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  1. Super busy time for you all, but when you have time please add to the Star Wars Action Figure Variant Covers set: Star Wars (2020) #8 (Cert. 2614701013) Star Wars : Bounty Hunters #6 (Cert. 2614701011) Star Wars: Bounty Hunters #7 (Cert. 2614729001) Slots added 4/15/21.
  2. Got a couple new(ish) additions to the collection, one courtesy of a fine eBay seller and one from our very own @Kevlar (the Ewan McGregor book). Not going to conventions has given me a little extra to spend on upgrades, lol. I'm trying to see the silver lining in this COVID era we live in.
  3. I'll only quote this one, but all of your Dorman sketch covers are absolutely stunning. I assume these were direct commissions and he submitted to CGC?
  4. I love the "Brawl to settle it all" Vader/Maul dual sig, and I really like the artwork on the two Forbidden Planet books. Thanks for sharing these with us. Hope you had great holidays. Looking forward to 2021.
  5. That's terrific! Looking forward to the Obi-wan show on Disney+. Hopefully that means we can see more of McGregor at shows in the future.
  6. The demo video showed bagged/boarded books being inserted. To actually use, do the books get inserted raw with a few backer boards? Also, do these get returned with your graded books to reuse?
  7. I love that cover. It's really too bad about the decline you mentioned. You're definitely right about the Bullochs -- both Mr. and Mrs. are simply lovely to speak with. I really miss them on the convention circuit. I know some boardies have arranged private signings with him since he stopped doing cons, so keep an eye out for those posts.
  8. I get the sneaking suspicion you're a Fett (Bulloch) fan. That Hamill X-Wing Pilot AFV is killer. Nice collection! Thanks for sharing with us.
  9. For some reason, I couldn't edit my original post, so here's the current list: Darth Vader 25 (Most Good Hobby edition black/white version of General Tagge) - blue label 9.8 - paying $125 Vader Down #1 (Wonderworld Christopher Edition - checklist) - blue label 9.8 - paying $75 Star Wars #50 (Emperor Palpatine action figure) - (update: acquired a blue label 9.8), but would still be interested in Ian McDiarmid SS if available in 9.8 Star Wars #51 (Chief Chirpa action figure) - blue label 9.8 - paying $60 Star Wars #53 (Logray action figure) - blue label 9.8 - paying $60
  10. I forgot to tag you in the post. Couldn't have added those to my collection without the excellent care @Kevlar took with them. Crossing fingers I can get the money together before the Harrison Ford signing.
  11. Is that Drew Johnson Batman a steampunk take on Bats? I like that one a lot, especially the cape.
  12. Not sure if it was PayPal related, but I had two items in a cart on eBay, and it wouldn't let me check out through PayPal until I changed the quantity in my order. My order was two auction wins, so I was unable to change it. Selected one of the two items to try pay it individually, and it went through fine that way and was able to pay for both (and my seller combined shipping previously through his invoice). Not sure if this is the same problem you were experiencing. It affected both web-based eBay and iPhone app.
  13. That's all sorts of awesome. I kick myself for missing this signing. Hoping there will be others soon.
  14. Personal story + pictures of your treasures = pure magic. Those are awesome!
  15. Nick was an absolute joy to work with on multiple transactions so far, helping me add to a set I've been building for a long time now. He is always courteous and professional in communications. And if you want bulletproof packaging, Nick's your guy. I don't think the Samsonite gorilla could damage these things. You can tell he's a collector too, because every book was in immaculate condition and well cared for. He's also been kind enough to offer me time payments on a couple big ticket items, which is much appreciated.
  16. I picked up a couple more beauties from @Nickbandit1977 for my action figure variant collection. Got a Hamill X-Wing Pilot and a Samuel Jackson Mace Windu (the second one). I should run over to the kudos page to drop a line about him there too.
  17. That's an amazing cover, and you're right about the sig placement. That's a beauty. Congrats!
  18. Oooh, I like yours too. It's very cool how much good art can be packed into such a little box. Thanks for sharing it.
  19. Not an actual Kirby, but a sketch to honor Kirby by artist Phil Hester. On his social media account, he took bids for character of your choice, winner of a poll (4 choices) and a character he hadn't drawn in his xxKirbys run. Long story short, Sky Masters of the Space Force won the character he hadn't drawn part of the competition, and I was lucky enough to have the winning bid. All the sales went to benefit Hero Initiative, the Jack Kirby Museum and HACAP (Hawkeye Area Community Action Program for Iowa derecho relief). I don't have the actual piece in hand quite yet, but here's an
  20. I like this one a lot. Her hair is astonishingly good. I also like the [what looks like] chalk drawings in the background. This piece really pops. Your client is lucky.
  21. It's 12" tall, including the base. I think the base is 6" diameter. Based on J. Scott Campbell's version of Vampi.
  22. This is the only one I own (not to derail this forum with statue images):
  23. It might be unintentional, but the yellow/orange-outlined blob with the green specks in it below his face resembles when celluloid film gets stuck in a projector and it starts to melt through. Cool effect.