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  1. Only concern is that he is a little old maybe? Also, who will oppose venom? Not sure i can wrap my head around what the plot will be. I was hoping for flash thompson / agent venom. I bought secret avengers #23
  2. Venom has been casted Tom Hardy. Thoughts? Is it definitely going to be eddie brock though?
  3. What makes a book an 8.5 What makes a book an 8.5? I recently bought a book with a spine stress that did break color. Also had a tiny tiny chip on the right edge. Graded an 8.5. Copper age book. What defects have you seen that makes a book an 8.5?
  4. What defects / grade can you live with? For reference, I have collected vintage baseball cards for quite a while. Graded vintage baseball cards. I have recently started to pick up the occasional graded comic. I am looking for some knowledge/opinions when it comes to comic book collecting and grading. My first question is, what defects can you live with? spine stress? chipping? tears? etc.... Second question is, what grade is acceptable for you? I know that the age of the comic comes into play, but for most collectors, is there a grade that you stick your nose up at? For example, I recently just bought asm #300. It is graded an 8.5. I bought the graders notes and it was docked for "spine stress lines breaks color". This defect looks relatively small and does not appear to take away from a nice looking cover. I found it to be acceptable. Now with that example, would that score/graders notes turn you off from a comic? I'm just trying to get an understanding of how this community views defects/grading compared to the baseball card community. I'm trying to be a sponge and soak up as much knowledge as possible.
  5. Marvel Premiere #1, need some knowledge I am looking to buy Marvel Premiere #1. Is it a poor time to buy it due to the mcu? Do you think the price will spike then dip? Or will it plateau? Your advice and knowledge is very much appreciated.