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  1. Thats the grandpa, im guessing thats his true form. From the beginning it seems they have been controlling him by starving him after i'm guessing his son beat the out of him.
  2. I bought two Slabs from IndyKMB. Communications were easy and he responded quickly. Shipping was fast with tracking # and packing in great shape with multiple boxes with bubble wrap to protect the slabs. Thanks!
  3. Ahh, I apologize for calling you Hank I was reading the post and just assumed, but now I realized that was a reply from him! Thank you for the quick response and clarification. I'm intrigued by the surprise
  4. Hank, Question. What is this difference between the Bullet proof Metal #1 Virgin (limited to 950 copies) and the No logo Metal #1 Virgin LSCC (no copy limit noticed). I was holding back because I liked the no logo better. I know its a store exclusive but i feel like all those store logos seemed tacky. Thanks! P.S. - Ahh nuts, I bought the wonder woman Dell Otto virgin variant for Metal #2. Im guessing thats gonna come with a bulletproof logo?
  5. I hope it does well! I'd like to see more big names come haha. We could use a huge event for the third biggest city in America. Will you be going? I think I'll go Saturday haha
  6. I haven't heard any news about this so here is the link https://www.fandemictour.com/ I saw some flyers and what not at my LCS (Bedrock City :D) in Houston. I'm guessing its an upstart Con? I for one am all for bringing more cons to my town! Any one know anything else about this? They seem to have quite a few Walking Dead cast coming for those interested in that. Oh, and all you people buying those Greg Horn Harley covers, he will be there also!
  7. Well if you or someone didn't buy them ALL we wouldnt be in this predicament haha.
  8. Hey guys, I'm pretty new to the comic collecting hobby, but i need to sell these so I can buy some other comics. I haven't been here long, but i've bought a few comics from some boardies. Here is my kudos thread which is minuscule haha. Please bear with my novice selling as this is my first time. Rules 1) No HoS or Probies 2) Shipping to US and Canada will have a flat rate of $14. (Shipping USPS priority mail) 3) rules all. First either in thread or PM gets it. 4) Paypal only using Goods & Services. 5) Fair offers or any other questions feel free to PM me. I totally copied and pasted that rule section from someone because it looked nice and fit my need. Feel free to ask for more pictures if needed.
  9. I used to always buy books from my LCBS but I had the same problem with going there and trying to pick the pristine comic every Wednesday. Ive started buying online and have been using comicmarketstreet and I haven't looked back. Everything comes bag and boarded and since it's small you just update a google spreadsheet on what you want. Ive heard great things also about DCBS but jeezus navigating through that site is annoying