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  1. Yes these rare National Publications from Grande Consórcio Suplementos Nacionais, Brazil 1941 are just incredibly important Internationally and among the rarest editions in the world. I am glad you enjoy our families hard work.
  2. Lobinho No.15 2nd Appearance of Robin Brazil. Interior Story is Detective Comics No.39 Published by Grande Consórcio Suplementos Nacionais, Brazil 1941
  3. "Super Hero World War II Period Covers" This historical collection was this weekends Pick-Up: o Lobinho: Published by Grande Consórcio Suplementos Nacionais, Brazil 1940's O Globo Juvenil: Published by O Globo, Brazil 1940's Two of the most important Titles in Global History in our genre. O Lobinho is among the earliest National Comics publishers in International history this title began in Journal form in 1938. O Globo Juvenil began in Journal form in 1937, and began publishing Super-Hero comics in issue No.12 of year one with the Phantom. The two publishers are the among the earliest known publishers of Timely Comics, Fiction House Comics, National Comics, MLJ COmics, Smash Comics, Zip Comics, Fight Comics and more Internationally. Keys within this photo: 1) Row two comic number one: O Lobinho No.2 the first Appearance of the Flash Brazil and maybe the earliest Internationally outside the US, 1940. 2) Row two comics number four: O Lobinho No.22 first Appearance of Clay Face, 1941. 3) Row two last comic in row on right: O Lobinho No.17 first Appearance of the Joker, 1941. 4) Top row second comic from left: O Lobinho No.19 Superman No.7 published in 1941. 5) Top row second from left: Gibi Mensal No.3 Early Timely Comic with Human Torch & Submariner published in 1941. The vast majority of these issue are World War II covers, with a few exceptions mostly the Batman issues and the Flash. We were very lucky to been able to acquire these rare International Editions even though they were in low grade they are extremely rare and our family will cherish them as we do our all our Golden Age beauty's! Thank you to all our friends who continue to refer us to these incredible family heirlooms. We have been busy updating our comic photo catalog and its now up to almost 11,000+ rare International Editions as well for your viewing pleasure. Click on this link to start enjoying these treasures now. https://www.flickr.com/photos/110108265@N07/albums
  4. Our family enjoys sharing our discoverys from around the world especially from the Golden Age of Timely, National Comics, Smash Comics, Zip Comics, Planet Comics and much more. Brazil is easily the earliest international publishers of most major Titles that occurred during World War II.