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  1. Oh I have to have this! I wouldn't mind buying all 3 off you if you ever decided to sell.
  2. I have obtained a Betty and Veronica #262. Still looking for #261 from 2012 please. Thanks!
  3. I'm looking for #261 and #262. If anyone is selling theirs, I'm a serious buyer.
  4. The neighbor across the street has issued a statement they will not be grading these books as the first appearance because they are too easily faked.
  5. The one piece of information in my entire article I was unclear of was the Madman Edition. It was the one thing in the entire article I did not have exact information on. Thanks for your input, however! There are several review sites and blu-ray sites that identify this edition as being 2016 release on a 2014 tv show. I did the best I could. https://raru.co.za/movies-tv/4399945-rick-and-morty-season-1-blu-ray mentions 2016 blu-ray release on a 2014 release year cartoon. Madman Entertainment didn't release this until 2016 according to this website: http://www.capsulecomputers.com.au/2016/11/madmans-cartoon-network-and-adult-swim-releases-of-november-16-2016/ This was one of many sources of copyright info for the dvd.... https://www.shanethegamer.com/rick-and-morty-season-one-two-madman-2016-review/
  6. Thank you for the updated information about Madman. There really isn't enough information about that print run to begin with. How did you receive your information? I have since updated the article with your alledged claim regarding Madman. You are free to fact check everything else in the article. The only thing unclear to me was the Madman Entertainment edition, which I am still unclear of as of right now. Thanks
  7. in my opinion, as a Rick and Morty superfan, the first 3 episodes do not reflect the show's success. They had a really weak start the first few episodes. I especially didn't care for the pilot. But it really takes off after that! MEESEEKS and DESTROY is my favorite episode!
  8. The purpose of this article written today is to educate others out there the differences between a real Good Morty comic book and a fake Good Morty comic book. I'm watching people purchase these fake Good Morty comic books on ebay for $180-$350. As evidenced by the rest of this website, and as a true Rick and Morty fan, a diehard fan, I cannot keep watching this unfold as the weeks go by! http://www.kaptainmyke.com/comics/goodmorty/goodmorty.htm
  9. I prefer Newsstands over Direct Editions. Always have since 2005, when I started to take notice.
  10. I do not know if this is allowed or not, but I'd like to share a link that could prove valuable to those who do not wish to get burned buying bootlegged merchandise. I and a few select others have been investigating the "Good Morty" comic book that came inserted into the first run of dvd and bluray sets of Rick and Morty: season 1. Is it true that CGC acknowledges this is the true first appearance of Rick and Morty in comics? Has anyone gotten a real one graded yet? On 10/10/17 it was revealed this book was suddenly hot - and we wanted to find out why. Now it's gotten out that there are actually fakes inserted into bootlegs from mexico, being sold out of Florida in late October 2017. I outline the entire investigation in an article I wrote at my own website. http://www.kaptainmyke.com/comics/goodmorty/goodmorty.htm If the link is not allowed, then I apologize and please take it down. I am not trying to sell anything or offer anything but free information. Ignore all other links on my site and don't buy anything from me, that's not what this is about. This is about free information to stop people from purchasing fake copies for over $300-$750. The last bit of information I got as of 11/2/17 is that CGC is awaiting to hear back from Adult Swim and Warner Brothers for more information. Competitors will not even grade it because of too many variables at stake. Thank you -kaptainmyke LOOK AT ME!