so I am relegated to my phone...which is, well, ok. Lighting is tough. Someone should start a thread on shooting graded comics. I think you probably need a light box and a polarizer...but I digress.
  11. Hello. Something for medium and low budgets here. You may have seen my other thread where I sold a 9.6 copy. I still have 4 left in that grade. Message if interested. Featured here though are two lower grade copies. CGC 9.4 book. Cert 1300743009. Grading notes: Very light spine stress lines, very light wear full right of front cover breaks color. $190 CGC 8.5 book. Cert 13007430015 Grading Notes: Light wear left bottom of back cover, light, multiple stain top of whole book $90 First gets the book (or books if you want them both). Shipping is USPS priority...$12 for a single book...but if you want both...same...$12 Payment via Paypal only Allow 3 days after payment for book to be sent.
  12. Concorde


    Question is...when is the right time to sell this book? My copy is in ~6.0...maybe 7.0. I am not interested in holding forever.
  13. Concorde

    PGM ASM 238

    Those tears really hurt this book. I'd say 5ish. No more though.