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  1. Running LIVE TONIGHT @ 830 CST!! X-Men #1 CGC 3.5 will be going up at a low low starting price as well as a copy of Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #1!! Come check out the fun..
  2. Back to our regularly scheduled programming.. Tomorrow night @ 830 CST! Come check it out! ALSO something special for the month of October.. Pre Code Horror!! Here's a small teaser for what's to come in the weeks ahead.. James O'Bryon (AnnnnnnndSoldIt Live Auctioneer)
  3. EPIC LIVE AUCTION PART III starts tonight @ 7 PM! Come check it out and join the fun! Great keys going up as well as multiple giveaways! Hope to see you there..
  4. Get ready! The EPIC LIVE EVENT is coming this Friday September 29th @ 7 PM CST! Showing off a few more great books going up..
  5. Rolling LIVE tonight @ 8:30 CST! Come hang out and enjoy the fun! Here's a small preview of some of the greatness going up soon..
  6. LIVE auction running tonight @ 830 CST! Just restocked with a bunch of great silver and golden age goodness! Come check it out..
  7. Remember to come join the fun @ 7 PM CST tonight! It's going to be Epic!
  8. Epic Live Auction Part II is Coming! Friday 7/28/2017 @ 7 PM CST! Come join the fun! Great giveaways and mega keys going up! Preview of just the slabs going up.. There will be tons of raw goodness as well..
  9. Sneak peak at what's going up tonight at 8:30 CST! Come out and join the fun and win some books! James O'Bryon (AnnnnnnndSoldIt Live Auctioneer)