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  1. Do you mean you worked for CGC as a grader at some point in the past or...?
  2. Agreed. I always assumed it was due to a dull(er) trimming blade. What else could it possibly be? I can't even come up with an alternative explanation. I do believe it definitely impacts the grade and have avoided submitting books that have them on any FC edge, breaking color. I have subb'd some books with just a few small ones on one back cover edge (in white areas) and if memory serves some (that had notes come back) said something to the effect of... "small/tiny tears top edge back cover" listed in the grader's notes. I don't recall ever seeing it referred to a "production tear" in the notes. Anyone else have them addressed in the notes?
  3. Thanks for posting the sig. I see the "loop" on the J being similar for sure. I'm encouraged
  4. Thanks everyone for your input. I appreciate it. If I pursue it further I'll come back and post the results
  5. Well, this is getting more encouraging. No, Rich didn't give specifics, nor did he emphatically say it was Roz. He just thought it was more likely. I'd love to see samples of Jack vs Roz sigs but it doesn't seem anyone has any handy that saw this post.
  6. Thanks for chiming in. I haven't seen either to compare
  7. Thanks DP... maybe not a worthless pursuit. I thought page 2 was odd as well. It could be he just opened the book and missed by a page and sad F- it,
  8. Thanks for your input, so I'm guessing you're of the opinion... don't bother trying to authenticate it? Pretty clear to you its Roz?
  9. Hello boardies with sig knowledge! I was recently pressing a Forever People 1 and noticed the attached sig on the 2nd page. Anyone with any history/experience with legit Kirby sigs want to offer an opinion? I showed it to Rich Henn and he said it was possibly "Roz" his wife, who apparently signed for Jack in this era. That said, curious if anyone else wants to chime in? ps... I'm aware there is another service that authenticates sigs after the fact, but want to determine if I should bother. Thanks in advance for any help!
  10. Updated Guest List (Paris Cullins has cancelled) Guests now are... Bob Petrecca Tom Hodges Manga artist Derwin Robertson and new artist Vincent Cheetham
  11. Updated Guest list... Bob Petrecca, Tom Hodges, Manga artist Derwin Robertson and new artist Vincent Cheetham And an amazing dealer list consisting of: The Supply King Collectors Comics (with a bunch of new slabbed books to our show) Toys from the Basement Jim McElhatton (long time collector and first time dealer) Video Steve Everyday Comics/John Rodemaker Madcap Comics/Mike DeCarl Stormwatch Comics Ricks House of Comics Moving PIcture Comics/Rob Griffin (and will be giving away copies of Blue Devil for Paris to sign) Shazam Comics/Mike Kremer Plunder Palace Dustin H Back Issue Bonanza Bill Parisho AA Comics (with an exclusive cover comic book debuting at our show. Check their Facebook feed for more details) Brads Pops Powerplay Anime RC Comics/Raphe Cheli Bob Cook Joe Regina Jason's trades Battlefield Comics/Jim Montgomery Silver Fox Comics/Bob Fox Dave's American Comics Rob K's Kool Komics
  12. We are more then pleased to announce yet another installment of the Philadelphia Comic-Con. Show this Sunday September 29th from 10 AM to 4 PM at the Clarion Hotel and Conference Center 76 Industrial Highway (Route 291) Essington, PA 19029 Conveniently located between exits 8 and 9A off of I-95. A few miles south of the Philadelphia airport. If using public transportation then use Septa Route 37 as the bus stops directly in frontof the hotel grounds. Can't beat that for convenience. Admission is a still low price of $3 per person.Kids 10 and under FREE with an accompanying adult paid admission. On Facebook? Then please "like" PhiladelphiaComicCon and ComicBookShows. Parking is still an issue but what I always suggest is to show up after 1 as the first wave of a few hundred collectors will have gone by then plus some overnight guests would have checked out by then. We are open till 4 and trust me there is still great stuff in those boxes. I know as when I go around after 3 to sign up dealers for our next show (which happens to be the end of the year fest of December 29) that I come back to my tables multiple times with the stuff I buy.
