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  1. Come to the dark side....muhahahahahahaha
  2. I do now lol. I bought two copies on eBay this morning.
  3. I agree. I know the spoiler you speak of. Brace yourself, debate incoming.
  4. Moderns that are heating up on ebay!

    Did you call them? Or just complain on these boards. I have two orders for asm 800 in with them. So, I am curious about these stories you speak of.
  5. 798. First appearance designation usually trumps most other designations
  6. Only people who banked on 795 want it to be 795. First appearance is 798. Not by my opinion but by Marvel saying so. Marvel's statement trumps everyones opinion.
  7. PLEASE CLOSE Speculating ASM 799

  8. PLEASE CLOSE Speculating ASM 799

    daredevil 601
  9. Thor #705

    Very likely to be spoilers. don't read this thread if you don't want spoilers.
  10. I thought about the children's hospital cover but at some point i have to just say no more variant chasing.
  11. I already had these ordered before the announcement.... 2 ross covers Kirkham variant Dell'otto variant Young guns variant I think im covered. I dont like virgin covers and im not shelling out tons of cash for deleted text.
  12. never ordered from comicxposure. Ordered on ebay through drewbizz. First order with this seller, so hopefully he packages it well.
  13. nothing like praying to the postage gods. Hoping when I get mine in the mail it is in superb condition.
  14. Maybe MJ becomes the red goblin. Red hair = Red goblin