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  1. Dude no worries at all FAMILY FIRST!!! Stay strong man. Sending good vibes your way bro!!!
  2. No worries, we all have lives. We'll be here when you're ready.
  3. Love this book!!! I'm trying to finish the single issue run!!!
  4. Eddie Rodriguez

    gradejunky's feedback thread

    I purchased some books from Damian at a recent sale he did. He was extremely courteous, and very cool to deal with. His grading of the books he was selling was spot on!!! The books I brought from him are some of the best I've seen. I will not hesitate to buy more books from Damian in the future. I truly appreciate all the time he took communicating with me about the books he sold me. I look forward to more sales threads from Damian in the future.
  5. Eddie Rodriguez

    CLOSED, thank you.

    We may have to start a pile!!! keep em' coming!!!
  6. Eddie Rodriguez

    CLOSED, thank you.

    Very cool!!! I'm glad your happy with the books. My pleasure.
  7. Eddie Rodriguez

    CLOSED, thank you.

    Hey Buddy!!!