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  1. Hi guys, kinda had very rocky months. now that I'm semi-back to normal life I have my mind set on finding those books. So please if anyone, knows of a low grade restored Superman 1 at a reasonable price let me know. PM me if you feel more comfortable.
  2. Let's give it bump. Superman 1 or All American 16 low grade restored (could be trimmed or incomplete as long as the covers are decent )
  3. Let's give it a bump. Maybe someone has seen that poor man's Superman 1 or All American 16 I'm looking for (low grade restored or green). Thanks y'all!
  4. Come one, guys, I know someone has what I'm looking for.
  5. Thanks for the info. Unfortunately ,I think it's pricing is totally out of whack for a book that has no back cover and it's been trimmed on three edges. The latest auction prices for a CGC 6,0 purple extensive A-5 was $45.6K and for a CBCS 5.0 Restored Extensive was $32.4K. I would have bought the 5.0 but had a work meeting and missed it. I guess if it were priced correctly I would buy it to complete my run.
  6. The Sup 1 described above if at least had covers. It can be a really low grade green or purple (0.5) as long as it has the original cover in some kind of decent shape.
  7. Still looking for that beaten up restored or qualified low grade Superman 1. Now, I'm also looking for that beaten up restored or qualified low grade All American Comics 16. Contact me if you know or have one.
  8. Bat 1 found looking for that very low grade restored purple or green Sup 1
  9. Bump Still looking for it in case someone’s got a very low grade restored Sup 1 let me know.
  10. Well, I was thinking of something around $20k. I could pay with my CC, I just feel PP gives more security to both parties.
  11. I’m looking for a very LG Bat 1 (restored, purple or green) as long as it has a cover it would be acceptable. Payment will be through PayPal. Please PM those who could be interested.
  12. Hi everyone, I'm looking for: Coverless Master Comics 21 Cover Superman 7
  13. Hi everyone, I'm looking for a low grade (slabbed or raw) Master Comics 21. Please PM to let me know.