  13. Just a reminder about the upcoming and exciting Philadelphia Comic-Con being held this Sunday April 7th. Usual show hours are 10 AM to 4 PM and admission is a low, low price of $3 per person. Kids 10 and under free. Parking is free but sometimes difficult due to the crowds we get and other events held the night before as some of the guests at parties held on Saturdays are sleeping it off and getting a late start to their day tying up some spots for us. Feel free to park in the big rig parking out front if no lined spots are open in the lot. I can recommend showing up after 1 PM as we get hit with a huge wave in the morning. The crowd thins out by then and we are still open till 4 PM which leaves you plenty of time to shop the room. Held in the Presidential Ballroom of The Clarion Hotel and Conference Center 76 Industrial Highway (Route 291) Essington, PA 19029 But fear not True Believers as we have an amazing line up of vendors noted below. Dollar Joe (will have his remaining stock now at 50 cents each) Toys from the basement The Supply King Moving Picture Comics/Rob Griffin (we welcome back Rob who is loaded with key issues) Everyday Comics/John Rodemaker Madcap Collectibles/Mike DeCarl Stormwatch Comics Tim Q Rick's Comics (first timer at our show) Clandestine Comics/Fred Edeson Shazam Comics/Mike Kremer Plunder Palace David Mayer (he did great at the last show for his first time and looking forward to doing well again with his trades and variant covers) Anime Collectibles and Comics NYHC Comics/Lee Farrelly (another one who did great for their first time and looking to empty a couple more long boxes like they did a couple shows ago) Mark Walsh Chris Bass RC Comics/Raphe Cheli Ion Comics/Carl Klein AA Comics and Cards (award winning store in Lebanon) Jimmy Kimmel (no not the late night host but still a swell and funny guy) Blimp Comics Joe Regina Bob Cook Battlefield Comics/Jim Montgomery (who bought an amazing collection in Delaware recently and has folded most of it into his stock but still has more to process along with another collection he is picking up) All-American Comics/Gene Carpenter (his Amazing Fantasy 15 which is for sale was featured on American Pickers) Michael Garibay (first time vendor at our con with comics and toys) Silver Fox Comics/Bob Fox Effin Comics/Tom Dustin H Wall of Fun Rob K's Kool Komics Dave Reynolds of Dave’s American comics Next show dates after this weekend are June 2 and August 11 (where you can pick up your Overstreet price guide so let me know which version and cover you would like. Batman Villians, Firefly, Zorro and the BIG guide will be Shi).
  14. Philadelphia Comic-Con this Sunday March 3rd. Show hours are 10 AM to 4 PM and admission is only $3. Wow! Haven't raised admission cost in more then 15 years. Can't beat our value for any con in the US. Jam packed ballroom with dealers and we even have one dealer in the hallway with a few tables. On Facebook? Then check out PhiladelphiaComicCon and ComicBookShows. Guest list- Ron Wilson, Jay Taylor, Will Torres and A STELLAR dealer list with some new faces and some we haven't seen in a long while. Collectors Comics The Supply King Toys from the basement Daves American Comics/Dave Reynolds Video Steve John Rodemaker Madcap Collectibles/Mike DeCarl Stormwatch Comics Tim Q Clandestine Comics/Fred Edeson David Mayer Plunder Palace Joe Walsh Moving Pictures Comics/Rob Griffin Anime-World Chris Bass Greg Brignola RC Comics/Raphe Cheli AA Cards and Comics/Paul Zerman from Lebanon Bill Parisho Blimp Comics Joe Regina Ron's Comics Ion Comics/Carl Klein Howard Tauber Battlefield Comics/Jim Montgomery Pops and Protectors/George Vanderbush Flea Market Finds/Ryan Terlecky Effin Comics Rob K's Kool Komics Dustin Hovstatter and Silver Fox Comics/Bob Fox