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  1. Hi Mollie! Sorry this is a long one but thank you so much in advance! Also, this is all for the Joe Madureira Cover Set but I've called it out for each book too. Additions Set: Joe Madureira Cover Set Book: M.A.X. Yearbook (1993) #nn Cert Number: 1476238009 Set: Joe Madureira Cover Set Book: Street Fighter Reloaded (2017) #1 Cert Number: 1248936021 Set: Joe Madureira Cover Set Book: Super Mansion (2015) #nn San Diego Comic-Con Edition Cert Number: 1235373016 Set: Joe Madureira Cover Set Book: Vampirella (2010) #1 Madureira Red Sketch Cover Set: Jo
  2. Looking to buy CGC graded 9.8+ books with covers penciled by Joe Madureira (MAD!). I prefer Universal, but open to SS for key issues or if that's the only thing that's ever been graded. If it doesn't exist in the Census, or only 1 exists, I've italicized it as I'm open to potential 9.8 raw covers. Apologies in advance for the long list. I tried to keep things as organized as possible. I've also added a clarifying note in parenthesis if it needs distinction because there were more than one cover done by him for that issue. For the sake of itemizing every item, I'm open to paying
  3. Hi Mollie, Creating a new request so it doesn't get mixed up with the other one. I went through and pulled the books that should maybe be removed. Broke them down by clear removals and then a few issues that I thought maybe should be pulled out. All of these are copied directly from the set list so hopefully they're easy to track down. There are a few issues that I know exist that aren't in the set, but I also don't know if they've ever been submitted to CGC so I figure those can stay out for now. :-) Remove due to incorrect attribution or international version Bloodrayne:
  4. That's awesome! I'll go through the list and probably followup with some edits, but for now, THANK YOU! You're a one woman show on here and I really appreciate the time you're putting in to take everyone's requests.
  5. Hi Mollie! Wow you went all-in on the list! I was hoping you could use this pre-existing competitive set here: which has a lot of the books you've already listed. Before I go in and edit your list, I just want to be sure that you do want to start from a base instead of using the linked set. Either way I'm happy to work through an updated list, just wanted to check!
  6. Hi Mollie, I submitted an add request on 8/18 and I'm worried it got lost among all of the requests coming in. Thanks for the add in advance!
  7. My first request so I hope I did this correctly! LMK if there's something you'd like me to change. Set: Joe Madureira Cover Set Book: Captain America: Steve Rogers 3 (0294573012) Book: Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (0304597015) Book: Inhuman 1 (0268412004) Book: Inhuman 1 Maduriera Variant (0268412001) Book: Justice League of America 6 (0277033022) Book: Justice League of America Black and White Edition 6 (1286768017) Book: Justice League of America 6 Sketch Edition (1286768018): Book: Justice League vs. Suicide Squad 3 Maduriera Variant Cover (1217834