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  1. I just posted my question on the "Ask CGC" forum.
  2. Crops068, thanks for the tip. I'll give it a try.
  3. Are current CGC employees at liberty to respond to this topic? I'd really like to hear from current Comic Graders on how to get your foot in the door at CGC. I don't have prior "professional grading experience" so I'm willing to start entry-level, educate myself, learn from experienced graders, apply CGC's practices, etc. I know comics, I'm familiar enough with grading that I'd be a viable candidate, and I've got (1.) research skills and (2.) client/customer service experience from my non-comics professional career that would compliment job functions at CGC. Plus, I'm ready & willing to relocate to Sarasota.
  4. My wife would happily relocate to Sarasota, Florida so no issue there. If I were lucky enough to snag an interview @CGC Comics and then even luckier to get hired we’re there! Is there any truth to the rumor that only former LCS owners get hired as graders? If so, that’s a tough hurdle to overcome for the experience criteria. The HR Department didn’t seem interested in a conversation about how to gain the “skills & experience” for such a niche job. I wish I had an opportunity to talk with a current Comic Grader @CGC Comics because in all fairness to the HR people they might be corporate folks not “comic book” people. I’d love to take what I know then work, study, and learn from the experienced Graders. Dream job for sure! I always see stories about pursuing your dreams or doing what you love . . . Wow! This would be amazing! Maybe one day.
  5. QUESTION: If you love comics, want to join CGC, willing to relocate, put in the time, and effort . . . how do you do it? CGC posted job opportunities for 2 positions that I'm really interested in, COMIC GRADER and RESEARCH/VERIFICATION CLERK. How do you get your foot in the door at CGC? That's my question. I want it. I want to put in all the time, effort, and all it takes. I get that the Grader position most likely is an uphill battle because I currently don't have professional grading experience. Maybe an entry-level grader position? I'd love to discuss and learn the process from the other Graders and learn how to do it the "CGC way." There certainly are candidates with more practical experience than me but I still want to do it. Whereas, I'm definitely well suited for the Research/Verification Clerk opportunity which sounds amazing because I love reading and learning about publisher histories, identifying significant issues, tracking down unique variants, etc., and I've developed great researching skills over the years in a "traditional" professional career in the corporate and legal fields. I'm fascinated by CGC, grading in general, and I've loved comics all my life. I want to pursue this path with everything I've got. How do you do it? In March 2019, I applied for the Grader opening and received a reply that advised me CGC decided to pursue other candidates who appeared to match the "skills and experience." I get it. I never owned a shop or worked for another grading company but I want to learn how CGC's business works, I want to put the time into studying and learning how to grade and advance myself within the company. I want to experience the discussions that might ensue while researching, grading, and learning from other graders, researchers, and staff. A week ago, I applied again and tried thinking outside the box. Rather than just attaching my rigid professional resume I also included a statement that made my application more relevant to CGC i.e., my efforts to catalog, organize, and grade my personal comic book collection of approximately 5,600 raw books for sale. That same day, I applied to the Researcher/Verification Clerk position too, and mentioned that I was applying to both positions. I believe that I'm well suited for the Research/Verification Clerk role and see it as a great opportunity to join CGC and grow with the company. Does CGC HR ever monitor these boards to answer questions? I'd be thrilled to hear from a current Grader or the hiring manager. I really want this. Thanks, Jim