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  1. Currently a steal with bids under $200.... Few transactions due to limited 9.8 supply. Last GPA activity and Census screen grabs...
  2. Marvel Chillers #3 CGC 9.8 White (1 of only 9!)... Ends on ComicLink this Wed (TONIGHT!) @ 10:20 EST Origin, First Solo Tigra story. Very tough Black Cover Key
  3. I'm waiting on a copy of "1984" that was mandatory reading in 1981-1982 when I was in high school. I want to read that and Brave New Worlds to see how far beyond those ideas we're already at.
  4. And... that is a perfect example of how its impossible to please everyone with every feature. Poor George, lol. Even with a 75 to 25 approval... 25% of subscribers are unhappy. The vast majority of people who commented here when the new GPA was launched vehemently disliked the "Live Listings" forced upon them within the "Sales Data" tab... and I get it. On bigger keys the live listings list was long and it was cumbersome to scroll to the data below. I was in support of the data being separated as it is now. Users that are predominantly "sellers" are going to feel that way, similarly to those that mostly buy/collect would prefer the listings "handier", as you did. Did you see that there is a toggle within the grade you're analyzing to see the "Live Listings" (if available in that grade) without having to go to the "Live Listings" tab?
  5. Weird... mine has been blue the whole time and I'm on a Mac running an older OS 10.10.5. Has it been blue since your post?
  6. I totally get that David, no offense taken... but it's the truth. I didn't have an issue with speed initially or since. I wouldn't say so otherwise. But, we'll undoubtedly get some new feedback from those considered less biased on that specific issue.
  7. I think so. But, tbh I (and others) didn't have that issue on the relaunch... but I remember many did. I'm moving along at a great pace. I really believe some of those issues back then were due to some users not flushing cookies and cache and restarting their computers. Also, I recall a more technical explanation regarding "pathways" not being established yet in certain "less busy" areas being another cause. I'm no techie, but that made some sense. Give it a try and let us know how you fare.
  8. I just noticed this too Doc! Sorry I didn't realize what you meant initially. You can have multiple "Grade Windows" of the same issue open at the same time now (like before). I can't show it well on a screen grab because the graphs take up too much space. Thanks for posting that
  9. It actually does let you jump from title to title with your filter selections in place. Might be a cookies/cache thing.
  10. That's kind of a minor thing... some may like SS, etc. to start. It just takes 2 seconds to cater your filter to your needs for your session...not bad, right?
  11. I'm not experiencing that. Have you tried flushing cookies and cache, restarting?
  12. Samples... • Filtering Selections Remembered during session • Universal, Restored/Conserved, Qualified and Signature Series now with CGC accurate colors • Live Listings Separated... but with toggle option to see or not them within the grade you're analyzing • Quicker Access to the Grade/Sales Breakdowns being Analyzed