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  1. So I recently acquired a new collection and ran across this little thing. I had never seen it before. Could this be the first appearance of NIGHTWING?
  2. Does anyone know what the CGC Census is on high grade copies of WNA #1?
  3. Is WARRIOR NUN considered a copper age book? It came out in 1994. Might come under the wire depending on your cut off point.
  4. With the success of AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR do you think SILVER SURFER #44 (1st Infinity Gauntlet and return of Thanos) have any investment potential. It's still relatively cheap. What do you think long term potential is? Continue up wards or crash and burn?
  6. Part of a collection. Never seen or heard of these. Weird.
  7. I recently got these as part of a collection buy. I put these up on EBAY at a penny starting since these do not fit into my collection and they are pretty low grade.
  8. My bad again. Told you my knowledge of DC is scattered. I am not sure if it was listed but I would also include MARVEL SPOTLIGHT #32-1st Spiderwoman MARVEL SPOTLIGHT #2-1st Werewolf by Night
  9. BLACK LIGHTNING is cool. I am not a big DC guy though so my knowledge is limited. However, I am starting to get into DC. I would add: GREEN LANTERN v1#141-1st Omega Men ADVENTURE COMICS #327-1st Timberwolf DETECTIVE #474-1st modern DEADSHOT DETECTIVE #475-1st Joker Fish DC SPECIAL #4-1st Cain TEEN TITANS v1#49-Joker's Daughter (Harley Quinn) ALL STAR COMICS #58-Power Girl ALL STAR COMICS #69-The Huntress On Marvel add AMAZING SPIDERMAN #125-1st MAN WOLF
  10. I would add: MARVEL SIDE SAVAGE TALES #1v1 -1st MAN THING Adventure into Fear 19- 1st HOWARD THE DUCK the problem is some announcement may launch and obscure 1st appearance into the stratosphere. Here some I consider underlooked: DAREDEVIL #150 - 1st Paladin Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #23-1st Jack of Hearts Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #19- 1st White Tiger. With the success of Black Panther this is a latino martial arts character ripe for Marvel to use Invaders #8- 1st Union Jack Spiderman and his Amazing friends #1-1st Firestar X-Men #107- 1st STARJAMMERS Avengers #145- 1st Hellcat Incredible Hulk Annual #5- 2nd appearance of GROOT not a reprint Marvel Previews #4-1st Starlord Incredible Hulk #271-1st Rocket Raccoon Strange Tales #181- 1st Gamora Strange Tales #169-1st Brother Voodoo Power Pack #1-1st Power Pack DC SIDE Adventure Comics #428- 1st Ochid Ragman #1-1st Ragman New Teen Titans #2-1st Deathstroke and Trigon New Teen Titans #21-1st Brother Blood also 1st NIGHT FORCE Legion of Superheroes #298-1st Amethyst Princess of Gemworld FIrestorm #1-1st Firestorm Starfire #1-1st Starfire Action #521-1st Vixen Just my 2¢
  11. So ETERNALS #1 has been announced to be developed. With so many copies floating around will it be a hot commodity like FF #52 or a flop like FF #45. What do you think? Buy or sell?